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(413) The Secret to defeat a Demon God

Translator: Tseirp


I slept earnestly in My World.

Looking at the clock in the room, I slept for two hours and 50 minutes huh?

Miri’s aroma was amazing. My head felt refreshed.

I told Pionia to wake me up after three hours so it seemed like everyone could sleep a little longer.

I suddenly lowered my gaze and noticed that Miri was tightly grasping my arm.

Further back, Haru was sleeping while looking like she was sandwiching Miri while Carol was grasping my other arm on the opposite side.

It was a morning situation that left much to the imagination but of course, my younger sister was with me. There was nothing I had to feel guilty about. Well, in actual fact, I lost consciousness the instant I laid down on the bed.

I heard the crow of a chicken from a distance.

Perhaps because of that sound, Carol’s hand around my arm loosened.

Both Carol and Haru’s sleeping faces looked contented.

I’m glad. If Miri didn’t stop me, I would have continued to challenge the dungeon without being aware of my lack of sleep and the three of us might have collapsed.

Miri’s calm character was a great help.


“Thank you as usual, Miri.”


I said as I lightly hugged my sister who I slept side-by-side for the first time in more than a decade.


“You are welcome, sis-con Onii.”


Miri replied and opened her eyes with a smile.


“You, so you were awake …”

“Shh, you’ll wake up Haurva and Carol.”


Miri buried her face in my chest and whispered.


“Onii, do you know why only the monsters in the Florence dungeon didn’t overflow?”

“Now that you mention it, why was that the case?”

“In Florence, were we not hunting monsters at a breakneck pace? So the miasma needed for monsters to spawn was thinned.”

“Hn? But won’t the miasma return once we defeat the monsters? I heard that the monsters would appear again through that mechanism.”

“It does return but not all of it. This.”


Miri took out a magic stone.


“A part of the miasma becomes a magic stone. In the dungeon Sheena No.3 was managing, there was no Goddess Statue but a portion of the miasma could be purified because the monsters were exterminated and became magic stones. Well, once the magic stones are used for energy then it would turn back into miasma.”


Miri explained before storing the magic stone in her dimension storage.


“Of course, miasma is not so easy to get rid of. Once it thins, miasma from other places would gather. So if Onii continues to work hard to hunt in Florence, the nearby dungeons like the Belasra dungeon would see fewer monster overflows.”

“Is that so …”


So continuing to hunt in the Florence dungeon would have more effect than just raising my Demon Lord level?


“But if that’s the case, why are there more monsters spawning in the royal capital of Arandel compared to the other places?”


The Arandel royal capital was located, although a long distance away, to the north of Florence.

Was it because I didn’t hunt enough monsters so the effect didn’t reach the Arandel royal capital?


“That is probably due to lumps of miasma.”

“Miasma lumps … no way?”

“Yup, Tet who gathered miasma in Mallegory and became a Demon God. If she has not completely transformed into a Demon God and is desperately opposing the Goddess power in her, there is a high possibility that miasma is overflowing from her and leading to the generation of monsters.”

“There’s a chance that Tet-sama has not completely transformed into a Demon God?”

“That will likely happen. She’s surprisingly perseverant.”


Perseverant? Which perspective was she talking from?

But if that was the case, wasn’t there a slight ray of hope?

If Tet-sama returned to be a Goddess, even if the demon race, succubus race, and black wolf race Demon Lords turn into Demon Gods, they would only have six Demon Gods.

“But extracting miasma from Tet would be a difficult task. At the very least, the power of a Goddess is required. And to add to the uncertainty, there is another Demon Lord.”

The Demon Lord impersonating the king of the Tsuabal Kingdom.

He was connected to the Hero and Demon Gods but he didn’t seem to be their ally.

I wondered what was he aiming for?


“Well then, Onii. You can level up Demon Lord even without me anymore, right?”

“Hn? Yeah, I understand the skills I would acquire from leveling up Demon Lord and as long as my MP continues to increase, it would be enough for my natural magical power recovery to catch up with my usage even without relying on magical power recovery medicine. But why?”

Miri dived into the comforter and got off the bed from the end of the bed without answering my question.

“Because I have something to do. If it goes well, Tet might return to being a Goddess.”

“What? Are you certain? Then I will help – -”

“Onii has something he has to do. I still have three bottles of aroma for sleeping so use these from tomorrow onwards.


