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GC V10C430

(430) Epilogue for the new journey

Translator: Tseirp


A month passed since the day Malina left.

For us, nothing changed in the end.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Gigolo skill: 「Leech」acquired】

【Gigolo skill: 「MP Substitute」acquired】

My Gigolo level increased.

There was a reason why I became a Gigolo.

I was able to return to being Jobless so I decided to give the Job Search skill a try …


·        Please choose the job you wish to switch to

(If none are selected, one will be automatically selected after five minutes)

Conman: Lv1

Movie Thief: Lv1

Gigolo: Lv1

Lake Thief: Lv1

Slasher: Lv7


I never imagined that all the options would be criminal jobs apart from Gigolo when I used the Job Search skill.

In fact, what kind of job was a Movie Thief?

I was sure that it was an unimplemented job since there were no movies in this world.

Also, in the case of the Slasher job, it turned out that the skill would display the job at its current level.

If the Job Search skill had the Demon Lord option, I wondered if I would start at Lv300 or start over at Lv1 because my job was stolen.

Well, there was no point lamenting it.

I was given the chance to be a Gigolo so I was wondering if there would be any useful skills but I was disappointed when I saw the skills I learned.

The same was true for the skills I learned this time.

I once again verified the skill details.


Leech: Other skill 【Gigolo Lv18】

You can obtain 10% of the experience points obtained by your partner as your experience points.

The amount of experience points obtained by the partner will decrease accordingly.


I sighed as I read the description for the Leech skill.


MP substitute: Other skill 【Gigolo Lv20】

When using MP, the partner will bear half of the cost.

If the partner’s MP is insufficient, the effect will not be activated.


When I read about MP substitution, I exhaled so much that I could no longer sigh.

“I expected it but a Gigolo really can’t get any good skills.”

A flock of monster birds attacked the airship so I shot down the enemies in my sight with magic and my level went up. But even though my level went up, my evaluation of Gigolo was going down rather than up.

The Gigolo skill began from Lv2 with the skill to designate a partner. Once set, that partner can’t be changed for 24 hours.

From then until Lv15, I got two skills, ‘Leftover Drops’ and ‘Happiness Restoration’.

The skill ‘Leftover Drops’ could secure some of the drop items killed by your female partner within a dungeon. Similar to the ‘Leech’ and ‘MP Substitute’ skills I just learned, they were all skills that relied heavily on the partner’s strength.

By the way, it seemed that the partner could be of the opposite sex or the same sex.

In any case, the skills were like trash.

“But I think it is a good Job. I am really happy to be Master’s slave.”

Haru blushed while cutting down a monster bird.

It was a rare change for Haru who never displayed her expressions.

“Ichino-sama, isn’t the effect too strong?”

“It might be?”

It was probably the effect of the ‘Happiness Restoration’ skill.

That skill had the effect of making the female partner happy when the Gigolo skill to pick up leftover drops or receive MP from them activates.

The skill explained that there would be no side effects or addiction but judging from the situation, it would be better if I seal the ‘Happiness Restoration’ skill.

“Sheesh, this is such a sloppy party. Even though we are on our way to challenge the most difficult dungeon, the Hell’s Kiln Dungeon.”

Miri said with exasperation as she used a sword made of Darkness magic to cut down the monster birds flying at us.

At last, the monster birds gave up attacking and fled to the western sky.

We were on our way to a dungeon called the Hell’s Kiln located at the foot of a huge volcano on the Northern Continent.

We traveled around the world, challenged all kinds of dungeons, bought special local products, and ate delicious food as our journey continued.

Thanks to the airship we borrowed from Daijiro-san, the trip was going well.

She even lent her crew to us.

“Julio, why do we have to do this?”

“There’s no helping it, Sutchino. You lost all your assets because of investment fraud.”

Sutchino and Julio complained but they worked hard as long as they were given a salary.

“ …… Fufufu, priceless, priceless.”

Milky also worked hard when needed whenever she was given a Japan BL book (translated into the Otherworld common language by Sheena No.3). Although, she seemed obsessed with reading right now.

Furthermore – –

“Phew, you’re a lifesaver, Jo~. It would have been dangerous if you didn’t pass by.”

“Yup, you’re a lifesaver, Jo~. We were about to starve to death.”

For the record, Jofre and Elize helped too.

These two rode on Centaur’s back and were swimming to the Northern Continent but the important food supply was all eaten by Centaur and we spotted them from the airship on the verge of starvation.

I wondered why were they doing such an insane feat but it was also true that they swam 300 km from the coast of the Western Continent and were only 100 km away from the Northern Continent.

