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GC V10C414

(414) A strike from a Demon Lord

Translator: Tseirp


“Haa …… haaa …… is the next monster …. still coming?”

As expected, continuously fighting would cause fatigue to accumulate.

I asked Haru as I slowly recovered my breathing.

Was it time to apply Stamina Heal?

No, I might need to apply Stamina Heal on Haru before that.

The fighting style to delay enemies without dealing the final strike would consume more physical strength than fighting normally.

“ … No … one more Black Tiger is coming.”

Haru said as the Black Tiger avoided the dropped items and approached.

I aimed at that tiger and shot Petite Fire without chanting.

With my Demon Lord level increasing, even without chanting, I could release low-ranked magic without affecting its power.

At the same time the small fireball hit the Black Tiger, it transformed into a huge pillar of fire.

Even though it was just Petite Fire, because my magic attack stat had risen too much, it had become ridiculously powerful.

“That’s not a petite fire, it should be called a mega fire.”

I joked.

I made such a lame joke because I was so tired.

Of course, the Black Tiger died before it heard me, leaving behind Black Tiger fur and a magic stone.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

I heard the level-up announcement that I could no longer keep track.

However, with that, my Demon Lord level had reached Lv299.

“Lv299, just one more level.”

Today was the fifth day of the promise with Miri.

It seemed like I would finish two days earlier than the scheduled one week.

According to the information from this morning, the monster outbreak in Belasra was becoming stable. However, the Mount Gomaki dungeon that was further away was full of monsters and the villagers living nearby had started evacuating.

The same situation was happening around the world.

There was no time to rest.

This was the last spurt.

I used Clean to clean away the sweat and dirt and Stamina Heal to recover physical stamina.

“Haru, the monsters are not coming yet?”

“Yes, they are not coming.”

With her sense of smell, she could grasp the appearance of monsters better than Presence Detection.

Normally I would prefer to divide the experience points with Haru and Carol, rather than monopolizing it.

“Sorry, Haru and Carol. I’ll definitely make up for this. Right, is there any place you want to go after the fight is over?”

“A place I want to go? Hmm. The largest dungeon called the Infinite Dungeon in the Eastern Continent … no, the Hell Dungeon in the Northern Continent said to be the most difficult dungeon in the world, I want to go there too.”

“That’s great, the Northern Continent. There are quarries for precious metals and gems in that area so we’ll be able to buy them at a cheap price.”

I intended to propose a small resort trip but Haru and Carol were only thinking about fighting and business?

Well, that was more like how we usually were.

For the time being, I applied Stamina Heal and got ready.

“Master, good news. It has spawned nearby … this is … not a Demon Dragon.”

It was not a Demon Dragon even though it spawned on this floor?

That meant that it was a rare species.

All right, I prepped myself.

Rare species gave a lot of experience points. Perhaps I could reach Lv300 with that.

If I remember correctly, the rare species for this floor would be the Cerberus Dragon. It would be a monster like the Hydra, the boss of Gomaki Village, with three heads.

I had defeated it several times and obtained rare medals.

Furthermore, it had high resistance toward Fire, Darkness, and Lightning.

I should defeat it with a single shot of Ice.

As I had that thought.

The monster approaching us was certainly not a Demon Dragon.

But, it was not a Cerberus Dragon either.

It had eight heads instead of three.

“Is that a mutant variant of the Cerberus Dragon?”

“Ichino-sama, that is a legendary species.”

“Legendary species?”

According to Carol, even though they are all lumped into a category called rare species, the species can simply be divided into three: rare species, epic species, and legendary species.

Legendary species have a much lower spawn rate than the other two types and had proportionally much better drop items.

And it was far stronger than the other two types.

“Please be careful, master. We do not know the name but from the sense of intimidation, it is a dragon far stronger than the Demon King Dragon.”

Haru cautioned me.

I could tell even if she didn’t inform me.

That guy was a monster.

A nameless Dragon King.

“All right, I’ll give it a try.”

Until now, I had never used the mega series of magic such as mega fire and mega ice in a dungeon when fighting and since reaching Lv200, I had sealed that mega series.

So I still did not know.

How powerful was my magic now that I had reached Demon Lord Lv299?

“Haru, Carol, I can’t tell what might happen so stay vigilant!”

I held my scepter and gathered magical power.

