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Chapter 0017 The Other Water Jet

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Even though it was called a Greater Boar, it seemed that attacks targeting the ears and eyes could easily reach the brain.

That said, it was quite a surprise for Ryo to not need to deal the final blow.

“Perhaps the power of my Water Jets increased?”


After returning to the barrier, Ryo quickly set out to test it.

He planned to use the corpses of the Greater Boars he just hunted.

For a Greater Boar, the thickness of the skin above the neck and below the neck was completely different.

Because that charge was one of its primary means of attacking, the head including the nose was extremely tough.

However, in comparison, the areas below the neck were not that tough.

Even its feet were not that sturdy.


He aimed at the Greater Boar’s right foot.

“<Water Jet>”


The Greater Boar’s right foot was sliced off.



He had lived for a couple of months since reincarnating in 『Phi』.

The Water Jet that he arbitrarily decided to be the 『true attack magic for water attribute』 when he first reincarnated had finally displayed its true value.


“If I target a tree …”


He succeeded in cutting through, but not in an instant.

Until now, when fired at a tree, he could only carve or scrape it but cutting through was impossible, or so he imagined but … it seemed that he had overcome a wall.


In the first place, a Water Jet was ordinary water fired out at an extremely high pressure and speed.

Therefore, the water shot out was of course physically ordinary water.

Such water jets had become a major method for processing various materials on Earth.

First, heat would not be generated because it was water.

In other words, it would not cause the material to change due to heat. For example, the phenomenon where plastic and such would melt and drip would not occur.

Because of that, poisonous gas would not be generated either.

It was possible to process soft and thin materials without causing them to crack too.

It could also process composite materials and laminated materials.

In Ryo’s company, they had a 5-axis controlled water jet machine.

Because of that, Ryo had some knowledge about it … of course, he had never used it before.

An employee would not get permission to use it …

In that regard, even the vice president had no choice but to obey the judgment of the worksite.


That Ryo, who could not use a water jet on Earth, was using a magically produced Water Jet freely.

Furthermore, he finally started to see visible results.

Ryo was more excited than that time he could make the Icicle Lance fly on its own.

But at the same time, he was calm.

Ryo knew. There was another dimension to a Water Jet.


He had to experiment.


He was able to cut through a Greater Boar’s foot.

He could slice through tree trunk too.

Then, what about stone?


Typically the water jet is recognized as capable of cutting through anything.

That was correct.

That included rocks and stones.

He had seen animation in the past where it was used to cut out gravestones from granite which is considered tough among stones.


Ryo shot it toward the stone enshrined in the courtyard.

“<Water Jet>”

It more or less carved it a little at a time.

If he continued for an hour, he might be able to cut through it.

However, that was a far cry from the 『Cutting』 image of a water jet.


Yes, 『This Water Jet』 could not cut rock.

『This Water Jet』 could cut soft items but could not cut tough or solid materials.

It was not suitable for cutting stone, metal, concrete, or glass.


But Ryo was not disappointed. Since this was within expectations.

『This Water Jet』 would be used to cut soft materials. It could be used on animals, monsters, wood, and food.

And 『Another Kind of Water Jet』 existed and that could be used to cut tougher materials.


What was 『Another Kind of Water Jet』?

It was a 『Water Jet using not just water』.

Typically it was called an 『Abrasive Jet』.

On Earth, when used to cut tougher materials, they were not cut with just water.

Tiny 『abrasive agents』 were mixed from the water outlet and sprayed at the object with water.

Water, which approached the speed of Mach 3, and the abrasive agent would cut the object by 『shaving』.


And the material used for the abrasive agent was always the same.

『Garnet powder』.


Garnet … right, that gem called garnet.

Although it was categorized as a gem, since the amount used was extremely small, the cost was not that high.

In the first place, powder form garnet was commonly excavated and was extremely cheap.

Furthermore, garnet used as abrasive agent could be reused multiple times.


The reason why garnet was used as an abrasive agent was mostly due to its 『hardness』.

Of course, Sapphire, Ruby, and naturally Diamond were harder but … using those would be unprofitable.

In addition, the shape of the crystal was also a reason.

Garnet was a rhombic dodecahedron or octahedron.

In short, it was very close to the shape of a sphere.

The principle was that the closer the grain you use to hit a target was to a sphere, the easier it was to shave off the area as targeted.


Now then, while it was established that the abrasive agent used was garnet on Earth, he did not have it available on 『Phi』.

He could not obtain garnet or such … at least, Ryo could not think of a method to obtain them.

In that case, he needed another abrasive agent other than garnet.

That was when Ryo thought of it.




Yes, he could use tiny ice as an abrasive agent.

Ice was definitely not tough enough to be used as an abrasive agent.

That was, if it was regular ice.

But Ryo realized that ice made from Water Attribute Magic had the characteristic of becoming harder the more magical power put into it.

Of course, he did not have the leeway to do so in battle so they always end up shattering …


The problem was needing considerably small ice crystals.

Ryo had seen the Water Jet or Abrasive Jet used by the company.

The abrasive agent garnet was pretty much small enough to be called a powder.

He had to create a large amount of ice of that size and not let them melt in water.


First, he created tiny ice crystals.

He took two water H2O molecules and bound them with hydrogen bond.

The result was … too small. In fact, it was completely impossible to see.


For now, he tried connecting 30 molecules.

He felt as though he could somewhat see it … no, that was his imagination. It was still not enough.


Such trial and error continued until he went to bed.

Even when he was starting the fire for dinner.

Even when he was eating dinner.

Even when he was in the bath.


He connected a couple of water molecules to try to reach an optimal size…

The discovery of the optimal solution to that question continued.

But before he could find the optimal solution, Ryo’s magical power was about to be depleted.


“Good night.”


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