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Edit 02 Jul 2021: Devil changed to Akuma. Chapter 33 showed that they are different, although the translation of Akuma = Devil.

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Chapter 0018 Abrasive Jet

Translator: Tseirp

The next day.

Ryo was searching for the optimal solution during his morning training run.

“I thought about it yesterday and this magic control at the molecular level uses a tremendous amount of magical power.”

As with most matters, detailed work is strenuous.

It seemed that the detailed operation of magical power was not easy too.


After running for more than five hours, the morning training was finally over.

However, he still could not find the optimal solution for the size of the micro ice crystals to be used as the abrasive.

At the moment he could only achieve between 60,000 and 160,000 molecules.

But Ryo’s magical power was reduced to the point of on the verge of exhaustion just from the magical power operation in one morning.

It was not expressed numerically but he somehow got the feeling that he was about to collapse …


“Let’s take a break from this magical power operation in the afternoon. All right, it shall be practice swings and readings.”

Ryo, who now would feel sick if he didn’t move his body, … was pretty much a muscle-brain.

He slowly, one swing at a time, devoted his entire body to the motion.

It was basically a slow life so … he didn’t have to rush.


The 『Monster’s Encyclopedia Beginner’s Edition』 that Michael (pseudonym) prepared in the house covered quite a number of monsters.

Naturally, as a 『Beginner’s Edition』, there were bound to be intermediate and advanced monsters but Ryo had not encountered any until now.

However, in the last two pages of that 『Monster’s Encyclopedia Beginner’s Edition』, there was a page called 『Unique Compilation』 and there were two monsters listed there.


The first was 『Dragon』.

The other was 『Akuma』.

The handwriting of these two types of Unique Compilation was different from that of the 『Beginner’s Edition』. Perhaps Michael (pseudonym) added them.


Dragon: One of the pinnacles of life on Phi

Found in: The entire world

Lifespan: Thousands to hundreds of thousands of years

Strength: Entire spectrum from weak to strong (The strong ones can erase a city by itself before breakfast)

Remarks: Escape if encountered. Although there is a high chance that you will not be able to escape


(Yup, it basically tells me that it is unbelievably strong. Encountering one is practically the end. The monsters in 『Beginner’s Edition』has explanations on their signature moves and such but nothing was written for the dragon. It’s probably because the reader is not at that level.)


Akuma: Not … fallen angels. Origins are unknown.

Found in: The entire world

Lifespan: Unknown

Strength: Entire spectrum from weak to strong (The strong ones can erase a city by itself before breakfast)

Remarks: Pray that you do not encounter one


(Michael (pseudonym) probably wrote this … he said that he worked to 『manage』 this world … but despite that, the origins are unknown? And the final remarks are ‘Pray that you do not encounter one’ … what?)


“I wonder if people who are aiming to be the strongest in the world would want to fight against such beings. It seems impossible. Yup, it’s definitely impossible for me. The trope for another world reincarnation is to aim to be the strongest in the world but that is merely a trope, let’s leave it behind, it has nothing to do with me. My aim is for a slow life!”


After a night’s sleep, Ryo’s magical power was restored.

Today was the day to tackle the problem of the abrasive jet.

Yes, he swore firmly to his heart.


An hour after swearing …

“The optimal solution is 90,000 to 100,000!”

He finally solved it.

“Fufufu, I won.”

Yes, Ryo won.


All that was left was to generate a large number of ice crystals formed from a combination of these 90,000 water molecules.

Normally even that was difficult enough.

But for Ryo, although he was unaware of it, his manipulation of molecules had greatly improved his mastery of magic control.

In just 10 seconds, he produced a heap of ice abrasives on his left hand.


He made an image in his head.

He imagined cutting rocks while mixing the abrasive on his left hand into the Water Jet little by little.

“<Abrasive Jet>”

When Ryo chanted, a thin line of water stretched out from his right hand and met a one-meter-wide rock in front of him and passed through to the other side with almost no resistance. He brandished his arm to the side.




The rock was cut.


Finally, Ryo acquired a water sword that could cut through rocks.


On Earth, ice abrasives did not have this cutting power.

The reasoning for that was because 『Ice is fragile』.

Garnet was excellent as an abrasive because of its 『Hardness』.

In the past, there was a Japanese researcher who tried utilizing garnet, ice, or walnut shells as abrasive … around the time when abrasive jets just started being commercialized.

The conclusion was that the other materials apart from garnet were unsuitable for practical use.

Since then, several experiments and papers have been published and much verification have been conducted such as the size of the abrasive material, the phenomenon occurring at the contact point, the optimal hardness of the various parts and such, and the machines were still evolving day-by-day. These were the Water Jet and Abrasive Jet.


However, Ryo’s ‘Magically hardened ice’ that Earth researchers could never achieve, was proven to be a sufficiently practical material as an abrasive.

It could be said to exist purely due to the presence of magic on 『Phi』.


Magic creates possibilities to do things that were not possible on Earth.

On Earth, matters that are theoretically possible but still impossible to realize could be made possible using magic … Ryo had shown that possibility.

Of course, Ryo himself was completely unaware of it.


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