If they had enough food supply – – no, even if we didn’t help, Centaur could have swum all the way to the Northern Continent on its own.

As expected of a holy beast.

“Now that I think about it, I don’t really understand anything about this donkey apart from the fact that it is a holy beast.”

I commented and looked at Centaur munching onto tomatoes.

It was a vessel capable of sealing Metias-sama and eating vegetables larger than its body.

It communicated with the Golden Tree too.

The Goddesses knew about the existence of this holy beast and used it to seal Metias-sama but apparently did not know how the holy beast was born.

That’s because, like the spirits, it was in this world long before the Goddesses and humans came to this world.

Regarding the Job Stealing Gem eaten by it, Libra-sama investigated and concluded that it had been completely taken up by Centaur and was not excreted.

Perhaps Centaur was a far greater animal than I imagined.

But, looking at Centaur finish eating the tomato and moving on to eat corn along with the core, I felt foolish thinking that.

I should just think about Centaur as Centaur.

“Jofre-aniki, I see the town.”

Julio called out.

Jofre and Elize asked to be dropped off at a suitable town on the Northern Continent so we decided to stop by the town where Daijiro-san had permission to land.

“Jofre, Elize, are you sure this place is okay? Your wanted posters have been lifted. I can send you to Florence if you wish?”

“This place is fine. We have business in that town. There was a promise.”

“We will be traveling together. They asked to travel with us by all means. Something about how chance encounters are what keeps us going.”

Heh? There’s a strange person who wants to travel with them?

I wondered who that person might be but I decided that it would be troublesome if I got involved so I decided to not ask any further.

We landed near the town and dropped them off.

“Good bye, take care!”

I waved to them.

“Yeah, see you again, Jo~!”

“See you again, Jo~!”

Jofre and Elize quickly left after straddling Centaur.

With no regrets.

Rather, it felt as though they were carefree as if they might see us again tomorrow.

However, unlike Malina, the two of them were in this world.

They always make that much ruckus so we would find them right away if we wanted to look for them and we might run into them like this once again.

So I didn’t say any parting words.

With the two alighted, we boarded the airship once more and headed for the Hell’s Kiln Dungeon.

“By the way, Ichino-sama. You heard from Metias-sama that there are no further Jobless skills prepared? Have you decided on which job to switch to?”

“There’s the downside of not using the Job Search skill again but master’s status would increase dramatically. How about first changing job to Sword Saint, aiming to become the Sword Emperor that only one Swordsman was able to reach in the long history of Otherworld?”

“If Onii wants, I can give you the power of the Demon Lord I discarded when I became a Goddess.”

“Didn’t I already tell you, Miri? The power of the Demon Lord is too strong so from the beginning, I intended to seal it once the battle was over. Furthermore, if I’m just aiming to become a Sword Emperor, I can do so while being Jobless. I plan to find what I want to do while raising the level of various jobs from the Job Searching skill.”

“That sounds like something a NEET, who was tired of searching for a job and gave up, would say. Onii, do you plan to change from Jobless into a NEET?”

“Who’s the NEET? I am working!”

I had Carol sell the metalwork I made with Blacksmithing skill in the town we stopped by and asked Haru to sell the monsters we hunted in the Adventurers Guild.

Thanks to that, Haru and Carol’s reputation were soaring in the streets and were touted as a legendary craftsman and a Hero of the White Wolf Race. It was a pity that my name was almost unheard of.

However, most of the money earned was spent purchasing magic stones.

It was used as fuel for the airship but more importantly, those magic stones would be dedicated to the Goddesses to reduce miasma as much as possible.

At that moment, my smartphone rang.

Daijiro-san modified it so that I could be contacted anywhere. However, since only I, Miri, and Daijiro-san had smartphones, I still used it to take cute pictures of Haru, Carol, and Miri and was satisfied having way too cute wives and younger sister.

The other party was Daijiro-san.

“Daijiro-san, this is Kusunoki.”

『Kusunoki-kun. I heard you are currently heading to the Hell’s Kiln Dungeon.』

“Yes, you’re right.”

As I nodded, Miri was listening too so I turned it to speaker mode so that everyone could hear.

『I found the location of Talwi who went missing.』

“Talwi? So she survived?”

『Yes, it seems that she is now in the southern part of the Eastern Continent, in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Todros. The Eastern Continent was originally a continent where there was fierce discrimination against slaves and beastmen but the slave beastmen revolted and founded a country of beastmen supremacism in less than two months. Well, she does have great charisma.』

Seriously? … Beastmen supremacism meant that it was a country where discrimination against humans was being carried out.

