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GC V10C405

(405) To become a Demon Lord

Translator: Tseirp


“So what should I do to become a Demon Lord? Don’t tell me it is a Demon Race exclusive job.”

“I believe I told Onii that I was Japanese as well in my previous life. It is simple to become a Demon Lord. As long as you take in the power from my previous life.”

Miri said and took out a shining jewel.

Eh? I felt as though I had seen that somewhere before.

Right, it was the jewel that Sheena No.3 had. She said that Daijiro passed it to her to seal the Leviathan.

“Before I died, I split my power into four and left the sealed power with Daijiro. It seemed that Daijiro used them to seal the monsters that were haunting various regions.”

“Does that mean the current Demon Lord became a Demon Lord by using this jewel?”

I looked at the jewel and commented.

“Probably. If he is connected to the hero, it should be easy to obtain a jewel.”

As Miri was speaking, she crushed the jewel in her hand and scattered the powder.

“ … !?”

“Sorry. I gathered two of the four jewels to regain my power. The jewels act as barrier stones that weaken my power so I subconsciously broke it.”

According to Miri, one of those jewels was somehow with Jofre and Elize and she took it from them.

“In exchange for my life, I can make Onii a Demon Lord – -”

“I decided to become a Demon Lord so that you don’t have to become a Goddess but if that is the cost then isn’t it meaningless? Haa, two of the four jewels are broken, one is currently used by the current Demon Lord so there is only one more jewel left?”

It seemed like it won’t be easy becoming a Demon Lord.


“So we’re back to square one? I don’t mind but …”

Suzuki said with exasperation.

I was on a journey to Mallegory but Miri stopped us before Florence from entering enemy territory without preparation. Furthermore, to obtain a jewel that contains the power of the Demon Lord Famiri・Raritei, I asked Suzuki to aim for the easternmost point of the Southern Continent.

It seemed that the jewel was enshrined on an uninhabited island that goes further southeast from there.

“This is as far as I can go. Although the Kingdom of Croisdran has a friendly relationship with the Kingdom of Shiraraki and Kingdom of Tsaobal, I can’t just fly over with a wyvern.”

“No, you’ve been a great help to fly us up to this point.”

“Well then, I heard that bandits are appearing in the forest south of Mallegory so I will go discipline them a little.”

Suzuki said with a refreshing smile and quickly rode Pochi and disappeared.

He acts like a protagonist as usual.

He had a refreshing personality I can’t imagine despite being of the same age.

If I become a Demon Lord and the day comes when people try to subjugate me, I thought that it would be great if it was someone like Suzuki … but I wouldn’t want to die and leave Haru and Carol behind so let’s make adjustments so that I don’t have to die.

I easily passed the Kingdom of Croisdran, possibly because I was a Baronet of the Kingdom of Shiraraki.

Then, I ran from there and aimed for the beach.

“So this is the easternmost point?”

I was on top of a cliff like the eastern lookout point in Fukui prefecture. If brought to such a place, even a murderer would easily confess.

I used Kin Summoning to summon Haru.

“Such beautiful scenery.”

“Yeah. I would love to take a leisurely look at the scenery if we weren’t in such a hurry but can I ask for it now?”

“Of course.”

Haru replied and used the Hikikomori skill to open the door to My World.

I asked Haru to open the door instead of doing so myself because I wanted my door to My World to remain connected to Mallegory.

And the moment I opened the door, Miri appeared.

“Onii, so you’ve reached. Ah, pretty. Just like the eastern lookout point.”

As expected of siblings, our thoughts were the same.

“Well, let’s go. For the sake of going a long distance, I request for a big one.”

Miri said and jumped on my back.

Even if she had a small frame, a middle school girl wouldn’t normally behave that way.

I walked to the edge of the cliff with Haru while Miri was on my back.

Looking down the cliff, violent waves were striking and eroding the bottom of the cliff.

I immediately felt terribly uneasy about the unreinforced ground we were standing on.

“Let me see, there’s a white rock protruding slightly on the horizon there, could you jump about five meters?”

It was over 20 meters from where we were standing.

I don’t know how many meters the world record for the long jump was but considering the height difference, she proposed a distance that even a gold medallist couldn’t achieve.

“Let’s go together, master.”

“Haru will jump too? I can jump on my own and summon you with Kin Summoning anytime.”

“I can’t let master face danger alone.”

“Haur, Onii is not alone, do not forget that I am here too.”

“My apologies, Miri-sama.”

She forgot.

But it gave me strength.

“All right, let’s jump together.”


Haru and I walked back around 10 meters, looked at each other, and nodded before running together.

Although the three of us would end up upside down under the cliff if we missed the jump, Haru and I ran as though we were elementary school students heading for their desired attractions immediately after an amusement park opens.

Then, we leaped greatly from the top of the cliff.

Our jump that far exceeded that of Michael Jordan drew a gentle arc before we slowly started to fall.

