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GC V10C419

(419) Malina and Kanon

Translator: Tseirp


“You two, why!?”

“I’m not really sure but Torerul-sama appeared in my dream when I was sleeping.”

“She said that Jo~ would be in danger here and asked us to help. And when we went to Jo~ room, nobody was there so we quickly ran over.”

So Torerul-sama did something.

Sheesh, that Goddess-sama usually slacks off but she does a good job when it comes down to it.

“Jofre, Elize, you’re just in time. Carol and Quince-san here … please protect them. Also, I’ll entrust this to you.”

I handed a total of 12 rare medals to Jofre that I collected from continuously hunting monsters in the Florence dungeon.

“You know how to use it, right?”

“Yes, leave it to me. I’ll feed Centaur one at a time whenever it defeats a monster as a reward.”

I actually thought of letting Centaur eat it and strengthening it but I guess that would work too.

Jofre and Elize had leveled up too and were considerably strong but the most reliable was Centaur.

“Carol, please use Home Return when it gets dangerous.”

“Understood, good luck to you too, Ichino-sama.”

Carol sent me off as we headed to the room with the pitfall.


I hugged Malina, Haru hugged Miri and we jumped into the hole together.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Fire Magician skill: 「Fire Resistance (Medium)」has skilled up to「Fire Resistance (High)」】

【Wind Magician skill: 「Wind Resistance (Medium)」has skilled up to「Wind Resistance (High)」】

【Earth Magician skill: 「Earth Resistance (Medium)」has skilled up to「Earth Resistance (High)」】

【Water Magician skill: 「Water Resistance (Medium)」has skilled up to「Water Resistance (High)」】

As I fell down the pit, I was informed that each of my attribute resistance had increased along with the message telling me that I leveled up. I’ll put the thoughts aside for now.

Previously I used Water Magic to stop our falling momentum when we fell into the pit during our dungeon conquest but this time, I wanted to conserve my magical power as much as possible so the two of us kicked the wall while falling to reduce our speed.

Thankfully, the bottom of the pitfall was not a spike hell but an ordinary floor.

“Malina, clench your teeth!”

“Miri-sama, please be careful of the shock.”

Haru and I warned them as we kicked the last wall and landed such that we slid diagonally.

There was almost no damage to my feet.

Haru seemed fine too.

“This is the 13th floor? Are the three of you okay?”

“I’m okay.”

“I’m all right too.”

“It’s not a big deal if I think of how I was held by Haru and flew through the Dakyat forest.”

Marina seemed to be a little stronger now but the three of them seemed safe.

This dungeon extended to the 15th floor so we had two more floors to go.

By the time we reach there, we will meet the Hero, Kanon and Talwi.

The monsters on the 13th floor didn’t seem to be affected by Carol and Quince-san’s Moon Captivating Fragrance. Unlike the monsters that headed straight for Quince-san without batting an eyelid at us, these monsters attacked us like normal.

Marina drew her bow but,

“Save your magical power!”

I said and drew White Wolf Fang, opening a path.

I left the drop items alone this time and made use of the time usually spent picking them up.

“Master, Miri-sama, Marina-san, I smell Kanon!”

“Kanon!? Haru, where is Kanon!?”

“This way!”

Haru replied and started leading the way.

We followed after her. Along the way, I knocked down the monsters with Swordsman and Samurai skills such as Slash, Tornado Slash, and Flash.

The stairs leading to the 14th floor was full of monsters but,

“Petite Stone!”

Only the spell name was petite as a 1 meter wide stone collided with the monsters and rolled down the stairs while gathering all the other monsters.

That amount of magical power consumption could be recovered in less than a minute.

“Master, this way!”

We stepped on the fallen monsters under the stairs and proceeded further.

Finally, we found the stairs leading to the 15th floor, the lowest floor.

If we went down the stairs – –

“Eh? Haru, isn’t this the way?”

“Yes, it seems that the Hero is below but Kanon-san appears to be on this floor.”

Wasn’t Kanon and the Hero working together?

“Also, there is one more person with Kanon-san – -”

Haru announced their name.


Kanon was in a wide hidden room similar to the mountain bandit hideout behind an illusionary wall where Norn was held captive.

“Ara, Suke-kun and Kaguya-chan. So this place has been revealed.”

She was with Demon God Minerva-sama.

“Don’t pretend. Since you knew Haru was with us, not planning against her sense of smell is the same as telling us to find you.”

Miri commented and looked at Kanon at the same time.

Her eyes were vacant and she didn’t seem normal.

“I don’t care if you are a Goddess or whatnot, what have you done to my sworn friend Kanon!”

“What? I am a former Goddess of Medicine. Of course, I used medicine.”

She said as she stuck out her tongue and took out a test tube with black liquid in it.

“I’m just adjusting her to be a Demon God’s vessel.”

“That – -”

Miri seemed to recognize the medicine as she glared at Minerva after seeing it.

