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GC V10C422

(422) Two Demon Gods

Translator: Tseirp


The Goddess Statue room was about the size of a 200-meter track sports ground? It was slightly larger than the usual Goddess Statue room that I had been to before.

That was not the only difference.

The Goddess Statue of Minerva that was supposed to exist in this room was not present.

Without it, this room couldn’t be called a Goddess Statue room.

No, in terms of naming, once Minerva turned into a Demon God, it might be more accurate to call this the Demon God Statue room rather than a Goddess Statue room.

It made me want to involuntarily retort what kind of rituals evil worshipers would perform in this Demon God Statue room.

However, if there were worshipers who worship the Demon Gods as Gods, then this room was probably the most sacred place to them.

After all, there was Minerva and Metias, two Demon Gods and Tet-sama, a Goddess-sama on the brink of becoming a Demon God, in there.

“You’ve arrived, Ichinojo, Haurvatat, Miryuu. Welcome.”

Demon God Metias greeted us.

“Please, Metias-sama. Release Tet-sama and don’t kill the people in this world.”

“Did you come here for a discussion? Or are you here for battle?”

“Neither. I came here to stop you. For that sake, I will beat you.”

“Ara, Suke-kun. That attack magic just now could not hurt us at all. Do you have any chance of winning?”

Minerva said with a laugh.

It was true that it was unlikely I would be able to beat Minerva-sama and Metias-sama in my current state.

I didn’t know if I could use Boost Magic to boost Big Bang but if I used such a powerful spell, not only the dungeon but the surrounding land would be messed up too.

But I have the skill I learned from Miri.

『You can use the Spear of Longinus to damage Gods but I do not know where that legendary weapon is. And then there is the Demon Lord’s skill. Onii, within the legend of Demon Lords, there are two famous Demon Lord. One is Beelzebub. The other is Lucifer.』

『Ah, I have heard of their names. They often come up in games. If I recall correctly, Beelzebub was the King of Flies while Lucifer was a Fallen Angel?』

『Yes, Lucifer was a Fallen Angel. Originally, an angel created by God can never go against God. The Demon Lord has the only skill capable of opposing God. A skill with the name of the devil that is the same as Lucifer. Its name is – -』

『Satan (God’s Adversary)』


Satan (God’s Adversary): Support skill 【Demon Lord Lv300】

Increases damage dealt to god-named opponents and their abilities.

However, 80% of the maximum MP is consumed.

The effect lasts for an hour and after an hour, the skill cannot be used for 23 hours.



The fatigue due to the loss of MP is severe.

However, it didn’t mean that I wouldn’t be able to move.

Now that I reached Demon Lord Lv300, my MP was about 20,000.

The MP consumption for Big Bang was roughly 1,800. The MP consumption for Satan was roughly 16,000. In other words, I calculated that I would have about 2,200 more MP left.

In that state, I won’t even have power left to fire off a Big Bang.

“Demon Lord Barrier!”

Miri set up a barrier throughout the room.

With this, the Demon Gods would not be able to escape until the effect of Satan was over before attacking once again.

We had no choice but to decide the battle here.

“I will crush the defensive barriers of the Demon Gods. Haru and Miri, please keep them in check during that gap.”

The power of the Demon Gods was not absolute.

Haru was my kin and had her status increased and Miri had some secret plan.

They were not opponents we couldn’t beat.

“Satan. We already assume that you would have that power. However, you all should be aware too that even in the legends on Earth, Satan could not beat God.”

A black spear appeared in front of Metias-sama.

It resembled the flame spear that Setolance-sama used.

And a scepter appeared in front of Minerva-sama.

“Is Metias-sama unaware? In recent games, sometimes the Demon Lord beats God!”

I drew White Wolf Fang and stepped up.

I had gained some experience in fighting but my fighting skills were not as good as the Hero or Haru. Poor swordsmanship would not work.

In that case, I could only push with my status.

I closed the distance at once and a thin glass-like barrier appeared in front of Metias-sama.

But I would not be fooled by its appearance.

