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Chapter 0045 Abel’s Report

Translator: Tseirp


“Well then, we’ll be venturing into the dungeon. Ryo and Amon, good luck with the lecture.”

Niels and Etho left to venture into the dungeon.


They all ate breakfast at the cafeteria linked to the guild.

The taste was a little inferior to that of the Golden Wave Pavilion, but he was grateful that it was delicious enough and cheap.


Moreover, refills were free.


Ryo was thankful for the free refill of breakfast, regardless if it was at Golden Wave Pavilion or the guild’s dining room.

It was something similar to the breakfast buffet at business hotels on Earth.

Breakfast was very important after all.



Ryo and Amon ate their fill and headed to the lecture room on the third floor of the guild main building.

The lecture room was a staircase-shaped room that rose toward the back, similar to a university lecture room.


It was about five minutes before the 9 o’clock bell rang, but there were about ten people inside.

The two sat in the second row from the front.

(There’s less than I expected.)

However, just five minutes before the start, nearly twenty people came in, and in the end, about thirty attendees took their seats.

In that way, the five-day 『Dungeon Beginner Course』 began.



“That’s not possible.”

While Ryo was taking the beginner’s course with his roommate Amon, the members of 『Crimson Sword』 were in the dining room linked to the guild.


Originally, it was a discussion about the schedule after tomorrow, but it became a story about Abel’s return, and from there it became a story of Ryo’s Water-Attribute Magic.

“Well, even if you say it isn’t possible … it actually happened.”

When Abel explained Ryo’s magic, the Wind-Attribute Magician Rin promptly denied it.


“Sure, there is a magic called Ice Wall among Water-Attribute Magic. But it is thin enough to be torn by the wind Air Slash. Well, that’s not that big a deal, creating an Ice Wall in the air and then dropping it … that’s definitely impossible.”


Rin emphasized with a fork in one hand.


“Listen? Magic can only be generated around the caster. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Water-Attribute Magic, Wind-Attribute Magic, or Fire-Attribute Magic. It is not possible to generate magic or cause magical phenomena in a place away from the caster.”

“Ah, yes……”

Abel couldn’t say anything in face of Rin’s assertion.


“Well, calm down a little, at least that was how it looked like to Abel.”

Rihya soothed the excited Rin with a bitter smile.

“You should know too, Rihya. That magic can only be generated near the caster. It is common sense among common sense. But Abel …”

“Yeah. Light Magic can only be generated near the caster, and during treatment, it can only be used on targets that are close to you. It would be extremely convenient if it was possible to treat people who are far away … but I think it’s impossible.”

Rihya also pondered with her head tilted.


“I see … well, that’s what happened. This yellow magic stone was the one I got from the Golem at that time.”

Abel explained about the yellow palm-sized magic stone taken from the Rock Golem.


“Nevertheless, it’s a really big magic stone. What do you plan to do with it?”

“Ryo told me that I could do whatever I wanted with it because I was the one who defeated it …”

Abel certainly did defeat the Rock Golem that he kicked, from which they extracted the magic stone.

“Abel feels sorry for Ryo, right? But if it’s that big, won’t the royal family want it? But you can’t sell it and split the profit.”

“You’re right.”

Abel agreed with Rihya’s point.


“Hmm? You can get money if you offer it to the royal family. Can’t you just give half of it to Ryo?”

Rin chimed in without understanding what the problem was.


“I can get the money, but I’ll have to report to whom I give it. At that point, I’ll end up giving Ryo’s name and he would be in a difficult situation … Sure, Ryo has registered with the Adventurer’s Guild in the City of Rune, but he is not a citizen of the Kingdom of Knightley. An outstanding talent like him, not only His Majesty the King, the people around him will also try to pull him into the Kingdom.”

“That’s if they believe half of what Abel was saying. But even then, is that a bad thing?”

Rin nodded and asked.


“Half … is there no trust in me … No, well, if Ryo doesn’t agree to it … an outstanding talent like that would leave the City of Rune and flow to other countries …”

“Oh, I see, that will be a big loss for the City of Rune. It would also be a loss for the Kingdom of Knightley, which controls the City of Rune. It would be the worst if his destination was the Empire.”


“Well, he won’t choose the Empire.”

He was confident in only that. Abel thought to himself.


“Why not the Empire?”

“Yeah, isn’t the Empire the best choice?”

Rihya and Rin raised questions.


“The official name of the Empire is the Debuhi Empire.”

Rihya and Rin nodded to Abel’s explanation.

