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GC V9C399

(399) Hero Alessio

Translator: Tseirp


“Hn? Ah, you’re the Demon Lord. I see, although your form has changed your aura remains the same as before. However, you have lost your magical power and you’re barely standing.”

“ … How did you come here? Even a Hero shouldn’t have a technique to tear apart space.”

It was as Miri asked. Apart from those I permitted to enter, only the Goddess-samas can enter here.

“I certainly do not possess that ability. I have a collaborator.”


Miri said with a look of suspicion – and then.

“Minerva, what is the meaning of this!”

Setolance shouted furiously.

A rift in space suddenly manifested and Minerva-sama appeared. Along with something unexpected.

“I lend him my strength. Sorry, Suke-kun. Kaguya-chan. I am your enemy.”

Minerva-sama was our enemy? – More importantly, why was it here?

Why was Centaur here?

Centaur appeared floating in the air beside Minerva-sama trapped in some sort of lightbox.

“Fufufu, Suke-kun, and Kaguya-chan never realized the true identity of this child until the very end.”

“True identity?”

“Yes. That said, Centaur is a wonderful name. Perhaps you heard of the name Chiron?”

Chiron? I never heard of it. I thought that Keroron sounded like a frog but it was definitely not related.

“ … The name of the Centaur Sage that appears in Greek mythology. Sagittarius, one of the twelve constellations, is modeled after it.”

“You’re right. Well, you should know that much. He is said to be the ancestor of medicine. He was also the master of Asclepius, the staff that Suke-kun used previously. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he is Tet-sama and my ancestor, as we are experts in drugs and medicine.”

“No way – are you telling me he is inside Centaur?”

Setolance-sama said as she generated a new spear of light and attacked Centaur. But her strike was blocked by a light barrier and she was blown back.

“It’s useless. Setolance, your strength was absorbed by the Salamander so it was linked with that red spear. With the red spear broken, your strength is below a third of what it usually is – you won’t be able to break my barrier.”

Why was Setolance-sama so impatient?

What does it have to do with Centaur’s true identity?

“Onii, attack Minerva! Now!”

Miri shouted.

“ – All right!”

It seemed that only I was able to take action now.

I nodded and was about to cast offensive spells –

“I would be troubled if you forgot about me – Paralyze Sword.”

A severe numbness struck my body and I collapsed to my knees.

I had forgotten about the Hero due to the rapid turn of events – no, perhaps deep down I didn’t think that the Hero would resort to surprise attacks.

Alessio cut the string of the item bag on my waist, took it, and tossed it at Minerva.

“It’s mine – return it.”

I thrust Guardian Sword on the ground and raised my upper body.

“Oya, you can still move? My Paralysis Sword … hmm, to express it for an otherworld person like you, even an elephant won’t be able to move for three days … or something like that? Elephants are like Ganesha, right? That might be an overstatement but it is that powerful. I see, you’re at least above me in terms of status.”

Hero Alessio said and kicked away my sword.

Without my support, I fell prone.

“But your experience related to battle is lower than an amateur. But, with your status now, you look like you can move in a few minutes so please end it quickly, Minerva-sama.”

“Yeah, I know. Hero-chan.”

Minerva-sama said and took out a large nut from my item bag.

Fruit of the Earth – the source of power born from the Golden Tree.

“Golden Tree – an object of worship that the Dark-Elves deem as their guardian deity; a sacred tree that has the same power as the Goddesses, capable of sealing the power of a Great Spirit. Using this power, I will be able to amplify my holy power.”

Minerva-sama said indifferently.

“However, if used differently, it can seal holy power instead. Seal the power of the Holy Beast!”

Minerva-sama’s hand went through the light barrier and forcibly stuffed the Fruit of the Earth into Centaur’s mouth.

Black mist suddenly poured out from Centaur’s mouth.

“ … It’s the end.”

Setolance-sama said with despair.

The black mist formed the shape of a human.

A girl dressed in black – I have seen her before.