Miri instructed and placed three small bottles of essential oils beside the bed.

I recall she mentioned that she only had one bottle so she was lying?

No, this was Miri. Perhaps she secretly compounded it while we were sleeping … she’s working too hard.


“I leave the rest to you, Haurva, Carol.”

“Understood, Miri-sama.”

“Even if you don’t ask, Carol and others wish to take care of Ichino-sama.”


When Miri turned around, Haru suddenly went down to the side of the bed and knelt on the spot while Carol also went down to the other side and replied while standing.

What? So everyone was awake?

I didn’t know what Miri was planning but for now, I trusted in her.


“Master, I am here to wake you up but it seems that there is no need to.”


Pionia appeared.

Our three-hour break had just ended so we once again challenged the Florence dungeon.




An observatory set up in My World.

Four Goddesses were gathered there.

This location was the easiest place to sense the changes in the world so it was chosen as the meeting place.

Neete was recruited as the a helper and was delivering drinks to each of them.

A warm cup of roasted green tea was placed in front of Koshmar, Torerul had a glass cup with strawberry shake in front of her, Setolance had a cup of coffee in front of her, and after placing a glass of lassi in front of Libra, Neete took a step back.

Then, Neete looked sideways at the person who was not moving.

It was the first time she met her but she was the same Homunculus born from Goddess Tet – Alpha.


“I could only recover one of them safely. Although I can’t describe it as safely when her function has stopped due to miasma. It’s such a waste.”


Goddess Torerul commented as she held the glass of strawberry shake and sucked on the straw.

She acquired the power of Sylph, protected herself from the overflowing miasma with a barrier of wind, entered the former Goddess Tet’s space, and collected the Homunculus Alpha.


“And so how was it?”


Koshmar questioned and Torerul laid down her glass and sighed.


“Hmph, my eyes were not mistaken. That homunculus named Alpha is different from the homunculus I got from Tet called Neete there. There is no doubt that Tet made it but if you trace the origin, a large portion was made using Metias’s power. I fear that this homunculus tampered with Tet’s book and made it such that Tet was unaware of Metias’s revival. At this stage, we won’t be able to tell if Tet realized that Metias’ will was residing in this homunculus but most likely …”


Torerul didn’t complete her sentence and once again picked up her glass.


“Haa … this is troubling. Considering Tet and Metias’ relationship, to think that now the suspicion that Tet was keeping quiet about Metias’ Demon God transformation would be the topic here.”


Koshmar said with regret.

Originally, Tet and Minerva were in a relationship of master and vassal but the ancestor of Tet’s master belonged to the house of Metias. Not only that, Metias was Tet’s educator when she just became a Goddess and there was a part of her that admired her like an elder sister.

Partly because of that, Tet kept silent about Metias’ transformation into a Demon God but Koshmar and others didn’t expect that a homunculus with Metias’ will was lurking.


“At any rate, preparations on our side are complete so what should we do?”


Setolance asked with a cup of coffee in hand.

In addition to Setolance who originally already acquired the power of the Salamander, she aided Libra gain the power of Undine with the help of Daijiro. Using the power of the two Goddesses who gained the power of great spirits, Koshmar absorbed the power of Gnome and lastly, Torerul took in Sylph.

The four Goddesses acquired the power of the great spirits and now possessed the strength to fight against the Demon Gods who were becoming stronger from absorbing the miasma.

They also had a rough idea of where the Demon Gods were residing.


“Now then, what should we do? Normally Tet would be the one to decide for such cases.”


Koshmar sighed and drank her roasted green tea.

The Goddesses decided on how to act through Tet who sought ways to escape calamity. Her book could see certain futures and had never failed.

However, this time the book was tempered by Alpha and the Goddesses were one step behind the Demon Gods. They failed to see that Minerva had fallen to the Demon God side.

That one failure and loss of Tet robbed the Goddesses the opportunity to make a move.

Although they might win and the chance of success was high, the Goddesses couldn’t make a move.

The Goddesses couldn’t act on a gamble.

Because if the Goddesses made a gamble, the stake would be the world.

If they still had to act nevertheless, then they had to increase the success rate by even one percent.

“That homunculus there, do you have any opinion?”



Torerul suddenly talked to Neete and she looked around.

Naturally, there was no other homunculus other than herself. She wouldn’t ask Alpha who had stopped all functions.

