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GC V10C415

(415) Reunion in the Royal Capital

Translator: Tseirp

On the way from Florence to the Royal Capital, we had to pass through several towns but in those towns, many people had evacuated from the Royal Capital.

Among them, there were some heading to Florence or Belasra and they asked if they could join us after knowing that our carriage had space.

When we told them that we were heading toward the Royal Capital and not Florence, they were seriously worried and tried to stop us.

Until now, the Royal Capital had concentrated its forces to keep the monsters away from the dungeon entrance but now the defense line had been moved back significantly and instead of chasing after monsters planning to leave the town, they had changed policy to defeating the monsters approaching the noble district and royal castle.

Many inhabitants of the Royal Capital felt in danger and sought shelter in the church or some noble mansions that opened their doors but they do not know how long they could last.

We betrayed their worries and as we approached the Royal Capital, I felt that the number of refugees was increasing.

We were going against the flow so it felt like we were driving in the opposite direction on the freeway.

Among the evacuees were small children holding dolls like treasures and I felt that I had to make things better, even if only slightly.

Eventually, we could see the shadow of the Royal Capital.

Said to be the largest city on the Western Continent, it was far larger than Dakyat, similarly the capital of a country. Perhaps it was about one factor or two factors bigger than Mallegory?

I noticed that the refugees we were passing by had decreased considerably.

By the time we reached the gate, we did not see any carriages other than ours.

“What business do you have in the Royal Capital of Arandel?”

The tone of the guard was somewhat rough.

Rather than sounding arrogant, he seemed to be exhausted.

“I heard that I would get double the usual rewards if I hunt monsters in this town. This is a letter of recommendation from the Adventurers Guild.”

I replied with a proud tone.

That was because Miri told me that with three women, and two of them who look like children, I at least had to respond confidently otherwise they might suspect how I got hold of a letter of recommendation.

Sure enough, the guard looked at Miri and Carol.

“Can those two fight as well?”

“Of course. They are both magicians. Perhaps you would like to have a bout?”

The guard shook his head at my provocation.

Normally he would be angry but now he wanted any amount of fighting force. It felt like he was expressing that.

“You may pass. It’s an emergency and you have a letter of recommendation from the Adventurers Guild so I won’t ask for an entrance tax.”

The guard told me what to look out for in town.

The residential areas on the west side and the entertainment district on the east side were particularly damaged by monsters so I was asked to go to the east side if I wanted to exterminate monsters. Wasn’t it necessary to protect the residential areas? I thought to myself but Carol quietly taught me that the guard called it the residential area but it was actually the slums.

Food was completely rationed and was given out twice daily, at noon and 5pm, at three locations in the church and baron gardens.

I was asked to donate if I had enough food.

I had so much demon dragon meat that it might rot before I can finish it so I’ll divide some to donate too.

I ate too much yesterday so I didn’t want to have meat for the time being.

“Also, I recommend you do not leave your carriage in the stables but park it in the Adventurer’s Guild affiliated hut. We are on the lookout but there are still horse thieves about.”

“Thank you for the information.”

I thanked him and pass through the gate.

Naturally, I did not leave the carriage in the Adventurers Guild affiliated hut but in My World and we headed to where Malina was to meet up with her.

Even though it was the Royal Capital, there were no shops open and very few people.

Some of the houses had parts of their wooden doors destroyed and the interior was ruined.

I couldn’t tell if it was the work of monsters or opportunistic thieves.

For the time being, Carol led us to where Malina was.

“Master, monsters are approaching.”

Haru discovered a large herd of lizards walking down the main street.

“Lizardmen huh?”

“No, that color signifies that they are Lesser Lizardmen. They are weaker than Lizardmen. They are not master’s match.”

Haru commented and touched her sword handles.

But she noticed something and lowered the tip of her swords slightly.

What happened?

Suddenly, a young boy with golden hair jumped out of a narrow passage and stabbed the Lesser Lizardmen in the chests with a thin sword and they collapsed to the ground.

After being defeated, the dungeon-born monsters disappeared with its corpse, leaving behind magic stones, scales, and curved swords.

A warrior? I thought to myself but when I checked his job, it was 【Noble: Lv18】

The noble didn’t pay any attention to the dropped magic stones and items and came to us.

“Thank you very much for the aid.”

For the time being, I chose to thank him.

“Hmph, it wouldn’t have been a problem for you guys even if I didn’t beat them.”

The noble seemed to have perceived our strength and spoke without trying to dress the favor.

Then, he stared at Haru.

… Did he fall in love at first sight with Haru?

I was wrong.

“Haurvatat, it’s been a long time.”

“It has been a long time.”

“Umu, I’m glad you look healthy. I see, you have been released from slavery?”


Haru knew this handsome boy?

Where did she … maybe while she was acting separately from me – –

“I thought that I had trained and became stronger but Haurvatat seemed to have become even more skilled. At this rate, it seems that I can only fulfill my promise further in the future.”

“I will look forward to it.”


And looking forward to it?

What kind of promise was made between this handsome boy and Haru?

Looking sideways at me as I was feeling anxious, this time he looked at Carol.

“I gave you trouble because of my selfishness that time.”

“No, Carol was not bothered by it.”

This guy had something to do with Carol too?

“Haurva, you know this noble?”

Miri asked the question that was on my mind.

“Yes, Miri-sama. Before I met master, this noble-sama wanted to buy me when I was a slave – -”

He was trying to buy Haru before I did?

There was such a person … hn?

“You are Oregeru!?”

“That’s right but what’s wrong? That was sudden.”

“No, you, this, how do I put this, you were completely round before this?”

Oregeru was the nobleman who wanted to purchase Haru in the past.

At first, I thought that he was a pretty annoying noble due to his selfish attitude but he showed promise by trying to protect Carol with his life.

And when we parted, he made a promise with Carol to have a match with her.

But Oregeru at that time was unassumingly chubby and not a handsome boy, to say the least.

“You’re really a rude guy. I may have slimmed down a little but it isn’t that shocking.”

No no, it is very much shocking.

He changed so much as though he had molted many times.

It was so different that he couldn’t even be used for a RIZAP commercial. People would think that the before and after photos were different individuals.

So this guy was this handsome when he’s fit? Furthermore, he seemed that he has gotten stronger and if he met Haru a year ago like this, Haru might have obediently allowed him to purchase her. I’m really glad he was fat at that time.

“What are you doing in a place like this? Did you get chased out of your house?”

It was unthinkable that a noble young master was taking a walk in the Royal Capital where monsters were running rampant.

“Perhaps it is time I evoke Lese-Majesty? Ichinojo, you may have become a baronet but don’t forget that there is an insurmountable wall between the baronet and baron. I have a generous heart so I’ll forgive you but if you talk like that to other nobles, you would be killed.”

So the Edo period right of samurai to kill commoners for perceived affronts can be found here as well?

Oregeru seemed to be seriously worried for me rather than being angry.

“I am just taking a look around. It is the noble’s job to protect the people after all.”

Oregeru said.

This guy, after slimming down, not only did his appearance change but even his heart became more handsome?

“Hn? You knew that I became a baronet?”

“Yeah, your companion Malina is currently at my place. I heard it from her. She seemed to be quite depressed.”

Eh? Malina was not at the inn but Oregeru’s home?

Did Carol know too?

But there shouldn’t have been any point of contact between Malina and Oregeru.

“At any rate, your presence here is helpful. Please lend me your strength.”

The prideful Oregeru suddenly pleaded for my aid? Was it related to the Demon Gods?


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