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GC V10C411

(411) Raising Demon Lord level

Translator: Tseirp

Miri and I were on the lowest floor of the Advanced Dungeon.

There were transfer circles at the entrance of the dungeons in Florence that allowed a user to transfer to the floor they have been to and given that Miri had been to the lowest floor before, I ended up starting right at the lowest floor when I went with Miri.

I had not received the Advanced Dungeon clear bonus so I was thinking of getting it but the Vigilante corps man guarding the entrance said.

“Do not enter the lowest floor boss room and Goddess statue room. I do not know the reason but there was a notice from the church.”


He cautioned me.

Miri explained that because of this situation, 10% of the reason was to reduce the need for the Goddesses to devote power and time to manage the dungeon while 90% of the reason was to prevent the Hero from tampering with the Goddess statue and causing a monster overflow.

And as for me, I just kept fighting monsters on the lowest floor.


“Dragon dragon dragon, this place is really just filled with dragons.”


After defeating a kind of dragon called a Demon Dragon, Miri and I decided to take a break.

I had been fighting dragons countless times but while they have the majesty befitting a legendary-class monster, for some reason they were appearing like cockroaches, where if you see one you can be sure there were ten others.

That said, they were drastically weaker than the dragons I knew and I could deal with them with a single sword without using magic.


“Don’t worry be happy. Onii, what’s your level?”

“Demon Lord level has reached Lv42. I haven’t learned many new skills though.”

“That’s because most of the initial skills for Demon Lord belongs to Dark Magic. Anyway, this is truly abnormal. My level would only rise by 3 if I defeated a single Demon Dragon but just defeating ten Demon Dragons raised your level to Lv42.”

“Well, I have 400 times experience gain after all.”


It wasn’t just Demon Lord. The Fire Magician, Water Magician, Wind Magician, and Earth Magician that had already reached the pinnacle were rising in level once more and although I wasn’t learning any skills, their levels were increasing quite quickly.


“If you think of it as 4000 Demon Dragon’s worth of experience points, level 42 is a little low. I see. So growth in Dark Magic is the main focus and I won’t be learning much new skills.”


I had already learned all kinds of skills for Dark Magic through Apprentice Magician, Magician, and Dark Magician.


“Oh right, I learned the Devil Summon skill. Is summoning magic rare in this world?”

“Ah, that skill is a useless wish. You don’t summon the Devil race but an actual Devil who uses souls to make a contract and most of the Devils are weaker than us anyway.”


I see.

Was it that? If you want your wish to come true, offer your soul.


My current goal was related to Demon Gods but I couldn’t imagine the Devils capable of standing up to the Demon Gods. On the contrary, I could expect them to switch sides over to the Demon Gods.

Miri was right, that was a pointless skill.


“More importantly, you learned the Demon Lord Authority right?”

“Yeah, it was skilled up twice and is now Demon Lord Authority III. Was this that skill?”

“Yup, with Demon Lord Authority, you can impose restrictions like a slave collar on those who have succumbed and swore allegiance to you and also transfer the experience points of your kin to you. Onii, with Demon Lord Authority III, you can collect experience points in units of 10% up to 30%.”

“So I can collect experience points from Miri too?”

“You can but I do not plan to admit defeat to Onii or pledge my allegiance. More importantly, Onii can now collect experience points from your other jobs. Give it a try.”

“All right.”


I replied and activated Demon Lord Authority.

But was it possible to use a skill meant for my kin on myself?

However, if it worked, I could take up to 30% of the experience points earned by Fire Magician, Water Magician, Wind Magician, and Earth Magician respectively, and funnel it to Demon Lord.

A rough increase of 120% or 2.2 times.

Then the original 400 times experience points gain would be calculated to 880 times experience points gain.

I would have to give it a try to see if it actually worked.

Just as I had that thought.

A Demon Dragon was approaching at perfect timing.

I drew the Guardian Sword on my belt.




My Slash split the Demon Dragon in half.


【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Demon Lord skill: 「Demon Lord Barrier」acquired】

【Demon Lord skill: 「Kin Strengthening」acquired】


When I defeated a Demon Dragon just now, I leveled up by three but now I leveled up by seven in one go.

I guess that was proof that Demon Lord Authority was working.

Furthermore, I learned two new skills.

I was curious about the Kin Strengthening skill.

I decided to check the skills I acquired for the time being while thinking that the Demon Lord job also has the concept of kin.


Demon Lord Barrier: Support skill 【Demon Lord Lv45】

A skill that prevents enemies within from escaping.

You can’t escape from the Demon Lord.


Ah, that was the skill Miri used against Hag.

The line that you can’t escape from the Demon Lord was famous on Earth but did it originate from here?


Kin Strengthening: Support skill 【Demon Lord Lv45】

Increases the stats of your kin.

The increase depends on the ability of the lord and the distance between the kin and the lord.



Kin Strengthening seemed to be a skill meant to increase the stats of my kin.

Although the effects would differ depending on the kin’s original stats and their distance from me, there were no downsides. I was sure Haru and Carol’s stats would be affected too.

Well, I had not chased away the Demon Dragons in the dungeon yet so I won’t be able to use it here.


“Miri, I acquired Demon Lord Barrier and Kin Strengthening.”

