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GC V10C427

(427) Day of return

Translator: Tseirp


A week passed since we returned to Florence.

It felt as though that battle happened a long time ago but also as though it was just yesterday.

That was how surreal the battle was to me.

However, we can’t regain lost time.

It was the day that Malina returned to Earth.

“Malina-chan, you’re returning to your country called Japan? I’ll be lonely.”

Margaret-san bit on a handkerchief with tears in her eyes.

During the time we couldn’t use My World, we stayed at her house and initially Malina was taken aback but they were now close friends.

“Here, a bento. Please eat it over there.”

“Thank you very much.”

She thanked her as she took off her witch’s hat, lowered her head, and received the lunch box that Margaret offered.

And then – –

“Malina …”

Kanon, who was standing next to Margaret-san, called her name.

Kanon approached Malina and gently embraced her.

“You won against me. I don’t know what kind of world or country Japan is but it is all right. Malina will not lose to anyone.”

“ … Yup, thanks, Kanon. I am truly grateful.”

Malina said her goodbyes to Kanon with a wide smile.

Even though she probably felt like crying, she tried her best to smile.

She became stronger.

I’m certain that Marina’s strength lives on inside her.

“Are you done?”

“ … Yes.”

“Kanon, if you’d like, you can send her off until My World – -”

“Oh, sheesh. I went through the trouble to act out an emotional farewell. If you keep saying such things, your two girlfriends will lose their affection for you.”

Kanon replied with a smile.

“I see. Well, I’ll be back soon.”

I said, bowed to Margaret-san who was waving, and held Malina’s hand before chanting the spell for 「Home Return」.

When we returned to My World, I said to Malina.

“You can cry now – -”

I told her and took out a handkerchief and handed it to her.

She accepted it and wiped her tears.

“Sorry, and thank you.”

“You did well holding it in.”

Normally, in these kinds of farewell scenes, the phrases like 「This is not farewell forever. 」or  「As Long as we are alive, we will definitely meet again. 」 would be passed around but this farewell was different.

Traveling between Earth and Otherworld would not be easy.

Malina would never be able to meet Kanon again.

And both Malina and Kanon knew that.

“Master, the preparations are ready.”

Haru, who had returned to My World earlier, came with Pionia and Neete and flanked Malina.

“Malina-san, there is a message from Libra-sama. By observation of the cyclical flow, it seems that if you miss today, the next time you will be able to return to Earth is three years later.”

Three years – – In the typical stories, it would be hundreds of years later to be able to return to Earth after they miss this round so it would strengthen their decision to return but won’t this make her waver instead?

“It’s okay. I will return to Earth today. If I remain here for another three years, I might have issues integrating back into society.”

Malina replied splendidly.

She was a lot greater than I was.

“That’s right, if you withdraw from society as a hikikomori for a long time, it will be difficult to reintegrate into society. Don’t you think so, Pionia-neesan?”

“Negative. Diversity is desired in society and according to my database of Earth, it is possible to participate in society without leaving home.”

“Onee-san’s hikikomori nature is hardcore. I am concerned as the younger sister.”

Neete said with exasperation as she shook her head side to side.

We headed to the observatory on foot.

The location we were at was the other side of the stars so it was quite a distance.

My World had grown larger once again and recently the number of buildings I didn’t know about was increasing.

For example – –

“Ichinojo-sama! A new book has come out! Please take it.”

“There’s a latest issue of Nyaa Piece too desu!”

Ririana and Sheena No.3 were waving at me from a bookstore that popped out without my knowledge.

“You two, today is Malina’s farewell so what are you doing!? Also, what’s with this manga?”

There was a Nyaa Piece manga that I was unfamiliar with.

It was a new issue that was not on sale before I came to this world.

“This is a copy I borrowed from Torerul-sama desu! It is a piece of cake once Sheena No.3 puts her hands on it desu.”

“It’s about time you learned the word ‘copyright’.”

“You’re naïve, master. In this world, copying a book is legal desu. In fact, in this world where printing technology is underdeveloped, more than 90% of the books are manuscripts!”

“Hoo … so how did you copy this manga?”

“Of course, copying a book is child’s play once it is placed on Sheena No.3’s hand desu! I can finish copying in three seconds!”

Your printing technology is even greater than on Earth!

What’s with that useless skill.

If copyright protection under international treaties is not established before this girl sets out to the world, nobody would be able to work as a writer on Otherworld.

For the time being, I’ll read the latest issue of Nyaa Piece later —

“So, what is your book, Ririana-san?”

“Of course, it is a book I made about Ichinojo-sama’s activities! I was moved by the scene after you defeated the Hero Alessio and said ‘It has nothing to do with being a Hero or a Demon Lord. You should try to be Jobless once. You might be able to see how different the world would appear’.”

Wait, how did she know about that?

Nothing is more embarrassing than someone else reciting your signature phrase.

“Who bought that book?”

“I have already sold a hundred copies.”

“That’s greater than My World’s population!?”

“It was a great choice to use illustrations of Ichinojo-sama. Everyone bought it for reading and ornamental uses.”

An illustration that depicted me three times cooler was drawn on the frontispiece.

But actually would more than two volumes sell?

“Excuse me, two volumes please.”

“Okay, thank you very much.”

There was a person who would actually buy the book beside me!

Haru won’t buy it?

“Ah, right, Haru-san. I’m thinking of writing a second book so please give me any story you have. Naturally, I will give you a complimentary copy.”

Ah, Haru was part of the producing team.

Damn, was it Haru who leaked the lines I told the Hero!?

I recall that only Haru and Miri were there.

Furthermore, she seems to plan to make it into a series.

“Sheena, is that preparation ready?”

Pionia asked.

“Yes desu! Preparations are complete desu!”


I didn’t hear anything about preparations.

A farewell party for Malina?

If that was the case, I would have liked to participate in the meeting but I was also worried about making the Goddesses wait.

Besides, that would almost be the first time Malina would meet the Dark Elves so would she be fine?

Well, Malina has grown up so it should be fine.

Her mental growth proved to be on par with my growth cheat this time around.

However, she didn’t cheat at all and achieved it with her own strength, completely different from me.

Yeah, it is the last chance so let’s admire Malina’s banquet performance.

I realized that I had never seen her Street Performer skill leisurely before.


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  1. Brin

    Thank you.

    I wonder if – in three years – she might return? It seems unlikely, but it is not entirely impossible.

  2. Lord Rin

    I’m worried that what they were talking about isn’t a banquet for Malina and instead something like maybe producing an anime of Ichinojo’s adventurers.

  3. LAR Games

    Malina needed to be the third wife. What a shame..

  4. If Malina is in the Home Return list, maybe Ichinojo can use it to go to Earth everytime he wants?

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