The nameless Dragon King in front of me twisted all eight of its heads at one spot and gathered magical power in each mouth.

The nameless Dragon King released its spell quicker.

The eight magical power lumps combined into one and approached me like a laser beam.


“Big Bang.”

A few seconds later, shortly after I shouted that, my ears rang along with dazzling light, and then it was silent.

After the silence ended, I heard the rattling sound of something collapsing.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

Along with the level-up message, I learned the Lv300 skill and found myself at counter-stop for Demon Lord level once again.

However, that didn’t matter right now.

“I-Ichino-sama, Carol leveled up too. In other words, I can assume that Demon Lord level has reached Lv300 … right?”

“… Congratulations, master. But, this … would this place be all right?”

Not just Carol, but Haru was also visibly discomposed.

That was to be expected.

The space in front of us had disappeared.

There was a large hole about the diameter of 500 meters.

“Wasn’t the dungeon walls supposed to be strong enough to withstand anything?”

“Yes, even in the long history of records, there are no records of the dungeon walls collapsing.”

Not to mention the walls, even the ceiling and floor had disappeared.

If such a large space formed, won’t a cave-in happen?

As I had that thought, some black thread-like matter appeared and connected, repairing the lost ceiling, floor, and walls. Then, just as I noticed that the restored surfaces appeared cream-colored, the surfaces transformed back into the original stone walls, floor, and ceiling.

“““ ………”””

The three of us were at a loss for words.

Eh? What was that?

When I removed the pitfall traps of the Trap Doll, I had seen the dungeon repair itself but this time it was completely different.

It was like the cells of a living organism recovering.

Perhaps the dungeon was actually the belly of a huge creature.


“Haha, yes. I feel like I have seen a part of the world that I didn’t wish to know.”

Carol commented and placed her hand on the repaired wall.

I followed her and touched the wall but apart from seeing it just repair itself, I didn’t see any changes.

When I looked at my feet, I found five rare medals, a magic stone, and a beautiful gem.

Looking at the gem with Jewel Appraisal, it was a legendary-grade gemstone named <Dragon’s Eye> that has the power of Darkness, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth.

“Hmm, I want to make an accessory with this but I don’t have a recipe that can use this.”

“Is it possible to make it without using skills?”

“Without using skills?”

Carol’s suggestion made me think.

When I thought about it, not everything in this world was made using skills.

For example a table, I’m sure some people were making it using skills and some people were making it without using skills.

It seemed that I gained skills so easily that I found it natural to think about making items with skills.

That was a demerit of the Growth Cheat. I had to reflect on that.

“I could make other magic tools and just replace the jewel adorning it … no, I would prefer not to cause an explosion by tinkering with it as an amateur.”

If I wish to make magic tools, I could consult Pionia or the Dark Elves.

For the time being, I stored it in my item bag.

“All right, let’s return to the surface.”

We walked to the room with the transfer circle and returned to the surface.

My sense of time would go crazy in the labyrinth but it was evening now.

It somehow felt like there were more people than usual.

“Oi, you! Were you okay inside the labyrinth!?”

The vigilante corp man who I had seen numerous times asked me.

“Okay regarding?”

“The earthquake! Did you know? I don’t know much but it seems that a large dragon was rampaging deep underground and cause the ground to shake.”

What? Was it like a thrashing catfish? (TLN: Olden day Japanese superstition that the unnatural movements of catfish would cause/prelude an earthquake)

I thought that the Japanese who came to this world would teach the correct mechanism behind earthquakes but it seemed that the teaching had not reached far.

Or was it possible that a rampaging dragon below the surface in Otherworld could cause the ground to sway? I couldn’t say that it was impossible in a different world.

“This had not happened around here for hundreds of years so some people were making a fuss about it foretelling the resurrection of the Demon Lord. Well, there has been information that monsters were more active in other towns, and a dragon going wild because of the resurrection of the Demon Lord might not necessarily be wrong. You felt the shaking as well, right?”

“No, I didn’t feel anything at all.”

I replied. To be honest, I didn’t notice any earthquake at all.

Perhaps because I lived in Japan, an earthquake-prone country, I was desensitized to earthquakes.

Well, they weren’t wrong about the resurrection of the Demon Lord.

