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GC V10C421

(421) Everybody’s respective fights

Translator: Tseirp


The impact of the Big Bang released by Ichinojo was transmitted throughout the dungeon.

Even until the 5th floor.

“What’s this!? The ground is crying! Dungeon-san, are you hungry!?”

“This is bad! Dungeon-san is hungry. It will swallow us up.”

Jofre and Elize said with pale expressions.

“Dungeon-san, if you are going to eat Elize, eat me, Jofre, first!”

“Dungeon-san, if you are going to eat Jofre, eat me, Elize, first!”

“No, me first!”

“No, me first!”

“Stop fooling around and fight!”

Carol shouted her complaints at the two of them loudly.

“Carol, are you all right?”

Quince asked as she held her mace.

“Yes, I am fine … no, it’s a little tough. The magical power consumption for Holy Barrier is definitely not small.”

The MP of a Succubus Queen was quite high but constantly keeping a spell up caused tremendous consumption. Not only that, whenever monsters closed in she would use her Charm spell to seal their movements so it was compounded.

Jofre and Elize were doing their best but if not for Centaur’s struggle, the battle line would have collapsed long ago.

More importantly, the negotiations with Centaur were the cause for Carol’s fatigue.

“The Rare Medals that Jofre-san has as well as a year’s worth of tomatoes for lending your help.”

“I’m seriously questioning the way I raised you seeing how you are desperately negotiation with a donkey.”

Quince said with exasperation as she took out one pipe.

“Here, have this.”

“Quince-sama, this is?”

“A pipe. Inside is not tobacco but medicine to restore magical power. As an Automata, I use it constantly to replenish MP.”

Carol accepted that pipe and placed the tip in her mouth as Quince lit the medical herb inside the pipe.

It was the first time Carol smoked a pipe so it caused her to cough.

“Cough cough … ah, but the smoke doesn’t taste that bad.”

“Because there are no detrimental substances to the body. Of course, there is no worry about addiction either.”

“But isn’t this a dried version of Sugyu stool?”

“You know about it?”

“Yes, I have heard about it but this is the first time I have seen it.”

Sugyu that eat Mana Grass would excrete it after removing the toxins within it and retain the effective ingredients of the medicine.

“It seems like some of my MP has recovered. I should be fine for some time like this.”

“Sorry, Carol.”


“I can only see you suffer due to the skills from Temptress. Originally, as someone with experience as a Temptress, I should have accompanied you the most.”

“ … No, Quince-sama. I no longer hate my Temptress skill. It hurts that father and mother died because of it but I had no control over it.”

Carol said.

She had made her resolve.

Until now, Carol had blamed herself for her parents’ death. Since it was an undeniable fact that her parents died when her skill activated without her knowledge.

Normally, it would not be a problem that could be deemed as something outside her control.

In fact, she always told herself that she shouldn’t come up with such an idea.

But that was wrong.

It was not atonement to keep blaming herself.

That was just escaping from her sin.

“After this battle is over, I promised to go on a vacation with Ichino-sama. At that time, I intend to inform Ichino-sama of the location where my father and mother passed away. And inform them that Carol has found a marriage partner.”

“I see, so Carol has overcome it.”

Quince looked at Carol’s growth and smiled.

She thought to herself.

Maybe she made a mistake.

If she escaped, the Hero would capture Carol and turn her into a Demon God.

To ensure that does not happen, she had to protect her.

Perhaps that thinking was a mistake.

Carol had grown splendidly without her intervention.

“A marriage ceremony, I look forward to that, Carol.”

“Yes. Quince-sama, when that time comes, please walk down the aisle with Carol.”

“Yes, I will be glad to.”

Quince replied with a smile.

“Stop fooling around and help! It’s dangerous!”

“Stop fooling around and help, it’s really dangerous!”

Even after hearing Jofre and Elize desperate pleas, the two of them didn’t feel like they would lose.




The vibration was transmitted to the 14th floor as well.

“What’s this tremor?”

“Is it an earthquake?”

Neither Kanon nor Marina knew of the power of Ichinojo’s Big Bang.

They assumed it was either the prelude to a natural disaster or the work of a Demon God.

“It looks like we do not have time, Malina. You can tell, right? This is the power of a Demon God.”

“Demon God? That is the sound of the power of chaos sealed in my right ankle awakening.”

“You really have a lot of things sealed within you, Malina. In that case, I will undo my seal too.”

Upon doing so, black horns appeared on Kanon’s head and black wings appeared on her back.

They were proof of the Devil Race that she had hidden until now.

