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GC V10C423

(423) Methias’ plan

Translator: Tseirp


I was guessing they would not be unscathed if my greatest magic hit them directly without a barrier.

It would be a different story though if they could recreate that strong barrier multiple times.

I would have trouble sleeping if they died from it so it would be great if they were weakened enough for me to hand them over to the Goddesses but I couldn’t tell.

“Mrii, is Tet-sama okay?”

“Beginning from now, I will remove some of the miasma to the point that Tet-sama can purify the remainder herself. Don’t worry, it is possible to return her to a Goddess.”

Miri’s ‘possible’ held literal meaning.

I was relieved.

“I’ll leave it to you. Kin Summoning, Haurvatat.”

I summoned Haru back.

Haru looked at the dust-covered location where the Demon Gods were.

“Master, it looks like it went well.”

She commented as her tail wagged.

“Yeah. I didn’t think it would go so smoothly. It was a direct hit without any coordination.”

That series of actions were done without any prior discussions.

My mind couldn’t be read because of my Thought Defence but Haru or Miri’s mind could be read.

I only said that I would break the barrier first and asked Miri to save Tet-sama. We didn’t think of any strategy.

But I did expect Miri to rescue Tet-sama with transfer magic and that Haru would enter My World so that she would not be caught in my spell. If that couldn’t be done, I could also summon Haru using Kin Summoning but since Kin Summoning would include those around the target, there was a possibility that Minerva would be summoned together as well.

I didn’t know what Minerva’s intention to give me Thought Defence was but it seemed to have completely backfired for her.

“But Metias was careless too. If she read your mind, she would have noticed that Miri could restore Tet-sama.”

Well, this resolved the problem.

All that was left was for Miri to restore Tet-sama into a Goddess and leave it to the other Goddesses.

“For this battle, we are – -”

“Isn’t it too soon to decide the victor?”

I heard a voice.

No way – – they are fine even after getting hit by that?

Minerva stood there as the smoke cleared.

No, that was wrong – – Methias was standing unfazed after using Minerva as a shield.

“You used your ally as a shield!?”

“No, Minerva became my shield on her own initiative. My barrier was broken by you so I couldn’t recreate it momentarily but Minerva still had her barrier. But your magic broke through her barrier and had enough power to knock Minerva out. Splendid.”

With that said, Metias laid Minerva on the dungeon floor that was being restored.

“Why does Minera want to protect Metias that much? Up to the point of betraying Tet-sama. When Tet-sama was human, she was Minerva’s master. So why?”

I couldn’t understand why she would obey Metias to the point of betraying Tet.

“It was a given that Minerva would betray her.”

“Was Tet-sama such a terrible superior? It didn’t seem that way. In fact, it seemed that they had quite a good relationship.”

“Minerva was indeed a vassal of Tet’s house. However, her true identity was a spy sent by the main house of Tet’s household. Since she was human, she had been imprinted with suggestions to not go against people from that house. Minerva has been betraying Tet all this time. And Minerva can’t disobey a command from me, an ancestor of that main house. Because she was trained to be so when she was human. She has always been suffering from guilt. Always wishing for her death. But when Tet was sacrificed, she chose to die with her. Without knowing that she would be reborn as a Goddess.”

“I see … that’s why she wanted to commit suicide even after becoming a Goddess …”

“Yes. And even after becoming a Goddess, she can’t betray me. That was how strong the suggestions were.”

She actually didn’t want to betray Tet-sama.

She didn’t want to become a Demon god either.

But she could not go against Metias.

“So it is all because of you.”

I said and drew my sword.

I couldn’t use Big Bang again.

But Metias could not use her barrier either.

“Now then, it’s about time to get serious.”

Metias disappeared as she said that.

Running away!?

I thought to myself but suddenly she appeared behind Haru and struck her back with her spear handle.


Haru collapsed on the ground with a single strike.

“Fools. Did you think that the Demon God’s power is only to that extent? The ability to enter a different space can be used not as a means to escape but as a means for movement. I just used a portion of the world Ichinojo-san call My World.

Metias commented and looked at Miri.

“Miryuu-san, you are foolish too. You became a Goddess and plan to take in the miasma to save Tet? Once you do that, the miasma would cause you to lose consciousness and the ability to fight. If you fought as a Goddess, you might even win against me. Are you sure? Once your brother loses, the miasma gathered here will strike and both of you will become Demon Gods.”

“Wait, what did you say? Miri became … a Goddess?”

I quickly checked Miri’s job.

But I couldn’t see her job.

Just yesterday I saw that her job and level were displayed as Demon Lord.

“Sorry, Onii. I couldn’t say it.”

Miri said as she looked down apologetically.

“What were you thinking!? If you become a Goddess, for what reason did – -”

“If I didn’t become a Goddess, there would be no way to save Tet!”

Miri shouted.

Tet-sama’s hair color was slowly fading from black to gray.

“The strength of a Goddess is needed to absorb the miasma from Tet. It’s fine. Even after becoming a Goddess, I am no different from humans, and in Earth mythology, there were many instances of gods having children with humans. Some sibling gods married each other so it may be permissible for me to have Onii’s children.”