The vigilante corp man said “I see. Perhaps you can’t feel any effects of the earthquake within the dungeon. That said, we don’t know the situation so for today entry to the dungeon is prohibited. That goes for you too.” as he urged me to move away from the dungeon.

I see. The commotion was due to the surprised townsmen coming out to figure out the situation.

At this time, the people who work outside the town would have returned home so there would be even more people.

So there were these many people in this town.

“ ….. Ichino-sama … about that earthquake.”

“Master … considering the time, I fear…”

Yup, I knew what Carol and Haru wanted to say.

My magic was unmistakably the reason.

That’s troubling. I didn’t think that it would affect the surface this much.

I wonder what would have happened if I amplified the magical power.

Looking around my surroundings, there were no collapsed walls of buildings.

If an earthquake had not happened for hundreds of years, it was unlikely that the buildings would be built to resist seismic activity. If many people noticed the shaking but there were no damages to the buildings, the earthquake was probably a 4 or weak 5 on the Richter scale.

“Um … were there any wounded people because of the earthquake? If there were, I can use Recovery Magic so I can head over to treat them.”

“Hn? No, I did not receive any report regarding wounded individuals. To be safe, could you go to the church? Any wounded people would probably go to the priest for medicine.”

The vigilante corps person praised me with “You can use Recovery Magic? That’s amazing.”

“All right. Thank you very much.”

I walked toward the church.

There were dozens of people taking shelter in the church and praying to the Goddess-samas but according to the priest, there were no wounded people so I was a little relieved.

When I returned to Margaret-san’s place, Miri had already returned – – but?

“Miri, what happened? What is with that attire?”

Even though she had been wearing a black sailor uniform, for some reason she was wearing a white sailor uniform now.

It felt like she changed her clothes from winter to summer uniform.

“Onii, shouldn’t you first begin with ‘It looks good on you’?”

“It suits you perfectly, Miri-sama.”

Hare praised Miri’s attire instead.

“I got it from Margaret-san. She looked at my clothes previously and tried making a set. She was certainly enthusiastic about my clothes when I first met her but it is a talent to be able to tailor it to this point.”

Miri pinched the edge of her skirt and commented.

“It truly is well-made. Yup, it suits you well.”

“I won’t be that happy even if Onii praises me.”

If you won’t feel happy, why did you ask me to say it?

“Ichi-kun, welcome back. Dinner is ready~”

Margaret-san set down plates with a large amount of roasted meat on the table.

Those were the Demon Dragon meat that I passed to her.

I used most of them as ingredients for Haru’s favorite dried meat and as feed for the glutton Nanawat but I still had hundreds of tons remaining.

As Margaret-san had been taking care of us, I passed her about 10 kg.

She probably didn’t roast everything but it looked like there was about 3 kg worth of meat.

It would be good if there was at least some lettuce but apart from bread on the table, I couldn’t find any leafy vegetables.

But Haru, with her calm expression, was wagging her tail vigorously so tonight’s dinner was the greatest reward for her. On the other hand, Carol, who was a small eater, looked like her stomach would be upset even before she started eating.

I thanked Margaret-san before I forgot.

“Margaret-san, thank you very much. Not only did you lend us your room, but you also made clothes for Miri.”

“Don’t mention it. I may love boys but I love making cute clothing too.”

Margaret-san placed a bowl of soup down as the last dish.

Norn-san didn’t seem like she would make it for dinner as she was investigating the damages caused by today’s earthquake.

I’ll have to find some way to apologize to her later.

The meat was delicious but as expected, it was a little spicy for Carol so I asked Miri to prescribe digestive medicine for her.

After returning to the room, we reported on our situation and made plans for the future.

“So your Demon Lord level is Lv300 now. Congratulations, Onii. Would you like another bottle of Limit Breaking Medicine?”

Miri took out a Limit Breaking Medicine with both hands and extended it to me.

“Don’t recommend it like an energy drink or an intravenous drip. It’s a valuable medicine, right? Besides, I don’t plan to raise the Demon Lord level any further.”


“To be honest, the power of the Demon Lord is too strong. Of course, I have always thought ‘what if I had power’ but I’m worried that someday I would be swallowed by this power. After this battle is over, I plan to convert my first occupation to Commoner.”

“Yup, that might be for the best.”

It seemed that Miri had her own thoughts on it too.

Perhaps she was afraid of the Demon Lord’s power as well.