A country that I would likely face interrogation like ‘why is a Hume the master of a White Wolf race!’ and attacked if Haru called me master.

I’ll make sure to not wander close to that country.

『So, this is a bit sudden but I want you guys to inspect that new country.』

“Eh? Why us? In fact, won’t it be a problem if we went to Talwi’s country? She probably hates me too. It would turn into a battle.”

『She may want to fight you. She lost when she fought you individually so this time she probably wanted to challenge you with a group. She also prepared a trump card so that you won’t refuse.』

“A trump card?”

『Haurvatat – – your mother is in that country.』

That gave me a shock.

“ … Mother?”

Haru muttered in surprise.

That’s right. I was told that Haru’s father was executed but her mother was sentenced to life imprisonment and was imprisoned somewhere.

Haru didn’t know the location she was imprisoned either but Talwi rescued her?

Did she do it to fight us? Or was it a coincidence?

“Daijiro-san, thank you very much. We’ll give it a go!”

『Sure. I’ll leave it to you. I’ll send a detailed route plan by mail so please follow the route. I have obtained navigation permits from the countries you will be passing through.』

Now isn’t the time to go to the Hell’s Kiln Dungeon.

“Julio, Sutchino, Milky, we’re turning around! Steer toward the southeast, Eastern Continent.”

Julio and Sutchino who were oblivious to the circumstances were greatly shocked as they hurriedly adjusted the direction of the airship.

“Please wait, master, I can’t allow master to risk your life for my sake – -”

Haru loudly tried to stop me.

She was very worried about her mother but she was more worried about me.

“This is not just for Haru’s sake. I’ve found something to do so I will put in my all.”

“That’s how it is, Haru-san. Now then, Carol will ask Sheena to photocopy this route map.”

Carol said and took the smartphone from me and entered through the door I made to My World.

“Well, I am an acquaintance of Haru’s mother and I should meet her.”

Miri said and winked at Haru.

“Master, Miri-sama … thank you very much.”

Haru bowed deeply.

“It’s nothing. Just think of it as a pre-marriage greeting.”

I said.

“Marriage … marriage between me and master …”

Haru was unusually excited.

“Wait, Onii! I have not approved of the marriage! If  you want to get married, you must first defeat me!”

Miri replied with some incomprehensible words.

“I felt as though Ichino-sama was talking about marriage so I’m back. Naturally, Carol will marry too.”

Carol activated her greatest woman’s intuition and returned to my side with Home Return.

“Everyone, please do not go wild on top of the airship.”

“The ship will fall!”

“ … If the four of them were beautiful boys … fu …”

Julio and Sutchino warned us while Milky remodeled the situation to her fantasies and began to nose bleed.

Sheesh, what’s with this commotion when it is an emergency?

When I think about it, I have been in commotion after commotion ever since I came to this world under the guidance of the Goddesses.

I met Haru at the slave merchant in Florence, was entangled with Jofre and Elise, saved Norn from the mountain bandit, pursued happiness with Carol, accompanied Malina who earnestly wanted to return to Japan, reunited with Miri who claimed to actually be the reincarnation of the Demon Lord, built up My World with the Homunculus girls, was treated as a savior by the Dark Elves, and fought against the Hero and the Demon Gods.

I couldn’t imagine that it could happen in less than a year.

And such commotions which I will be caught in would probably continue.


But I was sure that I will be all right.

I believe that I could do anything as long as I continued growing with my companions.

Well, I probably won’t quit being Jobless for some time.

I can travel freely because I am Jobless.


The airship carried us on to our future adventures.


Author’s note:

It has been a long serialization of more than 5 years but thank you for your patronage.

It is thanks to you readers that we have been able to continue to this point.

The story with Ichinojo as the main character is now complete.

Thank you very much.

The comicalized version is still being serialized so please take a look if you like.

Also, the final Volume 13 will be released on 19th May.

As a bonus, there would be a story about Malina after her return to Japan.

Also, the cover is (for some reason) Haru and Carol in wedding dresses.

Although I can’t reveal the reason for such clothes (It’s completely obvious).


Translator’s note:

Thank you to all who enjoyed and supported my fan translation of this series! It has truly been a long journey and this marks the first series I’ve ever completed on my site! *Confetti!* I never imagined that I would finish a 430-chapter series.

Also a big thank you for all the support on Novelupdates too so that this series could get the exposure it has today. And the donations and Patreon that helped keep the site up and running.

I hope my translation was able to live up to the series and I hope to see you guys again!


P.S. I’m still translating two series as of now: Water Magician which I will focus on next and Slow Life Frontier (Writer on Hiatus). Feel free to take a look if you like!



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