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GC V9C398

(398) Spell that signals the start of the world

Translator: Tseirp


“Setolance-senpai! How did you come here?”

“Ichinosuke has my blessing. It’s easy to determine his location.”

Divine blessing … I believe I received Setolance-sama’s blessing at Dakyat.

“Well, that’s a waste of a world. There is a crack in the shell of the world.”

At the same time the noise from the ground stopped, rifts appeared all over the white world, and I began to see the everlasting darkness space that I just passed through with Libra-sama.

I didn’t want to imagine what would happen when that spreads.

“Ichinosuke, sorry but bring us to My World too.”

Setolance-sama grabbed the spear with Tet-sama pierced on it and stretched her hand out to me.

“But Alpha-san is still in this space.”

“I don’t like it either but we do not have the leeway to save a single homunculus. Hurry!”

“ … Understood.”

I nodded and took Setolance-sama’s hand while holding Libra-sama and chanted 「Home Return」.

I watched a world perish as I chanted my spell.


We returned to My World.

Haa, I’m tired.

But, Setolance-sama is here now.

Just like how it ended when she came over during the incident with the Salamander, it should all end now too.

“Onii welcome home … it has turned into another outrageous situation.”

“Miri, greet the Goddess-samas properly.”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time, Setolance. And Libra too. As for Tet … it’s the first time we’ve met but she’s not in a condition to exchange greetings. She’s truly become something terrible.”

Miri met Setolance-sama and Libra-sama before?

Well, after being a Demon Lord for hundreds of years, many things probably happened.

“Terrible? … Did you forget when you used to do?”

Libra-sama’s eyes thinned as she chided Miri.

“I didn’t forget it and it doesn’t relate to what is happening now –”

While Miri was talking, the Dark-Elves who didn’t participate in the battle at Mallegory noticed the abnormality and started gathering.

“Hey, are those Goddesses!?”

“It’s true, it is Setolance-sama, Libra-sama – and even Tet-sama.”

“You guys, take Fuyun and Desert Runner and evacuate as far as possible! This is not a joke!”


Miri shouted and the Dark-Elves left as quickly as they could.

When did she gain sovereignty over the Dark-Elves? – She only met them today.

“Hey, isn’t it already too late for that girl – Tet?”

Then, Miri commented as she looked at Goddess Tet’s condition.

“That is not true. It is different this time.”

Libra-sama said loudly.

“No, I agree with her. It is best to kill Tet here. We are almost running out of time. It will be too late once she continues to be eroded by miasma and awaken as a Demon God.”

Demon God again.

I don’t get it but Tet-sama was suffering because of miasma.

“ – That’s right! If we use Holy Mirror!”

I suggested to Miri.

Just now it was able to repel the miasma sticking to Libra-sama so it should be able to remove the miasma on Tet-sama.

“Onii, you can use Barrier Magic now? But it is useless. That is a spell to prevent the invasion of miasma. It can’t remove miasma once it has entered the body. And it is different from an abnormal condition so Dispel would not work either.”

Miri said and sighed softly.

“Increasing the number of Demon Gods by one now will only hasten the time before the end of the world so I am okay with either choice… what will it be?”

There’s no way we could reach a conclusion like that.

I thought.

If we remained silent, Setolance-sama would kill Tet-sama.

Then it would end.

Would it end with me doing nothing, incapable of doing anything?

“Tet – I won’t apologize.”

Setolance-sama said and took out another spear.

A pure red spear that looked like it was burning flames.

“With this spear that condenses the power of the Great Fire Spirit Salamander, your body will be completely burnt and only your soul will return to the ley line.”

Just as Setolance-sama was about to release her spear.

Miasma overflowed from Tet-sama and formed the shape of a demon.

What is – that?

“The miasma has become a monster, Onii, it’s dangerous –”

A lump of miasma attacked as Miri jumped out to protect me.

“Holy Barrier”

I spread a barrier and prevented the invasion of the miasma.

“I was trying to help but ended up getting helped.”

“Now is not the time to talk about that – it is not over yet.”

The miasma blocked by my barrier scattered and formed various monsters.

Furthermore, a monster in the shape of a snake slipped through the barrier.

“Monsters are entering – Slash!”

“It seems that way. Dark Sword!”

We defeated the monsters that entered with sword and spells.

Setolance-sama used the Salamander Spear to thrust at the miasma overflowing from Tet-sama but that only scattered them to form monsters.

Libra-sama was using a mace-like weapon fighting a dragon that just appeared.

She had the advantage but it didn’t look like she could deal a fatal strike.

As I was in thought.

I saw Neete running toward me.

That’s a relief, she’s awake?

She had transformed her hand into giant tongs – and was supporting Libra-sama.

“Neete, capture the dragon!”

I shouted – but she didn’t follow my order.

Neete captured Libra-sama instead.

“Neete! What are you –”

“Onii, behind!”


I was absorbed in the fight and didn’t notice the presence from behind.

When I turned around, Pionia had me in a Nelson hold.

“Pionia … what are you doing?”

“Onii –”

Miri tried to attack Pionia with her Dark Sword but Pionia used me as a shield and she couldn’t release her attack.

