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SL Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: Gideon’s answer

Translator: Tseirp


The Kingdom of Kiramine.

Situated to the northwest of Lit’s hometown, the Principality of Logavia.

A massive city towering over the northern lands covered with white snow.

Even though their country was small, the magical city built by the High-Elves was famous for being the largest city on the Avalonia continent.

The Kingdom of Kiramine was the only nation apart from those ruled by humans that was recognized as a kingdom.


“The climate was colder than the Principality of Logavia where Lit was. It was a city nation built on the freezing northern lands. Despite that, the inside of the city remains in perpetual spring due to magic. Countless High-Elves and their friends lived in that beautiful city. The Great Cathedral, studded with crystals, was no less magnificent than the Last Wall Great Fortress. The triple walls of permanent rock formed an absolute defense to protect the city that no enemy has ever penetrated.”


Yarandorara spoke about Kiramine with a melodious voice.


“Of course, Kiramine is not an ideal paradise. Similar to humans, there are good High-Elves and there are evil High-elves … but we never betray others.”


Yarandorara stared at us.


“Wait a minute.”


I hurriedly stopped her.


“Lit and I enjoy living in Zoltan and this is a good town. We don’t intend to go anywhere.”

“You may think that way now. But someday this town may betray the two of you too. Such a thing will never happen in my country.”

“ … It’s true that I can’t tell what will happen in the future. Human hearts can change and some may abandon others to protect themselves or their family. The people of Zoltan are not heroes but ordinary people. They will probably not be willing to protect friendship at all costs.”

“In that case … !”

“But at this moment, the friendship I have with the people of Zoltan is real. I, Lit, Ruti, Tise, and even Ugeuge-san have friends in Zoltan. I will not doubt the trust I have now for an uncertain future.”


Lit and Tise nodded in agreement.


“I chose Zoltan because it was far away from Logavia. But I now like this town. I enjoy living with Red and interacting with Stosan, Gonz, Tanta, and others. So I will not go to Kiramine either.”

“I came to Zoltan with Ruti-sama. To be honest, I was dragged here against my will but thanks to that, I became friends with Ruti-sama.”

“Close friends.”


Ruti affirmed. Tise was a little embarrassed and her face turned a little red.


“We became close friends. That was because of the atmosphere in this town called Zoltan. A laid-back place that doesn’t care about the past of others. There is no better environment for a person who has lived like me.”


Ugeuge-san fully mobilized all its eight legs to express the goodness of Zoltan with its entire body.

Seeing our actions, Yarandorara’s smile … seemed a little lonely.


“That is unfortunate.”


She quickly returned to her serious expression.


“I understand that all of you enjoying living in Zoltan. But the trait of a High-Elf is to be patient. So I shall wait for a long time. If you ever feel disappointed with Zoltan … I won’t expel you on your own.”


Yarandorara was stubborn.

But that was her expression of affection to me.


“I understand, let’s think about the future when the time comes.”

“Yup, it’s fine to keep it the way it is now!”

“Also, Yarandorara.”


“I don’t think Yarandorara is that patient.”



Yarandorara was startled and poked my chest with an angry expression.


“That’s not true. Rara-oneesan is always kind and calm.”


I’m surprised she can say that after having a crazy battle almost to the death with Ares after I left.

Yarandorara doesn’t get angry at trivial matters but she would not hold back her anger when she should get angry and her anger would be tremendous.

Before I met her, Yarandorara apparently destroyed an entire village in a sharp response to the sacrificial custom of the village elder.

She was a frightening woman when she turns into an enemy.


“Muu, I said Yarandorara is a kind Onee-chan!”


Perhaps she guessed what I was thinking by my expression, Yarandorara insisted as she shook my shoulders.

Everyone laughed out loud at her mannerism.

Yarandorara and I also quickly laughed as well.


“The topic is over?”


Ruti said as she looked at us.


“There’s no way we would leave Zoltan. The conclusion was set from the beginning.”


Yarandorara was a little surprised at the way Ruti said it so clearly.


“Fufu, that’s surprising. It seems even Ruti likes this town.”

“Yup, I like Zoltan. Oparara’s Oden shop, Gonz and Storm Thunder’s arguments, Newman’s clinic, Blacksmith Mogrim’s tales, Adventurer’s Guild Meglia and Garadin, Tanta and Ademi, playing Wyvern Race, I enjoy everything immensely.”

“I see … Ruti is happy now too.”


Ruti showed a spilling smile that everyone could understand.


“Yup, I am happy.”


After hearing those words from Ruti, I became even fonder of Zoltan.


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