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WM V1C0025

Chapter 0025 Dragon

Translator: Tseirp


The day after the battle to the death with One Eye, Ryo returned to the battlefield.

He didn’t have any specific reason for doing so. It was on a whim.

Seeing the battlefield once more, he finally felt a sense of victory.


But that was not a place for joy …


Something landed in front of Ryo.

Ryo’s mind turned blank the moment he saw it.

Except for just one phrase.

The end.


(Dragon ……)


A dragon that shined red and had a total body length of 50 meters.

His mind was entirely blank but it started spinning at high speed after a few seconds.

(Why is a dragon here? No, that doesn’t matter right now. I have to do something to escape. No, is it even possible to escape? That is impossible no matter how I look at it. Fight? No, impossible. Even if the world is overturned, it is impossible to fight that. There’s too much of a difference in our class as living organisms. No joke, it could kill me with just the tip of its little finger.)

He was thinking desperately so he didn’t catch it.


<<The human there.>>

The voice that spoke directly into Ryo’s mind.

<<Mumu? Wasn’t this the method for telepathy with humans? It’s been a long time so I don’t remember. Human, can you hear me?>>

“Eh? What? I hear something?”

Ryo finally returned to reality.

<<Ah, so you can hear me. It’s me, the dragon in front of you.>>

“This is telepathy … Ah, yes I’m sorry, my mind was shaken. I can hear you.”

<<That’s great that’s great, sorry for surprising you. I have something to ask you. Have you seen a bird that evolved from an Assassin Hawk around here?>>

“Eh …..”


He had more than seen it.

So much so that it was probably the One Eye that Ryo killed the day before.


On one hand, it didn’t seem like it would be possible to lie and on the other hand, even if he did, it would be a disaster once he was exposed.

“Yes, I have.”


Ryo replied and told the truth.


Everything from his fated connection with the one-eyed Assassin Hawk to the result of yesterday’s battle.

“If it was your kin, I am terribly sorry. I apologize.”

Ryo said and lowered his head.

<<Umu, I see. So you killed it.>>

The dragon replied and thought for a while before opening its mouth. No, it spoke with telepathy.

<<It’s okay, it was not my kin. It was just that the bird’s reaction suddenly disappeared yesterday. I would have known if someone from the dragon tribe ate it but that didn’t seem to be the case. I was curious as to why it disappeared so I came down from the mountain.”

It said and looked up at the east mountain.


Yes, the mountain that Ryo thought ‘Seems like there would be dragons living there’ actually had dragons living there.

“I see. I certainly did kill that one-eyed Assassin Hawk.”

<<I’m content with knowing the cause of its disappearance. It was the first evolution in hundreds of years in this forest. But you were able to beat it. Didn’t it negate magic?>>

“Yes, it did! That was terrible! I’m a magician so magic nullification is breaking the rules.”

Yup yup, the dragon nodded.


Then, its gaze suddenly stopped at Ryo’s waist.

<<That thing on your waist … what a rare item you have.>>


Ryo took out Murasame and showed it.

By now, the initial fear of the dragon had disappeared.

Ryo’s nerves may be thicker than he thinks.


<<Oo, it is the Fairy King’s sword.>>

“Fairy King? This was given to me by the Dullahan that appeared every night at the lake in the northern wetlands …”

In Irish folklore, Dullahans are fairies.

<<I don’t know about Dullahans but if it gave that to you then that was the Fairy King. The one in this forest is the Water Fairy King, I’m sure of it.>>

“Ah, I am a Water Attribute Magician so it gave it to me. Thanks to this sword, I was able to survive yesterday.”

<<I see, a Water Magician. That’s why the Fairy King favors you. But the Fairy King didn’t teach you Water Magic?>>

“Eh? No … it taught me swordsmanship and did not show magic to me even once …”

<<What? You’re a Water Magician but you learned the sword from the Water Fairy King? Not Water Magic? We-well, I’m not sure so maybe there is a relationship to it … That Fairy King has also lived for hundreds of thousands of years like us … At any rate, since you were given a sword, it certainly favors you. It’s not a bad thing.>>

Fufufu, Ryo didn’t know what was interesting but the Dragon laughed.

“Um, I have some questions to ask but …”

<<Mu? I don’t mind, you can ask me anything.>>

The dragon nodded magnanimously.


“I wish to know the size of this Rondo Forest and what kind of place it is.”

<<What a vague question. Never mind. This forest, right, Rondo … yes that is what they call it since long ago. I can’t tell you the size. Since I do not know your units of measurement.>>

“Ah, that’s right, that is correct … sorry.”

<<Umu. That said, in terms of size, it is about the size of a small continent. In the past, it was also called the Rondo subcontinent.>>

“Continent …”

Ryo failed to imagine it.

Well, he did wish to Michael (pseudonym) for ‘a slow life where there are no people’ … but this was too extreme.


<<A subcontinent. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides: east, south and west. To the north, there is a mountain range that runs from northwest to southeast and another that collides into it from the east to west. You can say that it perfectly covers the north side of this subcontinent. Therefore, humans do not come this way from the human settlements in the north. To my knowledge, you are the only person currently living in this Rondo subcontinent.>>

Wahahahaha, the dragon laughed out loud.


“So this is such an isolated world …”

<<Hm, you’ve lived here without knowing? In the first place, where did you come from?>>

It wasn’t something to hide in particular so Ryo told it that he was reincarnated from a different world.

<<That’s something rare too … occasionally people from other worlds come but …>>

At that moment, a roar was heard coming from the east.

<<Mumu, sorry but I have been called. I wanted to talk a little more but we’ll meet again.>>

After saying that, it stood up ready to fly off.


“U-um, please at least tell me your name. I am Ryo.”

<<Ryo huh? I am Ruwin. We shall meet again, Ryo. Ah, but don’t come close to the east mountain. Some dragons attack without asking questions.>>

Ruwin said before flying off to the east.


“Phew … dragons have such oppressive force. I wonder if its position is like a gatekeeper who surveys the surroundings … That’s why it had such a presence … I can’t imagine the top rank of that mountain. Yeah, I will make sure to keep away.”

He once again vowed strongly to his heart.


On the other hand, Ruwin, the 『Dragon King』, headed for the east mountain.

<<Even so, he was such a strange man. Or was he really human? Are there such humans? That’s the first time I’ve seen something like that in hundreds of thousands of years. Or was he a human mutant or an evolved species? I’ve never heard of such a thing though … Kukuku, anyway it is interesting. Even after living for so long, there are still things that I don’t understand … I think I can see why the Fairy King has his eyes on him. Thousands of years have passed since it came to this subcontinent … I think it was excited to meet something interesting after a long time too, umu, I can understand that feeling. However, I shouldn’t interfere too much, it would be a waste. Watching as a bystander seems to be the most fun, wahahahaha.>>


It was a long time before Ryo met Ruwin again.

As for the Dullahan who seems to be the Fairy King, Ryo would continue to practice swordsmanship as usual tonight.

Yes, being taught Water Magic … didn’t happen after all.


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