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GC V10C417

(417) Preparations complete

Translator: Tseirp


Miri left the mansion as she mentioned that she would ‘take a short stroll and defeat the monsters in the entertainment district along the way’.

Miri would be fine even if she runs into monsters but I thought I should follow her and get rid of the monsters together.

At that time.

“Malina-san, please wait!”

I heard Carol’s voice.

When I went to the entrance of the mansion, Malina – – no, she was wearing a mask so she’s Marina now – – was being stopped by Carol.

“What’s happening?”

“Ichino-sama, it seemed that Malina heard about it from Oregeru-sama.”

“Don’t stop me, Kusunoki! My sworn friend Kanon was taken away by the Hero! Obeying the vow of Eternal Day, I must go save her! Even if it is to the depths of hell, I must proceed. If my legs are crushed, I will crawl with my arms, if even my arms are useless, I will crawl like a caterpillar.”

“I can use Recovery Magic if your leg or arm breaks so calm down for now. We still have not verified that it is Kanon that was seen together with the Hero.”

“Don’t say anymore, Kusunoki. According to the all-seeing Third Eye sealed on my forehead, Kanon is undoubtedly far below this burning Imperial Capital.”

“This is not an Imperial Capital and it is not on fire either.”

Marina’s chuunibyou was at full throttle.

Immediately before we parted ways, I thought she had become better.

“Anyway, calm down, Marina. Kanon is an important person to the Hero so she is not in danger. We will be going to the dungeon too so wait for a while. We must first gather information.”

“ … Umu, okay. Right, Ichino. You have the Magic Journalist skills, right? I want a certain talisman.”

Marina told me the name of the talisman.

It was a dangerous item but I got her promise to be safe so I passed it to her.

After receiving it, Marina took off her mask.

“I am sorry, Kusunoki-san. I will go rest for a little while.”

Malina said and turned to return to the mansion but the smile she had on disappeared and only a look of anxiety appeared on her face.

After sending Malina back, Carol left toward town to gather information.

It would be dangerous alone so I thought of sending Jofre and Elize to guard her but that would make me even more worried.

While I was troubled between chasing after Miri or going with Carol,

“Baronet Ichinojo, there is a letter for you.”

Sebastan came over with a letter in an envelope and a letter opener on a square tray.

A noble’s butler was so polite even when delivering just one letter.

While thinking that it was my first time using a letter opener, I cut the end of the envelope and took out the contents.

『Tonight, I will be waiting at the dungeon. If you don’t come, Tet-sama will become a Demon God so make sure to come. Alessio Magnar.』

That was written in the letter.

An invitation from the Hero huh?

I couldn’t tell if what was written was true. Tet-sama’s time limit might be further ahead.

However, I would probably accept this invitation.


I called Haru and told her the contents of the letter.

I asked her to look for Carol and Miri in town and tell them the contents of the letter.

In the meantime, I had something else to do.

I looked at the sword in my hand – – or rather, what used to be a sword.

Now it was a damaged husk of its original form, almost unrecognizable.

“Master, is that White Wolf Fang?”

Haru asked.

“Yes. It broke when I fought against Talwi.”

If I had the skill to prevent the deterioration of the sword, it would return to its original state if the blade was chipped a little but a broken sword would never return to its original state.

But I felt it faintly.

“I have a skill to listen to the pulsation of the sword. I got it when I mastered Apprentice Swordsman and Swordsman and when I use that skill, I can instantly understand the idiosyncrasies of the sword … but when I am using this White Wolf Fang, I somewhat still can feel a pulsation telling me that it can still fight.”

“That is expected of a blade named after the White Wolf. For the White Wolf Race, even if our sword breaks, our limbs are torn off, we will bite the enemy’s throat with our fangs.”

Haru said such dangerous-sounding words just like Marina.

Please don’t try to do that when you are already in a critical state – – or rather, please run away before it reaches that stage.

“I was thinking of making a new sword using the fragments of this sword.”

“A new sword?”

“Yes. Thankfully it had not rusted or oxidized like iron.”

“In that case, master. Please use this.”

Haru said and offered me a needle.

That was – –

“Orichalcum needle?”

“Yes. I received it when I cleared the Mallegory dungeon. Master should be able to use this now?”

My alchemy and smithing professions have certainly leveled up quite far and I have countless recipes in my head.

Within the alchemy recipes, there was one to create an alloy of Orichalcum and Mithril.

And I have a blacksmithing recipe using that alloy.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, this is my wish. Please give White Wolf Fang another opportunity to fight.”

“ … Understood.”

I thanked her and decided to use that Orichalcum needle.

I returned to the smithy in My World and used alchemy to transform Mithril and Orichalcum into a single metal alloy.

And then, just like when I made White Wolf Fang, I used my skill to create a single sword.

I felt a strong core form within the transparent white blade.

The inscription was, of course, White Wolf Fang.

“Master, are you done?”

Neete asked me after knocking on the smithy door that I had left open.

“Yeah, I’m done.”

I sheathed the White Wolf Fang.

“I see. I wanted to pass this to you.”

Neete passed me a small ring. It was so small that it couldn’t even fit my pinky.

“This jewel … this is a ring using the Dragon’s Eye?”

“Yes, it was quite a struggle you know? It has the power to increase resistance to five attributes, Darkness, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and can also protect you from miasma. It is not a magical tool made with a skill so don’t expect too much from it. I made it smaller in size for Master Carol whom I worry for her defense.”

Neete told me to not expect too much but she was proudly explaining it to me.

I wanted to give Haru if it increased speed and Malina if it increased magical power but when it comes to defense-oriented accessories, it was certainly best to leave it with Carol.

“Thank you.”

“I gave up my off days to complete it. I want a week off once everything is over.”

I don’t recall setting holidays for Neete and the others. Since they would take a break whenever they wanted.

But I answered with a smile.

“Yeah, let’s enjoy a vacation somewhere. We could even go on a hot spring trip.”

“I’ll look forward to that.”

Neete answered with a mischievous smile.


After completing our preparations, we made a final confirmation before departing.

“Carol, this is an accessory with the Dragon’s Eye. Neete made it for you so put it on. But anywhere other than the ring finger on the left hand. I have reserved that after all.”

I explained the abilities of the ring and passed it to Carol.

“Thank you very much, Ichino-sama.”

As I suppressed my embarrassment, Carol received it with a smile and put it on the ring finger of her right hand.

“Is Marina ready too?”

“Yup, no problem. You don’t need to ask Haurvatat?”

“As long as Haru is not drunk, she will always be prepared.”

“Yes. I am always prepared for battle.”

Haru was all ready too.

Nobody saw us off. That was natural since I didn’t tell anyone.

And perhaps only a few knew that the world was at stake. That was fine too.


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