But she didn’t expect to speak in a meeting such as this.

She also knew that this was not a place for jokes.


(Shit, Pionia-neesan said she was tasked to wake master and pushed this job to me … I’ll curse you.)


And she lined up a series of curses in her heart but her inner thoughts could be heard by the Goddesses so she couldn’t continue cursing.


“ … My … no, my humble thoughts are, how about waiting for my master, Ichinojo-sama, to make a move?”

“That child?”


Koshmar asked.

Sure, Ichinojo possessed growth, Jobless skills, and non-standard ability but apart from that, he was a normal human being.

She did not hold that much expectation of him.


“Yes. Ichinojo-sama is currently raising his Demon Lord level to accumulate the power to oppose the Demon Gods. Libra-sama is aware as well?”

“Yes, I witnessed his Demon Lord coronation.”


Libra nodded.

Neete tried to choose her words further but thought that her inner thoughts would be read anyway so she continued in a little more relaxed manner.


“Master may be a closet pervert who has a strong sense of duty to his lover but is a two-timer incapable of bluntly refusing the intentions of other girls, an indecisive man who struggles to make both girls happy while holding a guilty conscience. But he is a man who will get things done when he sets his mind to achieve it? Master said that he would stop this incident so he will surely achieve some results.”

“You’re called Neete, right? How does that human boy intend to resolve the issue of dealing with a Demon God that even we Goddesses do not know if we can handle?”

“But the human Hero was able to stop that Goddess power?”


Neete replied to Setolance who was glaring at her.

She was probably referring to that time Alessio cut down the spear filled with Setolance’s magical power.

Recalling that incident, Setolance ground her teeth and glared back at her.

Within that situation that was about to blow up, a voice that couldn’t read the air sounded out.

It was Torerul who lit the fuse.


“I am interested. Isn’t it fine to leave it to him? At any rate, it is great that we don’t have to move directly.”

“Torerul, this is not a place to fool around.”


Libra chided her but Torerul laughed and continued.


“But I am not fooling around? With the skill acquired at Demon Lord Lv300, he may be able to compete with the Demon Gods. Or rather, we Goddesses are not allowed to attack the humans. If he only defeats the Hero and his companions, won’t our chances of defeating the Demon Lord increase too?”


Torerul’s words were surprisingly on the mark.

Neete was unaware but that was the reason why Setolance was stopped by the Hero.


(Eh? The Goddesses can’t attack humans? Isn’t that something that shouldn’t be known to anyone?)


Neete felt that she heard something she shouldn’t listen to and hurriedly closed her ears but,


“Homunculus, you can’t speak of anything you heard here to anyone.”


Torerul anticipated it and warned her.

She wouldn’t want to speak of it even if she was asked.

Or rather, she hoped that they would quickly release her.


“What are the Goddesses doing sitting silently at a meeting once again?”


The door suddenly opened and Miri entered.


“In Japan, this would be said to those who are having such meaningless discussions.”

“The incident isn’t happening in the meeting room, it is happening in the field!”


Sheena No.3, who barged in with Miri, snatched the phrase that Miri was about to say.

Seeing her words and actions that couldn’t read the situation, Neete thought that she was stupid and enviable from the bottom of her heart.

Deprived of her lines, Miri tapped Sheena’s head and continued.


“Although that was a line from a movie before I was born.”

“That said, solving this incident is not as easy as sealing the Rainbow Bridge.”


Torerul, who apparently seemed to know that movie series, leaned back on her chair and ordered a refill for her strawberry shake from Neete.


“Speaking to Goddesses is truly exasperating. The incident is pretty simple. You all should be aware that the Demon Gods are hiding in the central dungeon in the royal capital of the Arandel Kingdom and that Tet has not completely fallen into a Demon God, right?”


At Miri’s questioning, Koshmar stirred and replied.


“Let’s stop beating around the bush. You are good at hiding your true intentions. Our mind reading does not work on you. So let us speak honestly. We already know what you mentioned. Nevertheless, although we are not cornered from all sides, we are looking on passively. If you have a breakthrough plan, tell us clearly.”


The roasted green tea leaf created a ripple on the surface of the hot water.

The air was trembling slightly.

In the face of the Goddess’ intimidation that affected the air even without applying any skill, Miri floated a smile rather than falter and spoke.

Of the plan that the Goddesses wanted to overcome the current situation.


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