Miri extended her hand from my back toward the surface of the sea.

And then, a large sailing ship appeared in front of our eyes.

Haru and I landed on the deck of a newly built sailing ship by Pionia.

“If you had this, couldn’t we just find a place to board without going through such dangers?”

“The area around here is full of cliffs and the places that can allow boarding have all been made into harbors. We won’t be able to use those harbors without permission and getting permission would be troublesome. In any case, this should be a piece of cake for Onii?”

Well, I had some reservations just now about leaping off a cliff but it was easy once I jumped off. In fact, it was a little trilling.

Haru used her Hikikomori skill to call Sheena No.3, Neete and Carol who were accustomed to sea voyages.

“It’s the era of great pirates desu! Captain Sheena is here desu!”

Sheena No.3 with a pirate cosplay raised the tension even further.

“What captain, Sheena-san. The captain is obviously Ichino-sama.”

“Stop playing and start preparing for departure, Sheena.”

Carol and Neete looked at Sheena No.3 with cold eyes and started their respective preparations.

They were not in their usual maid uniform or dress but in easy to move trousers and shirts.

“I’m here too?”

Flute asked. She was in her usual nun outfit.

She was currently considered dead in Mallegory.

In addition, she knew about the secret of My World so I could not free her due to my promise with the Goddesses to keep My World a secret.

“Well, your face is pretty well known in Mallegory but it will be fine here and you won’t be able to escape since we are on the ocean?”

“I am surprisingly good at swimming.”

Flute said and leaned out of the deck railing but immediately withdrew.

“I lied. I actually don’t even know how to swim. I didn’t have many chances to play in the river. If I got tired and my magic ran out, my hidden horns and wings would appear.”

Flute said as the black horns on her head and black wings on her back appeared.

“Well, it’s a rare chance so I’ll take the time to have a change of pace. But if I feel seasick then I’ll return.”

Flute said and moved to the back of the ship.

To be safe, I had Neete watch her but now that the devil race has escaped from the church, she wouldn’t try to forcefully escape.

But I wonder where did those devil race escape to.

Flute mentioned that the devil race are good at hiding so once they escape, it would be difficult to capture them again so I had a hard time finding them too.

“We should reach in a day from here?”

“Yes. We’ll arrive at the destination tomorrow noon. Once that’s done, I’ll give you special training in the depths of the Advance Dungeon in Florence.”

The depths of the Advance Dungeon in Florence huh?

Well, I felt it was quite easy in the Advanced Dungeon in Mallegory so I should be fine?

It was about time I met up with Malina and I was worried about the Goddess influence appearing in the labyrinths around the world.

That’s why that one day’s time felt a little too long.

“Onii, don’t be anxious. More importantly, even if you have time to rest your body, you only have time to rest your heart today so why not take it easy?”

My heart calmed down a little after hearing Miri’s words.

She was right, Haru and the others would be nervous if I was in such a state.

“Does this ship have a cabin?’

“The furniture in the sailing ship was arranged by Neete desu! Food replenishment was done by Sheena No.3 desu!”

Sheena No.3 told me as she steered the ship.

It seemed that Pionia only made the ship and everything else was settled by Neete and Sheena No.3.

“Neete, is there a place to sleep?”

“There’s only one large one, master.”

Neete said with a meaningful smile.

“Sheena and I will be working all day so we will probably stay on deck.”

“I want to feel the sea breeze for a while.”

“ … Onii can have a restful sleep.”

Neete, Flute and Miri were each caring for me in their own way.

Miri looked a little sullen.

“Then, I will take care of Miri-sama – -”

Haru suggested but Miri who was supposed to be feeling sullen,

“Haur should rest. Carol-san too.”

“But there’s only one bed?”

Carol poked Haru’s feet because of her innocent question.

Haru bent over and Carol stretched up to whisper.

Carol was mentally more mature than Haru for such talks.

Although they looked different, their actual age was about the same.

Well, I could imagine what they were talking about.

“ … Miri-sama, are you sure?”

“I don’t mind, it is the warrior’s duty to rest. Both to rest the body as well as the spirit.”

Miri sighed as she answered Haru’s question.

It felt a little weird to be sent off by my younger sister to the bedroom.

Is that what a man will feel when he goes home with his newly-wed wife and sees his family laying out futons side by side?

“It’s great to have recognition by younger sister-san.”

“ … Carol-san, don’t get over your head.”

“Haiiii! My apologies, Miri-san!”

Carol was already small but she shrank even smaller as she replied.

After I married Haru and Carol, Carol should have become Miri’s sister-in-law but from this interaction, it seemed that Miri had a higher position.

As a brother, I should lecture Miri – –

“Onii, rest well. If you are still tired tomorrow, I won’t let you off easy.”

“ … Yes.”

Now that I think about it, even in Japan Miri’s position was above me.

Haru had pledged allegiance to Miri from the beginning so I wonder if the three of us will never be able to lift our heads to Miri.


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