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Chapter 0034 Abel’s Sacrifice

Translator: Tseirp


The next day, early morning.

The previous night’s lookout was Ryo for the first half and Abel for the second half too.


When Ryo woke up in the morning, Abel wasn’t in front of the bonfire.


He was swinging his sword in the distance.

His appearance was so sophisticated that it wouldn’t feel strange to called it a 『Sword Dance』.

Slowly, but without a momentary delay, the sword was swung to verify the body’s movements.

It was completely different from the basic movements in Ryo’s Kendo or Japanese swordsmanship.

However, those movements fascinated Ryo, even as an outsider of the swordsmanship of 『Phi』.


Swordsmanship achieved by carefully pilling on every foundation and basics.

That may be the outcome of a person who has both the natural talent and the fruits of their efforts.

Perhaps Abel himself didn’t think that he was working hard.

‘This is the norm’ ‘Just ordinary’ … he probably thought that as he swung his sword … even though it would look to others that he was working hard.


Just because you make an effort does not mean that you will get the results you want, when you want them.

Therefore, some people say, ‘Even if you make an effort, you will not be rewarded.’

It’s saddening.


But to Ryo. He believed that hard work does not betray you.


It was certainly not always possible to get the desired result at the desired timing.

However, the result of the effort will surely come.

That said, it was also true that it wouldn’t make sense to some no matter how many times you say it … After all, people may not understand it unless they experience it.


People believe what they want to believe … that’s the kind of creatures people are.


Ryo watched Abel’s 『Sword Dance』 and thought that if people looked at a person like Abel up close, it might change them a little.

While fascinated and impressed, Ryo unknowingly analyzed and remembered each of Abel’s movements.


“Oh, Ryo, you’re awake?”

After finishing a series of movements, Abel called out to Ryo.

Of course, Abel had noticed that Ryo had been watching for a long time.

He was watching quietly and he wanted to move his body a little more, so he kept swinging his sword.

He had been used to being watched from a long time ago so it didn’t really bother him.


“It’s amazing. I thought Abel’s sword was nice, but it’s really sophisticated and beautiful.”

Ryo praised him from the bottom of his heart.

“Stop it. I’ve been doing it for a long time, so I just remembered with my body. I’ve sweat a little so I’ll go wash up in the river.”

(Ah, was he training in the morning because there was a river nearby? If he could bathe in the river, I wouldn’t have to use <Shower>. Abel is considerate for various things.)


For breakfast, they baked and ate the fish that Abel caught while bathing.

Breakfast was crucial.

That was an enduring fact from ancient times.


“The river seems to be flowing from the north, so perhaps we can try traveling upstream along the river?”

“Yes, I thought that was a good plan too.”

(Maybe …)

Ryo thought to himself and decided to disclose the information to Abel.


“Abel, this land we are in is surrounded by the sea on three sides, east, south, and west.”

“Oh, so that’s why we’re heading north?”

“Yes. However, there is a mountain range in the north. And another mountain range that spans from the east to west that intersects with it. That forms a sort of lid that covers the north. And humans live beyond that mountain range, on the northern side.”

Abel had suspicions when he heard that.

“Ryo, I do not doubt you but … where is that information from?”

“It’s better not to ask. Just know that it is information from a being that is beyond human comprehension.”


With that said, Ryo stared fixedly at Abel.

At times like these, the eyes speak as much as the mouth.

He shouldn’t look away.

Looking at how Ryo was acting, Abel nodded.

“Okay, if that’s what Ryo says, I believe you. Either way, there’s no other information to rely on.”

“Thank you, Abel.”

Ryo said and bowed his head.

“No, I’m the grateful one. If you’re saying this at this timing, do you think that the river may be flowing from the mountain range to the north?”

“That’s right. Well, it’s just a possibility. For now, keep in mind we’ll eventually have to cross the mountains as we head north.”

“All right.”


The two walked along the river toward the north.

After walking for a while, they encountered a Horn Bison drinking water.

The cow monster Ryo saw a long time ago that pierced a crocodile at a river near his house.


That Horn Bison was mercilessly hunted by Abel for lunch that day.

Ryo remembered when he met the Horn Bison.

It gouged the crocodile but there were piranhas in that river.

However, it seemed that there were no such devilish fish in this river.

Otherwise, Abel would have been eaten by piranhas as of last evening.

Ryo was only aware now that he had asked for something terrifying when he thought about it.


“Hey, Ryo.”

“Eh, oh, what’s wrong with Abel?”

“Are you hiding something inconvenient for me?”

(Is he an esper!)

In Ryo’s heart, his face reflected the expression of the graphic novel-like 『Scream』 portrait.

At times like these, it was best to dodge the question.


At times like these, the eyes speak as much as the mouth.

He shouldn’t look away.


“I- I have completely no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, your eyes are looking at me straight, but you’re sweating, your words are shaking, I can tell even if I try not to, right?”

Abel was staring at Ryo intently.


After that, Ryo desperately tried to dodge the issue, but after a while, he gave up and told Abel about the Horn Bison and Piranha.

“So there are such terrifying fishes …”

“Of course, I didn’t intentionally offer Abel as a sacrifice, okay?”

“Obviously … well, there weren’t such fishes yesterday or this morning, so perhaps they are not found in this river … Ryo, do you have anything else you should be telling me? Don’t hide any other information that could be life-threatening for me. Is that okay?”

“Yes, okay. I will give Abel all the information I know.”


Of course, that was a lie.


He didn’t tell him anything about the Dragon or Dullahan.

However, those were decided by Ryo as matters that would be better not told, different from the piranha incident that he had completely forgotten about and did not tell him.

Ryo arbitrarily decided it that way.


It goes without saying that Abel entered the river more carefully than yesterday when procuring food in the river that evening.


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    He doesn’t tell him about the fact that a dragon warned him not to come.near the mountains? Don’t know why he’s hiding his encounter with the dragon.

    It also makes zero sense that Ryo wouldn’t ask Abel to spar with swords. Ryo trained with a damn undead for 20 years. You’d think he’d be stoked to train with an actual human, or just curious.

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