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GC V9C400

400! It’s been a long journey 😀

(400) At the end of the battle

Translator: Tseirp


The battle was over. I sent a message to Carol telling her that I was in My World. She replied that she would stay a little longer while Rarael reduced the monster numbers and return to My World within the hour.

Haru and Sheena No.3 returned too. As for Pionia and Neete, they stopped moving just like before immediately after Tet-sama disappeared.

Libra-sama regained consciousness and the four Goddesses were having a meeting in the log house.

I had recovered completely from the paralysis but I didn’t want to move for a while.

I sat cross-legged alone on the lawn.

“Onii, could I take a sit?’’

“Ah, sure.”

Miri sat on my leg after I gave her permission.

I was surprised but thinking back, Miri always sat on my knees when she was in primary school. She always did that when she had something important to say.

I kept silent and waited for Miri to speak.

Miri spoke after a pause.

“The Demon God is an opposite existence from the Goddesses.”

An opposite existence?

“In other words, it exists to destroy the world?”

“No. In the first place, does Onii know the role of the Goddesses?”

“Well, isn’t it to summon humans from other worlds to prevent the destruction of the world? Going by that logic, the Demon God’s role would be to lead the world to ruin?”

“No, their goal is the same, to save the world. Just that their method differs.”

Different methods?

“If the Goddesses summon, the Demon God sends away. Well, imagine the world is a car.”

“First a spinning top then a car. Go on?”

“The Goddesses’ power is to inject more fuel while the Demon God’s power is to lighten the car’s load. They both have the same effect of extending the distance in which the car can travel. However, what do you think will happen if the car is lightened too much?”

“The car will break down … no, the worst case will be that the car ceases to exist.”

Miri nodded at my conclusion.

“If all life in this world is sent to Earth, the world will not be destroyed – – well, it doesn’t change the fact that such a world can be considered to be over too.”

Miri continued.

Sending the life here to Earth – – it would be chaotic if that happened.

That would be a monster film where dragons ravage Earth.

“That said, the Demon God’s strength now is not the same as the Goddesses’ strength so the most they can do is send the souls of the dead to Earth. Souls like mine.”

Miri said with a tinge of an apologetic tone.

“Like how my soul was sent to Earth as an experiment with Metias.”

I see – – I never asked how did Miri get reborn as a Japanese but now I know it was with the power of the Demon God.

“Sorry, I’ll delve into the specifics another time. At any rate, Onii shouldn’t be too bothered by it. The increase or decrease in numbers of souls does not affect the humans alive now. Of course, it might have some influence on the world after a couple ten thousand years but – – even the destruction of the world is a few billion years away.”

A few billion years – – that’s a huge number.

It has only been one billion years since the dawn of humanity so there’s a possibility that the humans of this world have a technological breakthrough by that time and figure out a different strategy to resolve this issue.

Miri’s words gave me some peace of mind.

“It isn’t that simple.”

It seemed that the meeting ended as Koshmar-sama came out from the log house and spoke to me.

I guess she overheard our conversation.

“Just now, you mentioned that the Demon God’s ability is the opposite of that of the Goddesses, right? You are correct. So they are capable of one other thing.”

“Something else? … No way.”

“Goddesses have another role. To transform the miasma leaking from humans into the form of monsters for humans to subjugate, disperse, and absorb into the goddess statues. And return it to the ley lines.”

Ley lines – – thinking back, Setolance-sama mentioned it when she was about to kill Tet-sama.

That her soul would return to the ley lines after she was consumed by the flames.

I didn’t know much about the ley lines but I guess that they form the world.

“In that case, the opposite would be that the Demon Gods could – – give birth to miasma from the ley lines and create monsters?”

Miri asked.

That sounds exactly like what happened this time.

“You are right. And when the monsters destroy the world, the souls intended to be reincarnated would lose the bodies for them to reside in. When that happens, we would not be able to do anything. Apart from sending all the souls to Earth.”

That would truly be the end of the world.

Well, it was probably different from Metias-sama’s point of view.

To prevent the destruction that she saw, Metias-sama chose to become a Demon God and destroy the world to protect it.

Something that I, a human, could never understand fully.

“Well, we’ll try to do something about it so it has nothing to do with you guys. Furthermore, the Demon God side has to gather six members as well so although it won’t be a couple ten thousand years, it should take at least a couple hundred years. Only suitable people can ascend, regardless if it is to be a Demon God or a Goddess so she won’t be able to find them so easily.”

That was relieving to hear.

“On that note, Miri-san who is the top of the list to be suitable as a Goddess. I won’t force you but please put some consideration into it for the sake of saving the world.”

Libra-sama appeared and said.

“I know. But give me some time to think.”