However, she was in a position that brought together many demon races as Famiris Raritei.

Unlike me, she may not have been able to quit Demon Lord even if she wanted to.

“Miri, do you plan to quit Demon Lord and change to another job after this journey is over too?”

“Well, I’ll think about it.”

Miri replied without answering.

I see, I guess that’s fine too.

“Oh right, so did Miri’s Demon God countermeasures turn out well?”

“Kind of. I guess the winning percentage rose from 10% to 15%? Well, it doesn’t change the fact that it is an unfavorable match so please escape when you think you can’t win.”

“Eh … was the chance of winning that low?”

I thought that the winning percentage would be around 70% to 80% when I reached Demon Lord Lv300.

“Onii, your opponents are the Demon Gods and Hero. They are not so weak that Onii, a former Jobless, could win just by working hard for five days.”

That’s reasonable.

“Don’t worry, master! In the unlikely event, I will act as master’s shield and buy time for master to escape.”

No, Haru-san. I would buy time to allow you to escape.

But I knew it would be useless.

I mean, I always said that I would run away when it was dangerous but it seemed like I had never run away even when I first met the kobolds.

“Tomorrow I’ll go to the royal capital of Arandel. Haru will follow me. Carol will …”

“Carol will follow too. I will not obey even if you give me an order.”

Carol replied with a strong will.

I knew that Haru would definitely follow me and I knew she could protect herself so I didn’t stop her but even though Carol could use Spiritual magic and has her Charm magic, she was not an all-rounder. I had the option of making her remain here but I decided to respect her will.

“ … Yeah, if the monsters overflow, in the worst situation Carol can use your skill to guide the monsters. However, don’t push yourself. Please escape if you think it is dangerous.”

“Onii, that’s what I said to you. And also, this.”

Miri passed me a letter.

“This is?”

“The recommendation letter I received from the guild master of the Adventurers Guild in this town. Since it is an emergency where the royal capital is full of monsters, the inspection at the royal capital might be strengthened so you might not be able to enter the dungeon? But with this, it can at least prove that you are a great adventurer.”

“I thought I could somehow pass through with the baronet brooch?”

“The status of a quasi-noble from another country during an emergency would instead be an obstacle. Nobody would like to expose their weakness to other countries. Besides, it might be okay because Onii is still only a quasi-noble but if it was a higher rank noble, any injury suffered in the royal capital may result in an international problem. Naturally, they won’t allow entry into the city during a situation where there were monsters everywhere, right?”

She was right.

I felt embarrassed as the older brother for not thinking it through.

“Tomorrow morning, let’s take a carriage and leave before dawn. Onii, tomorrow Haru will be the coachman for the entire day so go to bed early.”

“I know. I am not that unscrupulous.”

“I only meant that Onii should sleep earlier because, with Haurva’s personality, she would not sleep before her master.”

I wanted to dig a hole and hide.


Before dawn.

I spoke to Norn-san after she came back after work.

“Onii-san, Miri-chan, I want to come along too – -”

“No, Norn. Sorry, but you will be a burden.”

“I can at least be Carol-chan’s guard …”

“If it is a situation where Carol can’t handle herself then Norn won’t be able to handle it too.”

Miri told Norn clearly.

She had also become much higher level and stronger than when we first met. Now, if Norn-san was attacked by evil-doers the same level as the mountain bandit in the past, she would be able to deal with them herself.

However, Carol had become a lot stronger than that.

Norn may be stronger in a physical fight without using any skills but in a fight with no restrictions, Carol would be far stronger.

It felt a little bitter but it was Miri’s show of kindness.

“Norn-san. The dungeon in this town did not overflow with monsters because we were subduing the monsters in the Advanced Dungeon but the monsters may spawn once we are gone. So Norn-san, please protect this town until we return.”

“ … Yes, I understand. Now that I recall, I have not fulfilled my promise to treat you to a meal.”


Norn-san seemed to feel a little frustrated but she still smiled and sent us off.


Returning to My World and entrusting the <Dragon’s Eye> to Neete, I got on the carriage pulled by Fuyun and returned to the outside world.

Fuyun, who normally runs around My World with Nanawat, seemed to have become stronger than before.

The preparations were complete.

First, we will join up with Malina.

And then, it will be the showdown with the Demon Gods.


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