“Eh, Onii, you’ve already passed Lv45!? Well, it’s true that by calculations you should be lvl46. This is a speed that makes my time spent in hard work a joke. Truly a cheat.”

“It’s okay when I say it myself but I don’t want to hear other people say it’s a cheat, even if it is my younger sister.”

“Then, should I say it is ‘masu’?”


I would prefer if she stopped talking nonsense such as this ‘masu’ that can’t be understood unless you disassemble the word. (TLN: Basically‘masu’ in Japanese can be seen as a combination of all 3 letters inチート‘cheat’)


“If you could have grown so much when you were in Japan, you wouldn’t have been an employment refugee.”

Miri struck where it hurt.

It was true that I could only get this strong because of the growth cheat.

I couldn’t refute that.


“I’m not saying that your growth cheat is your only divine blessing. When Onii was in Japan, you went for interviews with the intention of just getting a job, right? If you worked hard to gain jobs like now to further your goal then I’m sure you can surpass my expectations and get a job.”

“ … You’re really stabbing right where it hurts.”


I also noticed somewhere in my heart.

That I was going for interviews not because I wanted to do something in society. I only wanted to get a job and feed Miri – – no, at that time, Miri had already earned so much from stocks or investments that she didn’t need to be fed.

I just didn’t want to drag anyone down.

I dropped out of high school because our parents died.

I continued to work part time jobs to feed my younger sister.

Whose fault was it that I failed in life?

I didn’t want to think that way.

But I had been blaming someone somewhere in my heart all that time.

That was why I wanted to get a job and prove it.

It didn’t matter if both my parents died; it didn’t matter if my younger sister was very young, I can be a full-fledged adult.


“Onii, you think too much. You think that once you get a ‘job’, you can prove that you have become a fully-fledged adult, right?”

“Are you using Telepathy?”

“We’ll talk about that later. Onii worked hard for my sake but you never thought at least once that you dropped out of high school because of me, right? That’s why I love Onii.”

“I didn’t? No, I did think about it, somewhere in my heart I blamed somebody.”

“You didn’t. A younger sister’s words are absolute (also, my once in a lifetime confession was swept under the rug?)”


Miri mumbled some complaints but I didn’t know what she was talking about in the latter half of her sentence.

Was that true? Did I truly not blame anybody for it?


“In the first place, Onii dropped out of high school and struggled all by Onii’s own decision and couldn’t have been because of somebody’s fault.”

“Guh, it hurts when you put it like that.”


“What do you wish to say? Are you saying this just to hurt me?”

“No, I’m saying that Onii who has found a really important purpose is the strongest and the best.”


Miri said and smiled.

When did my younger sister become such a villain, dropping me down so far before raising me up in one go?

I was so happy that I was about to tear.


“Onii, do you wish to take a break?”

“I don’t need a break. With Stamina Heal, my physical strength is always at top condition. At this moment, I feel like defeating as many Demon Dragons as possible.”

“Mou, don’t push yourself too far and collapse!”


I fought hard, quickly tired out, used Stamina Heal, got motivated me further from Miri’s scoldings, and I took breaks until the next Demon Dragon appeared, as our battle with the Demon Dragons continued.

As drop items, I collected a ton of Demon Dragon scales, meat, and magic stones. The drop rate of the meat was above 70% and each drop was a chunk of about 50 kg worth of meat so my item bag quickly turned into something like a meat storage.

In addition, I collected a few rare items such as Demon Dragon bones, horns, and hearts before a full day ended.

I achieved my first goal.


【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Demon Lord skill: 「Invalidate instant death attacks」acquired】

【Demon Lord skill: 「Demon Lord Authority IX」has skilled up to「Demon Lord Authority X」】

【There are no further levels for Demon Lord】

【Title: Peak of Demon Lord acquired】


Demon Lord level reached Lv100.

I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Although the experience points from the Demon Dragons were high, the increased rank of Demon Lord Authority also played a large part in the efficiency of my growth cheat.

Demon Lord Authority became rank IX when I reached Lv90 and as a result, my experience points efficiency was raised 1840 times.

And now at Lv100 and Demon Lord Authority becoming rank X, the experience points efficiency was 2000 times.


“Onii, good work. Here.”

“Ah, thank you.”


I took the drink from Miri and gulped it down in one go.

And I almost spat it all out.


“What is this … ah, Limit Breaking Medicine huh?”


When the level of a job reaches the upper limit, drinking that medicine will allow the level to be raised even further.

My Demon Lord level limit had probably been raised to Lv200.


“Yes, please don’t spit it out. Limit Breaking Medicine is precious.”

“Well, I thought it was water … eh? What about a break? A nap?”

“Of course, there will be none.”


Miri grinned.

She said as she grabbed my head and used Transfer Magic to teleport to one floor above.

The lowest floor Demon Dragons were scarce in numbers but the black tiger monster from the floor above appeared in large packs.


“Miri, this monster is?”

“It is called a Black Tiger. It’s not the prawn.”

“I can tell. Hey Miri, how many are there?”

“Just now when Onii was working hard, I came here to spread some scent to gather the Black Tigers. Don’t worry, there’s less than 50 of them.”


Damn it, my stomach felt like it was tied in a knot as I chanted magic.

By the time the entire day was over, my Demon Lord level grew to Lv148.

It was an outrageous level-up rate.


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