Miri laughed dryly.

“It’s all right. Nothing truly changed about me.”

Miri’s hair color was slowly turning black.

“Onii, hold out until the end.”

Miri said before collapsing over Tet-sama.

She fainted due to the sudden intake of miasma.

“With this, you are the last one remaining, Ichinojo-san.”

“ … give.”

“Only you, I can’t forgive.”

I said and activated my skill.

“Fake Attack, Beast Blood!”

With the Beast Blood skill effect, my status would be increased for five minutes.

“Beat of the Sword.”

With the Beat of the Sword, I improved my technique with the White Wolf Fang.

Furthermore, since I could no longer use magic, I changed my second to fifth jobs to physical-based jobs and applied all support magic on myself.

“Time to get serious? That is my line.”

I stepped forward with force.

Metias was strong.

She easily sidestepped my sword.

Even if I try to land a blow, she would accurately parry the attack with her spear in an instant.

If I wasn’t wearing the clothes made by the Dark Elves, my flesh would have been torn long ago.

“It’s not a big deal.”

I continued my attacks but it was impossible to see through Metias’ attacks as she moved through space.

Metias’ spear attacked from my blind spot, pierced through my Demon Lord Lv300 physical defense, and dealt damage to me.

Even if I tried to fight back by relying on presence, my attacks that rely on just my status would only hit the air.

Shit, it couldn’t go on that way.

Was there nothing else?

Something to increase my status?

No. I can’t beat Metias on my own … at this rate …

While I was lost in a hazy consciousness,

“Fufu … hahahahaha.”

I unintentionally started laughing.

“What’s wrong? Did you realize your loss and go crazy?”

“No, I was thinking too much.”

Why did I think that I was alone?

I had never fought on my own all this time.

I would always fight while borrowing somebody’s help.

Then I just have to do so this time as well.

“Kin Summoning!”

At the same time I called out, the room was filled with Dark Elves.

All of them were in full battle gear.

“We were wondering when it would be our turn, Ichinojo-sama.”

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

They were aware of it, unlike me.

The witnesses of the coronation of the Demon Lord – – in other words, it was time for me to summon those girls who were my kin.

They heard that I was off to the final battle and were on standby in a fully armed state.

They were cool, much cooler than me who was about to give up.

“Dark Elves would not be able to fight against me no matter how many of them come.”

“No, they are all my kin.”

They were not only people who have some of my status distributed to them from Kin Strengthening.

They were my precious companions.

I didn’t feel like I would lose with so many companions with me.

I drew White Wolf Fang and stood up front.

“Support Ichinojo-sama!”


Countless arrows flew toward Metias.

I aimed for the center of those arrows.

As expected of their daily training, the arrows got in Metias’ way and supported me.

“In that case, I will start with the Dark Elves!”

Metias entered her space and tried to move but a huge white claw appeared from the space and attacked her.

That was Fenrir’s arm!?


“ … Sorry but I have connected the space you are using with my dimensional storage. That much harassment … I can still do in my current state.”

Miri groaned while still prone.

Did she use the power of the Goddess to connect her dimensional storage with My World?

Now Metias could no longer carelessly move through space.

Metias fought well in the myriad of arrows.

But her movements were clearly less brilliant compared to before.

An arrow accurately struck Metias’ leg and she almost stumbled forward.

But she still didn’t fall after all that so I cast my specialty spell from behind her.

“Oil Create.”

The oil that formed below her feet greatly affected Metias’ balance and she fell flat on her face.

“This is the end!”

I placed the tip of White Wolf Fang on her head.

Winning using oil was such an ugly win as expected of me.

“Metias, admit your loss and give up.”

“Unfortunately, this is going according to my plan too.”

“In that case, so that your plan can’t proceed any further, I will – -”

Crush her.

To protect Haru, Miri, and everyone.

Just as I had that thought.


A voice stopped me.

It was Tet-sama’s voice.

“Tet-sama, you’re awake!?”

“Do not kill Metias. This is all an act by her.”


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  1. Am I Un-Dead Yet?

    God damn IT

  2. Nutaris

    Plot twist!

  3. Lord Rin

    Ho ho. Miri played the Divinity Card to make it OK to marry and have kids with Ichinojo. Many gods in mythology that are married are also brother and sister. Zeus and Hera. Isis and Osiris. Izanagi and Izanami.

  4. Vorthod

    Aren’t the goddesses supposed to be wiped of their previous memories when they ascended from being sacrificed? How did the conditioning carry over into Goddess Minerva? At the very least, it should eliminate all active skill effects from them which means that the brainwashing was entirely mental, so how would the suggestions still work after the ascension just because Metias had a blood relation to the group responsible? And was Minerva’s guilt over her inevitable betrayal so weak that she could seriously stave off her suicidal tendencies because of fucking curry?

    I’m pretty sure this retroactively opens up like three different plot holes just to force an “evil mastermind revealed” trope.

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