Libra-sama, who was captured by Neete, was tackled by the dragon and was smashed into the ground along with Neete.


Setolance-sama shouted and stabbed the dragon with her spear.

Libra-sama lost consciousness from that strike but Neete was unharmed.

The homunculus defensive ability was much greater than mine.

“Pionia, let me go! It is an order!”

She didn’t say anything even when I shouted at her.

“Onii, it’s pointless. The two homunculi are currently under Tet’s control. Onii’s voice won’t reach them.”

“Wha … shit, so that’s the reason.”

Neete said it.

If Tet-sama ever gave the order, she would give that priority and would even betray me.

At that time I was confident it would not happen but it has turned into reality.

“Pionia, I’ll apologize later so prepare yourself now!”

I said as I used my strength to shake free and threw her before sending a Tornado Slash at her at the same time.

But it was not Tornado Slash – I had added Pico Pico Hammer instead.

The pico pico sound effects blew away the serious mood but if it could make Pionia unconscious –

I hoped to myself but that Pionia walked through the tornado unfazed.

Damn – abnormal status was ineffective on homunculus.

Meanwhile, Neete was approaching us. Her aim was Miri?

It would be hard to support Setolance-sama while ignoring these two.

In that case –

At that moment, she appeared.

“Master, sorry for the wait.”

Haru sent Pionia flying.

I requested for aid with Kin Message and she appeared in just 5 seconds.

“Is Mallegory safe now?”

“The monsters have stopped spawning so I left the after clean-up to Rarael-san and others.”

“All right. The situation is as I explained through the message. Keep Pionia away from here!”

“Yes – let’s go, Pionia-san.”

Haru’s Gale Blade sent Pionia’s body flying off.

The attack didn’t deal any damage but it seemed that she could not negate the force.

All that was left was Neete.

The moment I had that thought.

“I will prove that Cyborgs stand above Homunculus desu!”

Sheena No.3 stood in front of Neete.

“How dare you do that just now desu!”

“Sheena No.3! Move your fight to somewhere far!”

“Understood desu! Yah, I’ve been caught desu!”

Sheena No.3 who appeared was suddenly caught by Neete.

But that seemed to have been Sheena No.3’s strategy.

“Or not – now, let us go, Onee-san.”

Sheena No.3 said and took out a book from her skirt with her free hand.

It was the Book of Heaven and Earth Creation.

A pitfall immediately appeared under her feet.

After Sheena No.3 and Neete fell down, the hole closed up.

Well, that was a great way to move away from the fight.

Only Tet-sama was left but – the miasma was pushing even Setolance-sama back.

“Hey, what is Onii’s strongest spell?”

“My strongest spell – would be the Ancient Nova that I used to defeat the Leviathan with you … no, if I fuse it with Boost God Breath – but I don’t have enough MP.”

Magic fusion would consume more MP than usual.

If I amplified it, the MP consumption would be no joke.

Barrier Magic used more MP than I expected as well.

“All right. Onii, I will shoulder the magical power burden so use that.”

“Shoulder, you can do that?”

“Of course. We are brother and sister after all?”

Miri smiled.

Brother and sister huh – well, strongest Jobless and strongest former Demon Lord, we are truly the strongest siblings!

Miri grabbed my hand.

And I could tell that her magical power was filling me up.

I pointed my hand in front.

【Skill: Fusion Magic recipe acquired under the effects of XXXX】

At that moment – a magic word came to mind along with that message.

As though it was waiting for that moment, the correct name for the fusion magic.

Right … that spell’s name was –

“Boost – Big Bang (Starting the World)!”

The amplified flames and wind fused under Tet-sama and caused a huge explosion.

That blast blew Miri and me away.

Such power. It had the power to greatly change the terrain of My World – I wonder if Sheena No.3 who was fighting underground safe?

We were not the only ones blown away. The miasma overflowing from Tet-sama got blown away too.

“Well done, Ichinosuke! Now it is my turn!”

Setolance-sama stabbed Tet-sama’s body with the Salamander Spear while enduring the blast.

“Great Flame Spirit! Now is the time your power –”


The world was suddenly plunged into silence,




I heard that sound.

In the silence, Setolance-sama looked at her spear – or the remnants of her spear.

Only the part of her spear that pierced Tet-sama remained, it was broken – no, it was cut.

In that silent world, he stood there.

“Thanks – no, that was dangerous – I barely made it.”

He suddenly cut through space and appeared.

The black-haired man easily sliced through a spear that was the condensed power of the Salamander. He looked exactly like when I met him in Florence.

And I just recently heard his voice.

“ … Hero Alessio.”

Miri announced his name.

That’s bad, so he’s Hero Alessio.



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    It was never mentioned if he can select/equip the same job multiple times like Jobless and four Swordsman jobs. That would make his Jobless job even more broken. The list shows which jobs are available and can be switched into.

    It literally says Possible Job Changes in a status window and the reason why Jobless isn’t in that list is because it was mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to change his job back to Jobless. This means that the list of Possible Job Changes only shows which jobs you can change into from your current job instead of selecting the same job multiple times.

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