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GC V10C425

(425) Malina’s decision

Translator: Tseirp


The Dark Elves decided to return to My World first.

If the Royal Capital guards rushed to this location because of the earthquake, the fact that the Dark Elves still live would be revealed to the world.

“Is it okay that Miri doesn’t go with the Goddesses? You’re a Goddess now, right?”

“Ah, it’s fine. When I became a Goddess, I signed a small contract.”

A small contract?

What kind of contract was it?


Somebody called my name from behind me.

At the same time, strength left my body.

【Job: Demon Lord has been stolen】


When I looked back, I saw Talwi with bloodshot eyes.

I recognized the gem in her hand.

The Job-Snatching Gem – – a gem capable of stealing the target’s job and making it your own.

I didn’t think Talwi would possess one.

“Talwi, what are you planning? The fight is over. The Demon Gods have left with the Goddesses and the monsters around the world would withdraw. Even if you defeat us, the Hero’s wish is –”

“This isn’t related to Alessio. This is my fight. My – -”

Her eyes became even more bloodshot.

She wasn’t listening to what we were saying.

“With the power of the Demon Lord you trained, I will become the strongest.”

Just as Talwi proclaimed and raised the gem.

Centaur ran up from behind her, shook off Jofre and Elize who were desperately holding on, and leaped grandly into the air, swallowing the Job Snatching Gem whole.


A voice of surprise escaped from her as Centaur directly crushed her from above.

I no longer knew what to expect anymore.

“Master … what’s going on?”

“Haru, you’ve regained consciousness?”

“What happened after I fainted?”

“Well, omitting the details, the Demon God problem is resolved … and Centaur has become the Demon Lord.”


Haru looked toward Centaur in shock.

“Spit it out, Centaur. That gem belongs to that lady!”

“That’s right, Centaur, we can’t compensate for such an expensive-looking gem.”

Jofre and Elize chased up to Centaur and pulled at its mouth but it seemed to be carefree and I didn’t see any significant changes.

“It seems the same as usual.”

Does the Job Snatching Gem effect not work if it is eaten?

Or was it because monsters don’t have jobs so the Job Snatching Gem effect wasn’t kicking in?

In the first place, why did it eat the gem?

Did it mistake it for a vegetable?

There was no end to my questions.

More importantly, I was worried that the person, who gets hold of the Job Snatching Gem after this donkey excretes it out, will become the next Demon Lord so I should consult the Goddesses later.


Carol called my name and ran over.

And then, she jumped and hugged me.

“Ichino-sama, I am glad you are all right! The monster numbers suddenly dropped and the miasma thinned so I quickly ran over.”

“Carol, sorry to have worried you. Where’s Quince-san?”

“Quince-sama said she was tired and returned home. She would be waiting in Oregeru-sama’s mansion. It appears that she would not be able to return to her normal life for some time until she can get rid of the miasma.”

Carol said with a look of regret.

“Ah, but she agreed to attend to Carol and Ichino-sama’s wedding ceremony!”

Her sudden proclamation made me choke.

Carol really speaks her mind without hesitation.

It was about time I got my engagement rings ready.

“Kusunoki-san, it is over?”

Malina came over.

Kanon was barely standing while leaning on Malina’s shoulder.

“Malina won?”

“This is just a sister quarrel. We only made up, there was no winning or losing.”

Kanon spoke with an unwillingness to admit defeat but Malina nodded with a smile.

“Jofre, Elize, sorry but you two there … where is Talwi?”

“Eh? Now that you mention, the gem-holding Onee-chan is no longer here.”

“Now that I think about it, that person seemed to be the one who helped to exterminate the Demonic King Dragon the previous time.”

Talwi was nowhere to be seen by the time I realized.

Don’t tell me she was eaten by Centaur … no way.

I guess she escaped on her own.

Well, she won’t be able to do anything with her current strength.

“Jofre, Elize. We’ll be going back first so could you help to bring that man lying there back with Centaur? To be honest, I’m dead tired now.”

“Ou, leave it to us!”

“Yup, leave it to us!”

Jofre and Elize easily forgot that Centaur ate the Job Snatching Gem and said with thumbs up.

“Yeah, I leave it to you.”

After saying that, I returned to My World with Haru and the others.

It was all over.

For now, let’s relax in an open-air bath in My World … or so I thought.


For some reason, Libra-sama was in My World even though she should have left.

Pionia and the others were busy taking care of Libra-sama and disregarded my return.

“You’re back?”

“Is something wrong?”

“There was a message from Metias-senpai so I was waiting here.”

From Metias-sama?

She could have said it back then.

“It’s okay if it is an apology.”

“It is an apology with not words but information. One week from now, a door will open in the center of this world that leads to Japan.”

Said Libra-sama.

Since there were only two Demon Gods, it seemed that they could not open the door to Earth easily but they could connect it to Earth when certain conditions were met.

“Miryuu is already a Goddess so she can freely come and go to Earth. If Ichinojo-san and Malina-san wish to return to Earth, please come to the center of this world one week later. But if you return to Earth, you will lose all the skills and status you possess.”

Libra-sama said and walked to the building that looked like an observatory located in the center of My World.

“I have preparations to be done so I’ll borrow Pionia and Neete for a while.”

I agreed that it was a correct decision to not take Sheena No.3 with her.

“I plan to remain in this world. I can’t imagine being separated from Haru and Carol and as long as Miri can move freely back and forth between Earth, I have no reason to return to Japan.”

I said and looked at Malina.

She always wanted to return to Japan but one week might be too rushed.

Would Malina be able to decide in such a short time?

“I am … uneasy. Kanon’s miasma has not been removed completely and I am unsure if I can continue as I am now if I return to Earth. Besides, I have not attended junior high school for three years so I won’t be able to take the high school exam. I don’t know how I will be treated on Earth.”

I knew it.

In that case, should I consult Libra-sama?

Something like, if one week later is impossible, how about opening the door to Japan one or two months later?

Maybe we could return to Japan regularly, like the supermarket time sale that starts every Friday at 6pm.

Well, it’s not too late to think about it if I miss the opportunity one week later and ask if there is another time I can return to Japan.

“Well, Malina …”

“But, I will return to Earth. Kanon desperately tried to send me back to Japan. I’ll show her that I can overcome such minor anxiety.”

Looking at her eyes, I swallowed my suggestion.

I could no longer disregard her resolve.

She – – Malina Sakura will return to Japan one week later.


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GC V10C424


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  1. Lord Rin

    It feels strangely fitting for Centaur to become the Demon Lord.

    Also I guess this means Ichinojo is back to being Jobless. The Demon Lord job could just become one of his extra jobs now.

    • Vorthod

      I don’t think he has access to the Demon Lord job until the Job Stealing Gem is destroyed. I’m pretty sure the last time they used the gem, they broke it immediately so that he wouldn’t lose access to his Commoner job, but I would assume the Goddesses will manipulate things to keep the job gem from being broken for the sake of balance since Ichinojo is too powerful with it.

  2. KY

    I thought Malina’s setting was an older lady, as mentioned in ch196 she’s older than Ichinojo who was 20yrs old. And somehow now she hasn’t even finished Junior high school…oh well no point retorting at every plot hole

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