It was a barrier that could prevent my Big Bang.

Knowing that, I used all my strength to hit it.



A hard sound resounded.

A slight crack appeared on the barrier but it was not destroyed.

And that crack was immediately repaired.

“No way …”

Does that mean my strength had not reached the Demon God?

Metias fired a dark arrow from the other side of the barrier and stabbed me in the stomach.


That force made the Hero’s kick seem cute.



Haru and Miri shouted.

“ … I’m fine!”

I grabbed the arrow stuck in my belly with my hand.

It felt like my hand was burning but I forcibly pulled it out and threw it at Metias.

But that was blocked by the barrier as well.

I assumed that the arrow shot by the Demon God could pass through the barrier but it seemed that it wouldn’t.

I didn’t know if it prevented attacks from the outside or it prevented attacks from me but it meant that there was no choice but to break the barrier.

“How about you give up? Ichinojo-san. With your abilities, you won’t die easily but that might not be the case if you keep fighting like this. There is no need to let go of your life here. If you wish to run, feel free to run away.”

“That’s right, Suke-kun. I won’t stop you if you want to die but I don’t want you to copy me because dying is my specialty.”

Minerva commented.

Ah, that’s right.

Only Minerva and Metias could not escape from the Demon Lord barrier.

I could escape.


I applied Recovery Magic on my stomach and looked in front.

But if I escaped here, Carol, Malina, Haru, Miri, and everyone’s efforts would be wasted.

“You still want to go? What about trying the Big Bang you used just now? If you use that spell along with Satan’s power, you might be able to break the barrier.”

Metias took the trouble to send some advice.

That may be true but I could not be hooked.

“Don’t look down on me. On me and on my sword.”

I said and called to my sword.

“White Wolf Fang, that is not the extent of your strength!”

“Going with guts? Something like that won’t break my barrier – -”

“Instant kill!”

I used the Slasher criminal skill that would double my speed and triple the damage to my opponent for one second.

White Wolf Fang collided with the barrier.

It happened in just a split second.

The barrier broke noisily.

“Miri, Tet-sama!”


Miri, who was waiting for me to destroy the barrier, instantly warped to Tet-sama on the other side of the barrier.

《Warp》would have been possible even before the barrier was broken but it was impossible to use《Warp》 consecutively so there was a need to break the barrier first.

Minerva noticed Miri’s approached and pointed her scepter at Miri but there was no way the swift White Wolf Race, Haru, would not stand in her way.

Miri used that instant to cast her spell.

“Assassin Marionette”

Darkness Magic that could manipulate others at will.

Normally an opponent with high Magical Defence – – Goddesses or Demon Gods could not be manipulated with this spell but it was effective on Tet-sama who had fainted.

She stood while still unconscious, grabbed hold of Miri, and jumped.

That speed, as expected of a Demon God – – they reached my side in an instant.

“Tet-sama’s recapture is successful! Onii, it’s fine now!”


I held my scepter.

“Wait, Suke-kun. You would hit Haru-chan if you use that – -”

Minerva seemed to have noticed something as she spoke.

Out of nowhere a door to My World opened in front of Haru.

Haru leaped into the door.

But Minerva could not enter.

Because it was impossible to escape from a Demon Lord.

After verifying that the door to My World was shut.

“Big Bang!”

I cast my spell.

The two Demon Gods were consumed by the spell along with enormous tremors.


The end … or?


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    Thank you !

  2. Am I Un-Dead Yet?

    The end … or?

    That’s just mean Author sensei

  3. dragoonofinfinity

    Of course it’s not the end. No exp received. I’m fully expecting some deus ex machina in full force here. Partly because it’s an end-of-series staple, and partly because the enemy is actually deus.

  4. Lord Rin

    Well I like that this means that those losers Alessio and Talwi were so inconsequential that they either lost or got killed off screen.

  5. theblasblas

    In case anyone is confused, “Satan” really does mean “the adversary”, so it can work as a title for someone who opposes God rather than as an actual name.

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