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WM V1C0016

Chapter 0016 Greater Boar

Translator: Tseirp


A couple of days after eating the salt-grilled piranha.

Today was once again a day to hunt in the afternoon.

The location was the usual East forest.

A place with many Lesser Rabbits and Lesser Boars.

Occasionally Normal Boars will appear but now, they were not a threat to Ryo.


He still had not planned out a strategy to win against Assassin Hawks but he probably wouldn’t lose as long as he fights on land.

“I am by no means being conceited.”


The moment those words came out from his mouth, a Greater Boar appeared in front of his eyes.

But now, even a Greater Boar was not a threat to Ryo … ‘Rustle’, he heard some rustling behind him.

Twisting only his head to look behind … he saw another Greater Boar.

(<Ice Armor>)


That instant, he lost sight of the two Greater Boars in front and behind him.


“<Ice Wall 5 layers>”

Ice Wall 5 layers were created in front and behind him.

The formation speed was 0.1 seconds.

He had been increasing his creation speed daily.

But even that barely made it in time.


Around the same time the Ice Wall 5 layers were formed, the Greater Boars rammed into them from in front and behind.


One side had a lowered posture to target Ryo’s feet.

The other side had a higher posture targeting Ryo’s upper body.


They were clearly coordinating their attacks.


The destruction from the charge of the Greater Boars reached the third layer of the Ice Wall 5 layers.

The force generated from the charge was terrifying.

Ryo leaped out sideways from the Ice Walls to his front and back and chanted at the same time.

(<Ice Bahn>)

Both boars were close to Ryo’s former spot. He could seal their movements at the same time by making the floor they stood on slippery.

But even if he sealed their movements, the Greater Boars had another means of attacking … right, the option to attack from a distance.

That aspect was completely different from the Lesser Boars!


The two Greater Boars created countless gravel, truly a number that couldn’t be counted, in the surroundings.

“What, these numbers … <Ice Wall 5 layers> <Ice Wall 5 layers> <Ice Wall 5 layers>”

Since it was a competition by numbers, he overlaid multiple Ice Wall 5 layers.

The gravels were fired.

They struck the Ice Wall and formed mist or dust, worsening the visibility.

At that moment.




A gravel collided with Ryo’s right flank.


And another on his left shoulder.

“Ugh. <Omnidirectional Ice Wall>.”


Making use of the reduced visibility, the Greater Boars bent the trajectory of the gravel.

It struck Ryo by twisting around the corner of the Ice Wall 5 layers.


“I didn’t expect them to be capable of bending the trajectory …”

He received damage due to the lack of combat experience.

His torso armor and left-hand armor shattered from the impact of the gravel.

“<Ice Armor>”

For now, he regenerated his armor.


But he didn’t have time to relax.

The omnidirectional ice wall was just a single Ice Wall.

It did not possess the endurance of the Ice Wall 5 layers.

That said, the Greater Boars were incapable of moving due to the Ice Bahn below their feet.

They shouldn’t be able to move.

Shouldn’t be …


“Can they really not move?”

Greater Boars have feet capable of generating the force of a charge that approached the speed of sound.

That was naturally the power and speed of hooves that can dig into the ground.

Perhaps with time, they would be able to stand on the ice with claws and run …

The previous time he hunted a Greater Boar, it certainly did fall down a couple of times on the Ice Bahn.

However, it would be too hasty to think that all other individuals will slip and fall just because of that one individual.

Even for humans, some would fall in an ice skating rink and some could even jump without any issue.


First, it was troublesome to have two opponents at the same time.

He should defeat them one at a time.


Which should he aim for …


They attacked from the front and behind.

Similarly, with the one-eyed Assassin Hawk, the one attacking from the front is probably the leader or has more experience.

In that case, he should first defeat the one that attacked from behind.


When facing multiple foes, one usual tactic is to hit the head of the enemy and cause confusion.

However, attacking the weaker foe and shaving off their strength before targeting the tougher foe toward the end was another common tactic too.


This time he chose the latter tactic.


A foe with less experience would probably take longer to get used to moving on ice.

(<Omnidirectional Ice Wall Release>)

He went around the left side of the overlapping layers of Ice Wall 5 layers.

In his vision was only one Greater Boar that was slipping constantly on top of the Ice Bahn.


The other was missing.


It was probably wrapping around the overlapping Ice Wall 5 layers.

“So you are the first target. <Icicle Lance 16>”

16 Icicle Lances formed above the fallen over Greater Boar.

“And the one that is wrapping around would probably appear from behind me?”

Ryo muttered and quickly chanted.

“<Ice Wall 5 layers> <Icicle Lance 2>”

Two Icicle Lances were formed on the other side of the Ice Wall 5 layers and were on standby for firing.


At that moment, the 16 Icicle Lances above the Greater Boar pierced it and caused it to shriek.


Shocked by the cry, the other Greater Boar appeared from the location Ryo anticipated.


However, the two Icicle Lance struck its sturdy nose and shattered.

The Greater Boar’s vision was momentarily obscured by the shattered ice.

“<Water Jet 64>”

Numerous Water Jets formed not from Ryo’s hands but the area around the Greater Boar’s face.

Their targets were the Greater Boar’s eyes, ears, throat, and other locations that were imaginably less sturdy.


Bad visibility from the shattered ice and point-blank Water Jets.

How would it avoid the ultra-fine jets of water that was formed 30 cm in front of its eyes?

At a distance that can’t be avoided and having jets of water form at its escape route … it was impossible to avoid.

By robbing its sight and hearing, it would fall into panic and he would deal the final hit … that was the procedure Ryo had in mind … but the process went amiss.


Instead of falling into panic, the Greater Boar died.


The Water Jets that entered the eyes, ears, and throat directly pierced its brain …

With its brain pierced dozens of times, there was no saving it.

“Eh … I defeated it …?”


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