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WM V1C0035

Chapter 0035 Great Monster Battle

Translator: Tseirp


Ryo and Abel were in a difficult situation.


“Abel, what is that …”

It was quite a distance ahead, but some giant creature was lying along the river.

“That’s the first time I’m seeing one, but I think it’s a Behemoth …”

Abel answered quietly.


Of course, thinking with common sense, it was not a distance where it could hear them even if they talked normally, but it still made them think that they should talk softly.

If they made a mistake and it attacked …

“Abel, seems like you can hunt it.”

“There is no way!”


A huge monster with a total height of well over 100 meters.

And if it truly was a Behemoth, even if it was not a Dragon, they have not been reported to come in contact with people for more than a hundred years.

At least in the Kingdom of Knightley, no such report had been made.

“With such a gigantic body, it seems that it can easily block that free-falling Ice Wall 10 layers that I used against the Rock Golems.”

Ryo seemed to be having a little more fun than Abel, who had cold sweats and was keeping his voice down.


To Ryo, It was a sight that he could never see when he was on Earth.

And it was a creature that did not exist on Earth.

Sure, he understood that there was a danger to their lives, but at the same time, he also realized that he was a little excited.

“First of all, it doesn’t seem like it will work. Ryo, definitely don’t try it, okay?”

“Sheesh, Abel, don’t you think I’m such a crazy person?”

“Yeah, I do.”

Abel nodded greatly.

Ryo was shocked to see that.


Then, Ryo noticed something.

Something was approaching from the northern sky.

“Abel, something is coming from the sky over there.”

Abel looked at the northern sky as he was told.

Even Abel, who had good eyesight, could see something approaching, but he could not tell what it was clearly.


It was not clear but to be able to tell that 『something』 was flying from this distance, it was definitely a bird.

“Dragon …?”

“No, their hands are wings, so they are Wyverns to be exact.”

“Oh, the backward compatible version of Dragons!”

What a terrible way of putting it.


“Six Wyverns…”


There were many eyewitness accounts of Wyverns in the central countries.

And there were quite a few cases where caravans and villages had been attacked.

Although incomparable to a Dragon, they were still not something that adventurers and knights could manage with just a few people. Of course, that was against one Wyvern.

Now they were looking at six…


“Those Wyverns … their goal is …”

“Yeah. That Behemoth.”

“We get to watch a great monster battle!”

“No … it will be overwhelmingly tough for the Behemoth…”

Abel expressed his view.


Abel had participated in Wyvern subjugations several times before.

Therefore, he knew the strength and troublesomeness of Wyverns.

“I don’t think Behi-chan will lose so easily!”

Before he knew it, Ryo had named it Behi-chan.

Well, surely, if you ignore its huge size, it looked like a hippopotamus so you can’t… can’t…can’t say that it’s not adorable.


“Attacking with numbers against just one target, they are a disgrace to the Dragon’s way.”

“Dragon’s way … Well, that’s true but they have an overwhelmingly advantage to be able to attack from the air. Wyverns can use Wind-Attribute Magic. Especially invisible attack spells like Air Slash and the superior spell Sonic Blade which is a bigger threat.”

“Sonic blade! Sonic blade from three body clones and a charging attack at the same time!”


That tactic he calls a breakdown rush was something Ryo was particular about.


“Body clones are definitely impossible … and I have not heard of Sonic Blade accompanied by a charging attack?”

Abel seriously answered Ryo’s delusions. He was a good guy.


The Behemoth that was lying down also began getting up to deal with the imminent threat.

Specifically, it just got on to its hands and knees.

The Behemoth on the ground and six Wyverns hovering in the air, the distance between them were about 40 meters.


The Wyverns initiated the fight.

They flapped their wings and seemingly attacked with Air Slashes.

Ryo and Abel could only guess that they were Air Slashes because the slight air distortion caused by the casting of an Air Slash was not visible from that distance.

However, the Behemoth probably could recognize all the Air Slashes, including the number and trajectory of the shots.

Six human-head-sized pebbles instantly formed around the Behemoth.

As soon as they were created, the pebbles were released and accurately intercepted all the Air Slashes.



“As expected of Behi-chan!”

“The next attack will likely be the ranged attack, Sonic Blade.”

Based on his past experience with Wyverns, Abel predicted the next move of the Wyverns.

“The trouble with Sonic Blade is that it splits into multiple blades after launch.”

“A saturation attack utilizing the power of numbers? Wind magic is terrible!”

There was nothing more troublesome than a spell that splits before landing.