“Ryo said that the country’s name 『Debuhi』 is not cool. So he said he hates the Empire. He won’t migrate to the Empire.”


Yes, neither Rihya nor Rin could understand.


The country’s name was not cool so he won’t migrate.

(I don’t understand either, but I think that was a part that Ryo would never give up.)

It was Abel who somehow thought so.


“While Abel wasn’t around, we didn’t venture into the dungeon and completed some requests on the surface. Well, we also did the requests that we couldn’t refuse.”

“Ah, I’m sorry, everyone.”

Abel bowed while sitting.


“I’m just glad you came back safely. So the reward from that time will be divided into four equal parts and put in each account. Remember to check it later.”

“No, I wasn’t there and it inconvenienced everyone, so I wish to split my share to the three of you.”

“What are you talking about? You can’t do that.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Rin nodded too.

Warren, who listened without opening his mouth the entire time, remained silent but nodded.


“I see. By the way, I also gained some income. We couldn’t collect the magic stones and materials from the monsters that we defeated on the way back, but we at least collected the Wyvern magic stones. I have requested Guilmas to sell them. I’ll split it to everyone when the money enters my account.”

“… What?”

“… Wyvern?”


All three of them couldn’t grasp their head around it.


That was natural.

It was a monster that could only be subdued with more than 20 adventurers.

Defeating such a monster …


“Abel, did you help with a Wyvern subjugation request on the way?”

Rihya asked the natural question.

“No. As I said, I came back over the Devil’s Mountain, but that Devil’s Mountain had a Wyvern’s nest on the south side, so we had to defeat them to return. As expected, it was too wasteful to defeat Wyvern and not collect magic stones, so we only collected the Wyvern magic stones.”

“In other words … Abel and Ryo defeated Wyverns, with just two people?”

Imagining the scene, both Rihya’s face and Rin’s face turned pale.

“Yeah. Ryo pierced their wings with ice spears, and when they fell to the ground, I pierced their eyes.”

“Pierce their wings … Wyverns have a 『Wind Defense Film』 that covers the whole body, so magic will usually be repelled …”


Rin said quietly, with a look that said she couldn’t believe it.

It was as if she was asking herself.


“Hmm? That’s right now that you mention it. Hmm, but he pierced it.”

Abel also tilted his head.

“Such powerful magic … is impossible even for Master Ilarion.”

Rin shook her head and denied it.


“Yeah. A person capable of that … perhaps the Explosive Blaze Magician I’ve heard rumors of.”

“Yes, the Empire’s … Explosive Blaze Magician.”

Both Rihya and Rin had only heard rumors.


It was said, a single strike from him burned down 1,000 kingdom troops.

It was said, a single strike from him blew apart a Wyvern.

It was said, a single strike from him extinguished a city where there was an uprising.



Honestly, Rihya and Rin’s impressions were as if such a Magician existed, but … as long as it was a grim fact that 1,000 kingdom troops were burned to death; it was true that such a terrifying Magician existed.


“Explosive Blaze Magician … I definitely don’t want to face him on the battlefield.”

After traveling with Ryo, Abel was keenly aware.

Such Magicians must not be made into an enemy.


To be honest, he never thought so before.

Rin, his party member, could be said to be a high-level Magician in the Kingdom.

However, even if Rin was the enemy, Abel was confident that he could defeat her without much effort.

He would have a hard time against Ilarion, his 『gramps』 and one of the Kingdom’s greatest Magicians, but he believed that he would be the last one standing in the end.


However, Ryo was trouble.


First, he could cast magic without chanting.

He didn’t know why, but even Abel realized that Ryo was just saying some suitable chant whenever he cast magic.

(I’m sure it’s because he finds it cool.)


Abel’s reasoning was on the point.


Leaving that aside, he produced magic without chanting and the generation speed was extraordinary.

Honestly, Abel didn’t know if he could even destroy that Ice Wall with his Perfect Pierce.

What’s more, he could attack with ice spears while standing on the other side of the Ice Wall.

There was nothing more cheat than that.


First of all, at this stage, Abel had no idea how to defeat him.

Moreover, Ryo said after arriving in the city.

“I can also fight in close quarters.”

(No, He’s probably kidding. Even though I can’t see myself winning when facing just the 『Magician』 part, if he can handle close combat too … Yeah, he’s definitely out of the standard. The conclusion is that the existence of Ryo itself is extraordinary.)


And another extraordinary Magician who was said to be in the Empire.

The Explosive Blaze Magician.


Yup … In the end, Magicians should not be made into an enemy.


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