“Yes, this is the failed product that Kaguya-chan researched to purify miasma. It was supposed to be research to extract miasma from monsters but you ended up with a drug that will familiarize the body with miasma after it enters the body. Thanks to this, I can help her awaken as a Demon God – -”

A wind arrow flew toward her before Minerva-sama finished speaking.

It was a surprise attack but Minerva-sama easily avoided the arrow.

“Ara, Malina-chan. I did not finish my sentence.”

“It’s Marina. You’ve spoken enough. You are the reason for Kanon’s condition.”

“Ara? You put it as though I am the evil person here but this is Kanon-chan’s will.”

“ … What?”

Marina stopped her hand that was pulling her arrow.

“Kanon-chan volunteered to become a Demon God.”

Minerva-sama said with a smile.

“Devil Race are destined to hide to survive from the time they are born. Although part of the race under Kaguya-chan’s leadership when she was the Demon Lord were not that discriminated against. Before she entered the Demon Lord Army, her mother, father, brother, and sister were tipped off by the neighbors that received them with a smile, and their true identities were revealed, leading to their capture and execution. She was coincidentally in a forest so she survived and was able to enter the Demon Lord Army. However, the discrimination against the Devil Race in the Demon Lord Army still occurred away from Kaguya-chan’s eyes. This Kanon-chan has been treated badly by her superior, the vampire Valf, for some time.”

I looked over my shoulder at Miri.

She was gnashing her teeth regretfully.

“Of course, it is not Kaguya-chan’s fault. For a huge organization, there will always be some rifts.”

“In other words, Kanon hated this world and succumbed to evil?”

“That’s rude. We’re saving this world, you know?”

Minerva replied with a smile.

I could not feel any resemblance to her previous insistence to die.

Was this her true nature?

“After all, once the world ends, whether it’s a Goddess or a Demon God, they would die after they fulfill their roles. It is finally time to discard everything and die. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“Then feel free to die on your own! Dark Sword.”

Miri replied and released a sword of darkness.

But Minerva-sama – – no, Minerva caught it with her fingers.

The next instant, Miri’s spell shattered and dispersed.


“All right – -”

Now was the time to use the Demon Lord’s power – – just as I had that thought.

Kanon suddenly moved and rapidly approached me.

(Hand-to-hand combat!?)

I caught the sharp kick from Kanon with my arm.

I was unhurt but the surface of my skin was hot due to the friction.

Kanon followed up with a kick.

“Onii, avoid!”

I followed Miri’s instruction and flew backward with my arm that was about to receive the blow out in front.

At the same time, a dagger appeared out of the toes of the shoes Kanon was wearing and brushed past my face.

I let my guard down.

“Ah, Miri-sama is a tough opponent after all.”

“Kanon, you still retain your sanity?”

I didn’t expect Kanon to still be sane.

When I looked at where Minerva stood, she had already disappeared.

“Yes, that is right. I thought she had her guard down.”

Deceiving was her specialty so to speak.

“Kanon, it’s an order. Stand down.”

Miri commanded Kanon.

But she did not back down.

“Unfortunately, your Demon Lord Authority does not affect me anymore.”

Kanon replied with a bold smile.

Demon Lord Authority – – it was a skill that forcibly converts a submissive target into your kin and rob a part of their experience points. I used it to raise my Demon Lord level but the original usage was to force the target to obey like a slave collar.

So Kanon was once Miri’s kin?

“Kanon, why! Why lend your hand to the Demon God! Do you hate this world that much!”

Marina asked with a look of grief.

“ … I don’t need to tell you that.”

Damn, in this case, we’ll have to stop Kanon by force.

“Kusunoki, can you leave this to me?”

“Marina, what are you saying?”

“It might be my fate to settle it with my friend. Thankfully it seems that monsters can’t enter this room.”

“But – -”

“Kusunoki, there is not enough time. Carol and Quince-dono are waiting.”

But I couldn’t leave Marina there alone.

“Ah, that’s true. Don’t worry. I won’t kill Marina. I’ll hurt her a little and let her watch through my transformation into a Demon God before sending her back to the surface unharmed. Since further ahead should be the current Demon Lord-sama who is managing the Demon Lord Army on behalf of Miri-chan.”

Kanon said.

“Master, let’s trust Marina-san and Kanon-san here. There should be a reason they fight for that only the two of them know.”

“It is a fact that we do not have time. I’m worried about the reason why Minerva was here too so we should quickly find the Hero.”

“ … All right. Don’t push yourself … Malina.”

“I said I am Marina … no, you’re right.”

Marina replied with a smile.

“I don’t plan to push myself. Don’t worry and leave this to me.”

There was no way I wouldn’t worry.

Nevertheless, although I didn’t trust Marina or Kanon, I trusted in the bond between the two of them.


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    The more I read the more story do not make sense and the more how incompetent of MC despite of growth cheat and jobless cheat (lvl 300 demon lord and 4 more lvl 100+ jobs) but super noob in every area (expected mob)

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