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GC V10C429

(429) Goddess of Laziness Prologue (?)

Translator: Tseirp


In the end, Torerul escaped to Russia on Earth, was captured by Koshmar while she was eating a blini (Russian pancake), and was made to begin work on creating a new dungeon.

However, just as when a child who was reluctant to study was caught and forced to go to cram school, Torerul’s work of creating a new dungeon was being delayed in the same way as a child who would not take studying seriously.

If a large dungeon was made near a place where humans live, people would enter on their own and defeat the monsters so there would be no need to manage it.

The problem was that even though miasma was gathering in that location, it was a place where people weren’t likely to enter.

“Why must I do such a troublesome task … I want to be jobless too and sleep all day.”

Torerul sulked as she poked the matryoshka doll she bought as a souvenir with her fingertip.

“Such a troublesome task should be assigned to the new Goddess. That’s right, if I push it onto …”

However, when Torerul recalled that the new Goddess was Miri, she abandoned her thought.

For Torerul, Miri was a terrifying foe even when she was human.

That Miri’s condition of becoming a Goddess was to be exempted from Goddess work for a hundred years.

If Torerul broke that promise and pushed work onto her, she wouldn’t know what retaliation would await her.

“Haa … if there were a few more of me, I could force the work onto the others.”

Torerul commented as she opened the matryoshka doll and exposed the matryoshka inside.

She imagined that there would be progress if she could divide herself like so.

That said, if anybody else heard that, they would think like this.

The body clones would probably feel that the work was troublesome and abandon it too. They would definitely complain like 『Since it is work that was pushed onto the main body, then it is obvious that the main body should do it. Why should I, a body clone, do such a troublesome task?』.

“That’s right! I just have to let humans do it all. It is about time for a new transmigrator to come so let’s have that person manage the dungeon … no, that won’t work.”

In the first place, there was an inviolable rule that the cheats named divine blessings given to the transmigrators have to be what they want.

The Goddess can offer a divine blessing that is close to the transmigrator’s wish but they can’t ignore the conversation and force a divine blessing onto them.

Would there ever be a strange transmigrator who wants to do the tedious task of managing a dungeon?

Torerul thought to herself and suddenly saw the matryoshka doll that she opened.

Perhaps it was a defective product as the outermost matryoshka doll and the second matryoshka doll were stuck together.

Although it would probably come off if a little force is applied.

“That’s right! I have this option.”

Torerul clapped her hand and took out an A1-size paper.

Furthermore, when Torerul willed it, the paper was divided into multiple strips and each one was written with a divine blessing that Torerul could bestow.

And then, the final piece was written with『Ability to create and manage your own dungeon city』. Normally, only the dungeon and its surroundings could be managed but in order for the dungeon to function even after the transmigrator passes away, the transmigrator must create a city.

And then, Torerul placed that piece between the outermost and second matryoshka dolls and randomly placed the rest of the papers into the matryoshka dolls.

Why did she place the divine blessing she wanted to be chosen in the most confusing place?

That reason was simple.

Humans were beings who saw value in things that were hidden.

There was no way a divine blessing that can only be selected once in a lifetime could be decided in five minutes. And as time passes, the transmigrator will notice. That there was another piece of paper in the gap of the matryoshka. If they don’t notice it, she could create a mechanism that automatically breaks it.

And when they find the hidden divine blessing, people would misunderstand on their own.

That it would be a hidden cheat divine blessing.

“Fumu fumu, I’m looking forward to this. Well, I am forcing them to manage the dungeon. I could give them a little helping hand. Right, if I get those humans to collect the magic stones, I could kill two birds with one stone. An uninhabited island with scarce supplies. They would be happy to offer magic stones if I would exchange them for suitable food and materials.”

Torerul said with a mischievous smile and closed the matryoshka lid.

Although she was looking forward to what kind of people would visit, she felt that it would be a hassle to explain directly so she decided to incorporate a call function into the matryoshka doll and would disconnect the call once the explanation was over.

Torerul was serious when it came to skipping work.

And when it was all over, it was time for transmigrators from Japan to come.

The world that the transmigrator would definitely visit first – – she placed the matryoshka doll there and waited.

Then, a young man who looked exhausted from work appeared in a jersey.

He seemed to have been brought over when he was on the verge of dying from overwork.

Torerul held expectations as she called out to him through the matryoshka doll.

『Test test – – can you hear me?』

He responded to that voice.


It was the beginning of a new story.


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GC V10C428


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