I never met her in person but I have seen her Goddess Statue.

“ … Goddess Metias-sama.”

Right, she was the seventh Goddess – Metias-sama.

“Wrong – that is not a Goddess. She is the same as Tet now, a Demon God.”

“Koshmar-sama! And Torerul-sama as well.”

All six Goddesses had gathered.

“You’re late, Koshmar. What were you doing?”

Setolance-sama complained at Koshmar-sama.

“Humans impeded me.”

“That magician called Hagg used a troublesome spell. I didn’t expect a human to be capable of sealing a Goddess’s movements.”

Torerul-sama said.

“Actually, I am even more surprised that Minerva, the person who keeps saying she wants to die, is betraying us. I thought you were the same as me but aren’t you quite a hard worker.”

Torerul-sama said as she glared at Minerva-sama but she ignored her and knelt in front of Metias-sama.

“It’s been a long time Koshmar. And Setolance. Oh, I wonder if Libra is asleep.”

Metias-sama said with a smile.

“Do you know how much I suffered because the three of you sealed me?”

The three of them sealed her?

Tet-sama said that Metias suddenly disappeared but behind the scenes, three Goddesses were involved.

The reason was the same as Tet-sama.

Metias-sama was a Demon God.

“Metias. Be thankful that I didn’t kill you.”

“Kill – aren’t you mistaken? Setolance – when have you ever won against me?”

It was a hair-trigger situation.

It was infuriating that I could not move at such a time.

“Hey, Ichinojo. I feel like I am outside the loop. I have completely no clue why Metias who should be missing is here and why she is a Demon God.”

Torerul-sama sat beside me and complained.

“ … I see.”

Well, going from the flow of the story, it seemed that Torerul-sama became a Goddess to close the hole that Metias left behind.

“Hmm. Well, I recently discovered that your Jobless skill comes from Metias so Koshmar and I may have done some investigations.”

“Torerul-sama – Koshmar-sama probably knew from the start that my skill was set by Metias-sama. After all, she said in Florence that it was the criminal’s objective to set the Jobless skill.”

“What – it wasn’t just a feeling, I was completely left out of the loop!?”

Torerul-sama was stunned.

“Unfortunately, I will be withdrawing. Thankfully it is easy to escape this unstable space and I have to treat this child.”

Metias said and she floated the immobile Tet-sama up by magic and pulled her closer.

“Don’t dream of escaping.”

When Koshmar-sama said that, a barrier appeared around Metias-sama, Minerva-sama, and Tet-sama.

It seemed far more powerful than my Holy Mirror but Metias’s smile didn’t fade.

“Eh, you don’t know? This space is originally my world. Even when I was sealed inside the Holy Beast, I was still able to cause a rip in the barrier.”

Suddenly a door appeared within the barrier.

“It’s easy to escape.”

Minerva-sama disappeared as well.

“Well then, I should withdraw too. – ”

The Hero whispered something into my ear before disappearing in an instant.

And then, only Miri, the four Goddess-samas, Centaur and I were left.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

… The experience I gained from defeating the snake born from miasma probably just entered.

It was also the signal that the battle was over.

I seemed to have learned a few skills but I couldn’t think about them.

I’m still alive.

But I don’t think my life would have peace.



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GC V9C398


GC V9C400


  1. Felipe

    Soooo confused, why Minerva and the “hero” is helping demon gods?, why the hero’s companion needed Miri? What happened with jofrei and elize?

    • zioming

      They will probably save the day. By pure coincidence. As usual 🙂

      Maybe Minerva is helping them to destroy the world, since it’s the only way to die. Maybe she holds a grudge for being sacrificed to become a goddess or something.

    • zioming

      Daijiro needed Miri becasue she wants to get back to Japan, and Miri has a mathematic formula for that, it was encoded into a picture in that book she told Suke to get from Milky, they explained that a couple chapters age, when they were riding the fenrir to escape from the army.