“Hmm, after breaking the seal, we shall see how far you, Kanon, who is a Magic Blacksmith and not a combat job, can fight.”

“Now that I think about it, I have not fought with Marina at full strength until today.”

Kanon commented and a battle hammer appeared in her hand.

She leaped high and swung the hammer down.

Marina dodged it by leaping to her side.

“Mega Water.”

A large ball of water assaulted Marina.


Kanon had never used magic in front of Marina. That led to her letting her guard down. She assumed that she knew everything about an opponent she had been with all this time.

Marina took the unexpected attack fully and slammed into the wall.

“You didn’t hear from Ichinojo-kun. Magic Blacksmith is an abnormality even among abnormalities. It is a production job that can only be reached by those who reach the peak for both Alchemist and Blacksmith. The person must possess both physical and magical aspects. And my true nature is to lie. Marina should know that too. Lying is my specialty. If you surrender, I’ll put you to sleep comfortably?”

“Don’t make me laugh, Kanon. That is what I want to say. When the power sealed within my head awakens, that will be when your defeat is decided.”

Marina said as she endured the pain in her back.

“If it is sealed, try breaking it. You always say the same things.”

“I see … then, I shall do just that.”

Marina spoke to the seal in her head.

And then, she smiled and shot her arrow in the wrong direction.

Those unaware might have thought that she misfired but Kanon knew. It was Marina’s power as a Street Performer.

The arrows shot from the Wind Bow changed its trajectory and approached Kanon.

It was easy to avoid such an attack if it was known beforehand that the trajectory could change.

Yes, Kanon knew more about Marina and Malina more than anyone else.

That’s why she was shocked.

Marina took off her mask in the middle of battle.

If that was all, she would have thought that Marina had grown up and decided to take off her mask to ensure better visibility.

However, she greatly overturned Kanon’s expectations.

Marina – no, Malina threw her mask forward.

She realized.

At that rate, the trajectory of the arrow and the mask would overlap and the mask would break.

“What are you thinking!”

Kanon shouted and jumped forward instead of back, collecting the mask.

Right, she did not expect it.


The mask had an explosion talisman on it.


When the mask exploded, Kanon did not know what was happening.

She couldn’t understand how Malina was now straddling her and holding the Wind Bow against her as she was collapsed on the floor.

“Don’t worry, I asked Kusunoki-san to weaken the power considerably.”

Malina said with a smile.

In contrast to Malina’s smile, Kanon’s eyes showed anger.

“ … What are your intentions, Malina. You killed Marina? With your own hands.”

“You’re wrong, Kanon. Marina has always been inside me. Marina talked to me before I took the mask off. 『I am not dying, Malina. The time to break the seal that separates the two of us and become one has come.』 Marina and I were originally one entity. It is not related to that cheap one Sense mask that Kanon bought from the one Sense shop!”

Malina said desperately.

“Fu, ahahahahah. Cough cough.”

Canon laughed out loud and choked.

“Haa … the person who only knows how to lie was deceived. I didn’t expect Malina to know the origin of the mask.”

“I went to that one Sense shop before and was interested in that mask. But I thought that I couldn’t waste money because I was a slave so I gave up.”

“I see … our fashion sense is similar. Hey, Malina. You plan to return to your world, right?”

Kanon asked Malina once again.

“Yup, Kanon is important in this world but my parents are on that side.”

“Then can’t you let me go? If I become the Demon God, I can send Malina over to that world. I would achieve that much power.”

“Are those are words of a loser? No, Kanon. I love Kanon the most in this world. I can’t return at the expense of Kanon.”

Malina said, lowered her Wind Bow, and hugged Kanon.

“Don’t worry, even if Kanon does not become the Demon God, I can return to my original world.”

“Did Marina tell you that too?”

“No, I decided upon that. I will definitely return.”

Kanon, who had been arguing regarding the various measures, was at a loss against that unreasonable theory.

There was no winning against such logic.

“It is my loss, Malina.”

Thus the battle on the 14th floor ended.


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  1. Lord Rin

    Wha? Her right ankle? Isn’t it supposed to be her right arm?

    • Vorthod

      She presumably already used the right arm for some other sealed power. She also later mentioned a power sealed in her head before tossing the mask, so the joke is that she keeps reusing the phrase but is desperately trying to avoid conflicting information

  2. Neemezis

    It doesn’t come to the topic but… the toad that I ordered to kill ichinojo, that guy was a level 99 villager… to hell, isn’t there time? O_O not only did he try to kill him, but his mysterious level came to nothing? O_O

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