As Abel envisioned, six Sonic Blades were fired from the six Wyverns.

Unlike Air Slash, Sonic Blade was a visible Wind-Attribute attack magic.

The six wind blades heading for Behemoth split into dozens of smaller blades after crossing half the distance.

But that may have been within the Behemoth’s expectations.

The Behemoth did not intercept with pebbles but created a huge stone wall in front of him from the ground.

The stone wall protected against all the Sonic Blades.

“I heard that the Behemoth was a monster of the earth, but I didn’t expect it to manipulate Earth-Attribute Magic so well.”

“I was expecting a melee battle but it turned out to be a magic battle.”

“In any case, it lacks a decisive hit.”


The Wyverns, which were gathered in one place when they attacked, began to move and formed a circle to surround the Behemoth.

“It can’t possibly defend against attacks from all directions with the stone wall just now, what will it do?”

“Ku … Good luck Behi-chan.”


When the Wyverns completed the circle and were about to release the Sonic Blades, Ryo felt a sense of discomfort.

That sense of discomfort was centered on the Behemoth.


Of course, he didn’t know the reason or the cause.

He didn’t know but it felt strange.

However, he had felt that sense of strangeness before.


That discomfort rapidly spread from around the Behemoth and quickly encompassed the Wyverns.

The moment the Wyverns entered that zone, the Sonic Blades, which were about to be launched, were canceled and the Wyverns crashed to the ground.

From the hovering state, they crashed as if they had lost lift in an instant…

“Paralysis? And in all directions?”

“No … it’s not that.”


When Abel looked at Ryo, Ryo’s face was a little pale.


“That’s probably magic nullification.”

Yes, the discomfort that Ryo had felt before was the magical nullification that the one-eyed Assassin Hawk seemed to have acquired after evolution.


The Wyverns probably flew using magic.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to hover with such large bodies.

Gliding might be possible but hovering in the air would be impossible.

And that magic was sealed by the Behemoth and they crashed.

Although their magic was sealed so they can’t fly or attack with wind magic, they should be able to move if they were not paralyzed.


With that thought in mind, he saw that some of the grounded Wyverns got up and still displayed a fighting stance.

“Magic nullification? Making it impossible to use magic? Such a thing is possible? I’ve never heard of monsters using that, not to mention human Magicians. That’s impossible.”

“Look. The fallen Wyverns are up. If they were paralyzed, they shouldn’t be able to move after they fall.”

“I see, you’re right. But magic nullification… that kind of thing … seems more likely to be a dungeon trap …”


Speaking of fantasy, dungeons!


“Is there a dungeon in the Kingdom of Knightley?”

“Oh, there is. The only dungeon in the central countries.”

Ryo got excited when he heard it.

“That’s wonderful! So there is a dungeon trap with magic nullification.”

“I’ve never heard of such a trap in the dungeon in the kingdom. There apparently is such a trap in a dungeon in the western countries. A room with magic nullification space.”

“Hoho. If there are dungeons, it won’t be strange to see monsters appear.”

“No, I think that’s strange enough …”

Abel frowned and shook his head.


“Is Ryo interested in dungeons?”

“Of course. I want to dive into one someday.”

“Then, you’re in luck. The only dungeon in the central countries is in the City of Rune we are heading to.”

That information came as a surprise for Ryo.

“What … Why did Abel keep silent about that until now!”

“Well, even if you say that … I didn’t know that Ryo was so interested in dungeons …”


The fight continued on the battlefield while the two were talking.

However, it is more of a one-sided trampling than a battle …

The Wyverns lost their overwhelmingly advantageous position in the air, could not use attack magic, and could not fly.

On the other hand, the Behemoth was a sufficient threat with its huge body alone.

No matter what physical attack the Wyverns made, the Behemoth was not hurt.

What’s more, the Wyverns couldn’t use magic but the Behemoth could use it without any issues.

While trampling on one of the Wyverns with its foot, it hit a wyvern at the rear with stone to prevent it from escaping.


The one-sided battle was over in less than five minutes.

Six Wyvern corpses were lying there.

“We’ve seen something scary.”

“Yeah, the Behemoth is terrifying.”

Before the battle, Abel thought that the Wyvern had an overwhelming advantage, but he never imagined that it would be such a one-sided development.

Abel swore firmly in his heart that he absolutely did not want to fight that.

“Now, the second round is Abel vs. Behi-chan.”

“Don’t joke around!”


The two intently gave the Behemoth, which was eating the Wyverns, a wide berth.


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