    • Hevensdragon

      I can at least answer one of those things, why the hero companion needed miri, she wants to find a way to return to japan, as miri had done so she wanted info. So she made a deal with miri and “kidnapped” to have a chance to compare notes, once done she let miri go. So we know why she wanted miri but not really why miri needed her, it did give miri cover and buy her time, but for what.

  2. Sweed

    Ah my Goddess!

    • Am I Un-Dead Yet?

      That was a good long running Manga. Actually had an answer on why mc loved but not lusted after Belldandy.

  3. mikan

    like… what the fuck?

  4. zioming

    I though they used the pass then placed on Centaur to let it enter my world back them. However, why would that world belong to Metias? If Torurel replaced her, shouldn’t Metias’s world be given to her instead? They said that the world was originally meant for Kaguya, so maybe she was the one supposed to replace Metias, but then they got Torurel instead when Kaguya skipped on them, and Metias used some way to tie it to Suke instead.

  5. Dam i knew i was right to want to kill Centuar…and joffe and elese

  6. Brin

    I can’t help but feel sorry for Tet. Her spirit and mind have been mostly broken by the miasma invading her body, leaving her in a mostly catatonic state. And now what remains of her shattered sense of self will be molded like clay by another who was long ago warped by a similar horrifying situation. When she is next encountered she will only be a warped dark resemblance of her former nature. And quite possibly what happens to her will indirectly also affect the homunculii. She’s like a victim of extreme violence who is then placed in a bad situation, warping her recovery into becoming a jaded sadistic being who can only deal with the pain by lashing out at others.

    That said, Methias does have a reason for what she is doing. It’s pretty terrible (in a fridge-horror sort of way), but at least it is understandable – and necessary. I won’t spoil anything here; we’ll read its TL soon enough.

    The current overarc (from c1 until then) ends in a few chapters with a slight cliff hanger that is a little misleading, followed by only a few more chapters of the next overarc before we catch up with the raws. Nothing is really resolved in those chapters, and the slight cliff is mostly just a suggestion for where the next overarc seems to be generally heading.

  7. bambi125

    Sigh, I’m wondering why I still follow this novel when it’s clear (for some time) that author is unable to build up his story and is pulling random bullsh.t from his ass :/

    • Seregosa

      Well, yeah, it’s kind of ridiculous how badly written the story itself is. I mean, it had the potential to be great, the characters themselves are supposed to be pretty interesting, but the author keeps on running it into the ground more and more. I especially hate how he clearly isn’t planning anything properly and how the protagonist is completely ignorant all the time until FINALLY the climax comes and everyone shows up for no good reason. No true build up at all to a huge climax is nothing but subpar writing at best. Everything just happens all of a sudden, several different huge events are turned into one chaotic mess where nothing makes much sense. Doesn’t help that the characters are clinically retarded and one dimensional. They don’t have any interesting traits that stand out. Who are they? Why are they included? What is their motivation? Why should the reader care? How is it presented? What feelings do you want to convey? How do you build up the events to make them fun and/or thrilling? How does everything merge into one main plot at the end? How do you deal with these characters so that they don’t overwhelm the readers with sudden nonsense that you seemingly pulled out of your ass?

      Honestly, those things are just a few of the basic questions a decent author should ask themselves before doing anything big with the plot/story. This author, however, seems to just go like “I want to write whatever I think of at the moment and without writing up a proper story line because it’s hard and I don’t want to bother”.

      Not sure why I’m even here. The author ran out of decent material and spiralled things way too out of control until you just get fed up with things a few hundred chapters ago and it’s just getting progressively worse. Guess it’s because it’s kinda easy to read? But these last few dozen chapters have truly taken a huge step for the worse.

      • :(

        Sad thing is that best part, first arc, is basically a copy of another novel. (Isekai Meikyuu De Dorei Harem wo)

  8. Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

  9. LyoN

    There is such a big tangle and there are so few chapters that the author will surely solve it in the most idiotic way by leaving a mountain of questions XD

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