Miri replied with a trailing voice and the Goddess-samas returned to their world.


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  1. Am I Un-Dead Yet?

    Only 4 more chapters until caught up to raws. Any plans on picking up something new?

    • No plans as of now. Will take a break for now as i work on other stuff

    • Fraudz

      Thanks for the chap and congrats for reaching 400!!
      Im a little sad that we’ve almost caught up.
      Anyone knows what the release frequency of the author is like?

      • Unreliable :X haha he promised a once a week update but the last update was a month back. The author’s style is to finish his LN then only work on the WN so updates will probably be kind of slow

  2. Nutaris

    Woo, 400 chapters! Well done 🙂

  3. Thank you and congrats on 400!

  4. Brian

    I feel like the mc has regressed. He seems to have the potential to be all powerful but zero will to do anything but what he is told to do.

  5. Ghalaghor

    The next button seems to be broken, it leads me to this chapter when I click it. Shouldn’t it be grayed out instead of being red and clickable?

  6. Seregosa

    Heh, can’t help but feel that this novel would be better if the people were slightly more intelligent and had power more suitable for them.

    We all know how stupid the characters are, so might as well not touch that subject. However, it’s also really stupid how, no matter how far into the story we get, the protagonist doesn’t seem to develop at all… rather, he seems to be regressing. He receives more and more powers, but his real power level is actually stagnant, I have noted no notable increase in his combat ability or overall ability since hundreds of chapters ago. At most he’s getting some little miscellaneous skills to solve imminent problems conveniently. Even though the author says he’s getting more powerful with more levels and combat skills available to him, it doesn’t matter for shit and only seems to make him complacent instead, he puts NO effort WHATSOEVER into getting more powerful, he just sits on his ass waiting for trouble to find him or for an opportunity to screw himself over and solve it by sheer luck or in some cases OP stats. It’s hard to find a much more dull protagonist lacking any redeeming traits even if you search around. He doesn’t deserve his powers nor his relationships with others.

    Then we have the fact that everyone in this story is made out to be OP big shots but it’s never really shown. Goddesses are just big pushovers that seem no different than somewhat powerful humans, everyone else is pretty much the same. What’s the point of these people if they’re powerless to do anything notable? Not to mention their foolishness, immaturity and lack of experience despite their positions and age.

    Can’t help but feel that 95% of the characters are nothing more than side-characters that barely show up at all anymore as well. Even main heroines like carol and haru are barely present except for being mentioned or shown protecting someone or something. No proper dialogues at all. Seriously, you should’ve all noticed this already. It’s probably partly because the author made too many characters yet tries to give all of them some screen time but I also feel like it’s because he’s lacking motivation and imagination, that should be the only reason for main characters to be phased out to this extent where you don’t really care about them anymore and they barely feel like part of the story. When was the last time he had a proper talk with carol, haru or anyone else important? It’s at best short snippets of “Be careful” “protect this or that” “Do this or that” “eat this food I cooked for everyone” “I love you, yup, that’s all, you can carry on now”. Never anything notable. Kinda sad about it because quite liked haru, but she’s nothing but a minor side character now despite being the main heroine. He’s acting like a married man who has lost all interest in his wife after years of marriage. But the issue isn’t that he doesn’t love them, it’s that they’re not even properly integrated into the story anymore, they might say stuff and help out yet they’re never a central part of anything.

    Also, I only read this for the comedy, but I honestly don’t see any even half-decent jokes anymore. This author should just drop this novel if he has no drive to make an effort, right now he’s just writing in an incredibly lazy fashion, anyone can shit out random events with barely any coherent plots while giving the illusion that something is happening even though clearly nothing matters and everything is stagnant.

    Honestly, the “my world” crap was a big mistake on the author’s part. That’s obviously part of what ruined this story even more. Too many characters being carried around in the mc’s backpack and he’s always “at home”, he can conveniently just phase back to his little NEET world and pass any extra time there doing nothing instead of ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING THE REAL WORLD AND EVENTS IN IT. The idea of making a main character carry a freaking mini world on his back restricts ideas and development, at least in an adventure novel.

    Bet many agrees with me and some disagree. But even if you disagree, you can surely see some truth in my statements unless you use tinted glasses. There is a good reason for many initially liking this yet now the novel’s score is dropping like a rock, being carried solely by people who scored it during earlier chapters.

  7. Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

  8. Megaboss

    Author doesn’t seem knowledgeable in human evolution. As far as scientists can tell humanoid ancestors evolved 6 million years ago and modern human species evolved 200,000 years ago, which is way different from the billion years they projected. Heck even the oldest human civilizations known only daye back 6,000 years, so in terms of billions of years humans will have either achieved interstellar travel or wiped themselves into extinction.

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