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GC V10C410

(410) The old woman named Miremia

Translator: Tseirp


“I once used to take care of the Slow Donkey you all call Centaur, the Holy Beast-sama, in the church.”


Miremia said with a smile.

She knew about Centaur being a Holy Beast?


“However, due to a certain blunder, I was imprisoned in the church.”


The old woman continued as she started bending and stretching exercises. They were light movements.

But there was a bigger problem.


“Who are you? … Are you really human?”

“ … Why do you think that?”


The answer was simple.

I couldn’t see her job.

Until now, if I couldn’t see the job of the other party, there were three possibilities.

First, the possibility that the other party was Jobless.

In the case of Jobless, they had no job so I won’t be able to see anything.

Actually, I could not use Job Appraisal on myself to see my job until recently but now 【Demon Lord Lv1】 was clearly displayed.

Another possibility was that she wasn’t human in the first place.

Jobs were bestowed only to humans so I won’t be able to appraise monsters or Sheena No.3 when she was an automata.

Lastly, when the other party was level 0.

Homunculus – – they have the job called God Dolls but their level was set at 0 so it was impossible to investigate their job.

If she took care of the Holy Beast that sealed Metias-sama – – the highest chance among the three was – –


“Let’s talk over there.”


Miremia-san replied.


“Sorry, Norn-san please wait here for a while.”


I said a word and followed Miremia with Miri.

She sat on a bench seemingly made for breaks. The bench was small so we stood and listened.

She started with ‘Where should I start?’ before affirming my conjectures.


“Do you know about Homonculus?”


She answered with a question but that was an answer.

I knew she was a Homunculus like Pionia or Neete.


“Yes. Three … no four of my acquaintances are.”


Pionia, Neete, and Alpha-san. I thought of adding Sheena No.3 into the count too so I added one more.


“Ara, that’s amazing. Even though it is rare to meet one.”

“That seems to be the case. Since a Goddess needs to put in a hundred years of effort to give birth to one.”


I replied with the knowledge I heard.


“I am the first Homunculus made by master – Metias-sama. Miremia is a pseudonym I thought of myself, my true name is Primero.”

“It means the first in Latin.”


Miri added in.

Latin? Naturally, I didn’t know any Latin but I was honestly envious to have Latin in her name.

If I knew Latin, I would have named Pionia and Neete with Latin.


“Gods and novelists who can’t sell really love Latin. Only a person with Chuunibyou would think that such a thing was cool.”


Miri’s words were a little more sharp than usual.

I was dealt significant damage to my heart.


“Ara, so harsh. But it is a name that is precious to me. It sounded like a foreign world word and I didn’t know the meaning so, thank you.”


Miremia-san replied with a cheerful smile.


“Um, I was of the impression that Homunculus don’t age? Sorry for being forward but you …”


I had seen a Homunculus status before.

In exchange for not being able to level up and having no offensive power, they have defensive strength that is equal to the outer wall of a shelter and have the power of immortality.

But the image of Miremia-san in front of us was very far apart from that of an immortal Homunculus.

As she was the first Homunculus, I was certain that her appearance did not match her age but I was curious if either the power of immortality was not perfect or she had the appearance of an old woman since birth so I asked her.


“You truly know a lot. But that is only if the creator Goddess is perfect. Metias-sama became a Demon God and was sealed by the other Goddesses so my body gradually decayed. Although it took a long and daunting length of time if seen from the eyes of a human. I descended from the Goddess-sama world to the surface, searched for Metias-sama, and what I finally found was the Holy Beast kept by the church. Apparently, it was kept as a favorite pet of a deceased priest. Then, one day, something happened –”


She said something happened.

Perhaps her identity was revealed?

Metias-sama may be a former goddess but after becoming a Demon God, she became an enemy of the other Goddess-samas and the church. And Metias-sama’s homunculus would be treated the same.

Perhaps Centaur’s true identity was revealed that day and she used the last of her strength to escape?


“That day was a bright day like today. It was a good harvest that year and a lot of fresh vegetables were donated to the church. After the vegetables were carried into the church for some time, the Holy Beast snuck into the church and started eating the vegetables. Fourteen monks were injured in their attempt to stop it. Then, after the Holy Beast finished eating the vegetables, it went to the good harvest festival in a town at the foot of the mountain and consumed everything before escaping. It went missing after that. I was imprisoned in the church to take responsibility for the incident.”

The imprisonment had nothing to do with Metias-sama!

More importantly, that Centaur was so absurd since then.

Miremia-san smiled.


“I’m sure that the Holy Beast realized that this day was approaching and had to eat a lot to devote energy to Metias-sama.”


She spoke as though she realized the truth but I felt that she was completely wrong.

Even though Metias-sama had been released, Centaur’s appetite had increased.

Gluttony was that donkey’s characteristic.


“Why is Miremia-san here? Metias-sama’s seal has already been undone.”

“I know the situation. I also heard from the Hero that they are hostile to you. But why do you still attach sama to Metias-sama’s name?”


Miremia-san asked with a look of confusion.


“Well … even if she became an enemy, she was originally a Goddess.”


The My World I use belongs to her and Metias-sama apparently prepared the Jobless skills too.

She may be an enemy but I owe her a large debt of gratitude.

Moreover, I heard from the other Goddesses and Miri that Metias-sama protected this world from disaster many times.

Without her, this Otherworld would have been swallowed by disaster and be inhabitable for humans.

I tried asking if she knew where Metias-sama was but, as expected, she did not know the current location of Metias-sama. She could only tell that Metias-sama was alive.

I had asked all the questions I had so Miri followed up with her questions.


“Hey, could you tell me? To my knowledge, Metias was a Goddess with strong patience. She would watch the future to crush the buds of disaster day by day for the sake of the people of this world. What changed her? At the very least, I don’t believe she would become a Demon God to escape from disaster or that she would grow sick of the tremendous task.”


Miremia stared at Miri’s eyes.

Then, she sighed softly.


“Yes, as you said, crushing the buds of every single disaster is an outrageous task. A task that has no end in sight would not be an easy matter for ordinary humans or even Goddess-samas. I believe Tet-sama also had a lot of trouble.”


Miremia-san said with a look of nostalgia.

She probably watched Metias at her side all the time.


“I do not know the details. However, as you mentioned, Metias-sama is strong. I am certain she is acting according to her own unique thoughts.”


Miremia-san commented that she was a little tired and wanted to rest.

I thought that she was tired from speaking but it seemed that she wished to continue her bending and stretching exercise from before, now moving on to her knee.

Even if she boasts absolute defense, I smiled wryly seeing that she could not win against advancing age.


In the end, we didn’t gain any information.

We thanked Miremia-san and returned.


“Onii-san, there’s been trouble!”


Norn-san anxiously called us when she saw me.

We rushed over to Norn-san with a terrible premonition.


“Norn-san, did something happen!?”

“Um, Centaur-chan jumped over the fence and went somewhere – -”


A few Devil race were shouting ‘Holy Beast-sama, please wait!’ as they chased after her but she superbly ran away.

Well, there was no helping it.

Since I did not have the confidence to be able to catch her if she really tried to escape.


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