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Chapter 0047 Victory Celebration

Translator: Tseirp


“Then, to celebrate the end of Ryo and Amon’s course, cheers!”


In the dining room attached to the guild, a celebration was held by the four people from Room 10 of the dormitory.


That said, the cafeteria did not serve alcohol nor could they bring some in.

In the first place, Amon was still a minor so he couldn’t drink alcohol either.

And so, all four of them had juices instead.


Niles and Ryo had apple-like Rindo juice, while Etho and Amon had orange juice.

Both were good for the body so they were quite popular with men and women adventurers.


“Not only that, hunting a Soldier Ant in your first dungeon dive during the course’s practical … not bad, the two of you.”

Etho said with a grin.


“No, I only dealt the final blow; it was thanks to Ryo who stopped its movements.”

Amon said bashfully while holding a piece of chicken.


“Amon, you were able to defeat it with a proper swing of your blade so there is no need to be humble.”

Ryo praised Amon while eating a beef-like steak.


“Well, in any case, all is well since you guys were able to get a magic stone.”

Niles laughed heartily while holding a bone-in chicken thigh in each hand.


The food in the guild cafeteria was delicious.

And the serving was also large.

Although it was a restaurant that could be used not only by adventurers but also by the residents of the City of Rune, since the main customers were adventurers, the fundamental portions were huge.


“Our party will be taking a break tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but what do the two of you plan to do?”

After finishing each dish, Etho asked Ryo and Amon while drinking a refill of his juice.

It was Friday night. Niles’ party rested on Saturdays and Sundays.


“I’d like to dive into the dungeon a little … but going alone is a bit … should I look for a random party?”

Amon was motivated because he didn’t want to forget the sensation he felt today.


“Amon, so fired up! That’s how a vanguard should be!”

Niles, as a Swordsman, seemed to care about Amon, who was an Apprentice Swordsman, as fellow vanguards.

“I understand your feelings, but there are many hits and misses when joining random parties …”

Etho did not recommend finding a random party.


“If that’s the case, do you want to dive with me? I’m thinking of taking a look up until the third floor.”

“Really!? Yes please, I would love to!”

Amon hopped onto Ryo’s suggestion immediately.

“I’m a little worried that there were ants on the first floor.”

“Yeah, typically we only see things like bats on the first floor. Now that I think about it, didn’t we come across a Soldier Ant on the first floor too?”

“Yes, we did. When I asked the guild, it seemed that there had been occasional reports of encounters with Soldier Ants on the first or second floors in the past six months.”

Etho seemed to have sought confirmation with the guild.


“Why are ants appearing even though they shouldn’t be there?”

“That’s because the ants are digging holes vertically and crawling up.”



Niles, Etho, and Amon were surprised by the sudden intruder and looked toward the voice.


“Abel, I’m not impressed that you would scare newcomers as a veteran.”

Only Ryo wasn’t surprised because he was aware of the signs that Abel was approaching.

“Scare … I’m pretty sure all I did was answer the newcomer’s question accurately.”

Abel sighed while making a bitter face.


“You guys are Ryo’s roommates, right? I’m Abel. Ryo’s strength isn’t bad, but he has a personality problem, so please try to put up with it.”

“Abel, are you trying to start a fight?”


A provocation coming from Abel. Ryo accepted it and stood up.

Of course, they were just fooling around.

“Ah, Abel … Abel from Crimson Sword! I’m Niles, a Swordsman. I’m just a fledgling F-rank adventurer who recently came to Rune, but you’re my idol! If it’s not too much to ask, could I please shake hands with you …”

Niles, who was feeling nervous, stood up stiffly at attention and introduced himself to Abel.

“Oh, of course.”

Abel held Niles’ hand and replied.


“Do your best. But don’t overdo it. After all, survival is paramount for adventurers, especially in dungeons.”

(I think the reason why Abel is so popular is that he can say these kinds of things smoothly while shaking hands.)

Ryo thought to himself.


“Anyway, why is Abel in the guild at this time?”


It was close to 8 pm.

Typically adventurers would finish their reports to the guild by about 6 pm and then either return home or go out for a drink.

In that case, it was quite unimaginable to see them in the guild near 8 pm.


“Oh, I was significantly delayed by the request I picked up. I just only arrived back.”

Just as Abel explained, a voice echoed from behind Abel.

“Ah~! Abel, here you are!”

It was Rin, Abel’s Magician party member.

“Abel, didn’t I tell you that you have to report to the Guild Master. Don’t run away.”

The priest, Rihya, called out from behind.


“No, you see, as a veteran, it is my duty to give guidance to newcomers …”

“I’m sorry, Ryo and others. I’ll take Abel. Warren, hold Abel.”

After Rin said that, Warren, the Shield-Bearer, lightly lifted Abel onto his shoulder.


Abel was also quite tall, at about 190 centimeters, but Warren, who could be said to be a giant standing over 2 meters tall, could “lightly” lift him.


“No, wait, Warren. I can walk on my own. Hey, put me down.”

Seeing the scene, laughter rose from the surroundings.

“Ryo, I’m sorry. We have to report to the Guild Master, so we’ll take Abel.”

As usual, Rihya’s voice sounded like ringing bells.


“Yes, of course. He’s the leader of the Crimson Sword so you can boil him or grill him however you wish.”

“Ryo, you traitor! I said let me down Warren.”


“That was … an amazing sight …”

Amon said very calmly.

“Oh, Rihya-san, just like an angel …”

Etho was muttering something.

“Abel-san is really cool.”

Nile was lost in his own world.


Was there even a ‘cool’ element just now …


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