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Chapter 0049 South Library

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Sunday, the next day.

As expected, it would not be a good idea to dive into the dungeon for two days in a row, so Amon started his training immediately.


In the early morning, he did practice swings before breakfast and after breakfast, he ran at the adventurer’s guild’s outdoor training ground throughout the morning.

Of course, he didn’t have much stamina yet so he ran slowly.

However, he did not stop and even if he had to walk sometimes, he kept moving for the time being.


It was also what Ryo used to do in the Rondo Forest a long time ago.


The motivated figure of the youngest member had a positive effect on the seniors.

Seeing Amon running, Niles and Etho also started running.

That said, the frail priest Etho immediately dropped out …


Incidentally, Ryo did not join them.

If they got a glimpse of Ryo’s bottomless stamina, they might even be discouraged!

However, he didn’t join them not because he was thinking about such things, but because he just had something else he wanted to do.


It was to find out about alchemy.


In the City of Rune, there were two large libraries, one in the south and one in the north.

The library in the south, which was close to the Adventurer’s Guild, had many books for beginners and the general public.

Ryo was told that, so he decided to go to the South Library first.


There was a large square in front of the library and also a fairly large bookstore next to it.

(There’s business to be made because loaning of books is prohibited by the library. So people would search for books in the library and buy them at the neighboring bookstore … a style of business that is unthinkable on Earth.)

The entrance fee to the library was 2,000 Florin.

If nothing went wrong, half of it, 1000 Florin, would be returned when he left.



The library was enormous.

Perhaps it was as big as the dome stadium that he was taken to when he was on Earth?

“This … I don’t think it’s possible to find it alone.”


He went back to the counter and asked for the location of introductory books related to alchemy.

“Please follow me.”

Then, a woman who seemed to be a librarian who was working near the counter guided him.

It seemed that it was far away from the counter.


They walked for more than five minutes and finally arrived.


“If you’re a complete beginner, I recommend reading this book and this one first. Also, as for beginner’s recipes … I think this is good.”

Then, the female librarian picked out three books for Ryo.


『Introduction to Alchemy』

『First Alchemy』

『Alchemy First Recipe Collection』

The authors were all Neil Andersen.


Ryo thanked her and moved to an empty seat with the three books.

The number of users was actually quite small.

The 1000 Florin fee was not cheap for the common people.


– All alchemy is performed through the use of magic circles or magic formulas.

-There are no restrictions on the materials used to draw the magic circle.

-The magic circle is activated for the first time by channeling the magic power through the magic circle that has been drawn.

– A magic circle can operate without receiving magical power supply from humans if the magic stone and the magic circle are connected and are very compatible.


And many other information.

Incidentally, it seemed that 『magic formula』 could only be used by advanced alchemists and above so it was not necessary at this stage. (TLN: ‘魔法式’ can either mean magic formula or magic ritual/ceremony)



『Introduction to Alchemy』and 『First Alchemy』 were for beginners, so they explained from a logical point of view why alchemy was possible, what it was good at and what it was not good at.


『Alchemy First Recipe Collection』 had both a collection of recipes and also simple magic circles that could be used for alchemy.

Towards the end of the recipe collection, he also found recipes and magic circles for a few potions.

However, there was also a cautionary note.

『Because there is a high risk of running out of magical power, do not attempt unless you are a skilled Magician.』

(Ah, so that’s why so few people make their own potions …)


Ryo didn’t know how much magical power a skilled Magician would have, but if a lot of magical power was needed to make a potion, adventurers would naturally find it better to buy them instead.

(Well, as alchemy practice, it would be better to make something I need, such as potions necessary in dungeons, rather than to make something I don’t need.)


HeI was also happy to see the recipe for an antidote.

It seemed that there were several ways to make potions, but there were also recipes that could be made with ingredients that were easily gathered in the dungeon.

(Although it may be hard to gather the ingredients on the surface, these materials could be gathered in the dungeon by exploring up to the 5th floor. This might be a lucky chance.)

In Ryo’s mind, he had already decided to buy 『Alchemy First Recipe Collection』 at the bookstore next door after leaving the library.

However, since he had already paid 2,000 Florin to enter the library, he decided to read up a little more.



In the end, Ryo left the library two hours later.

He went straight to the neighboring bookstore and found the 『Alchemy First Recipe Collection』 for sale.


But … the price was 100,000 Florin … 10 gold coins …


(So expensive … No, I guess that’s normal for a book … But anyway, the money I have isn’t enough.)

It was a problem, and when he was thinking about what to do, he suddenly thought of it.

(The guildmaster said that one would be bought by the feudal lord, so the gold for that would be deposited quickly … I wonder if it’s already in.)


With that in mind, Ryo walked towards the Adventurer’s Guild. It was just one block north.



In conclusion, Ryo was a little surprised to find the amount of money in his account.

It was purely from the sale of the Wyvern magic stone.

He probably didn’t have to work for money for quite some time.


There was no need to work hard for money … what a wonderful thing to hear!

It was fine to live however and do whatever he wanted … all hail Wyverns!


For the time being, Ryo took out about 15 gold coins and headed for the bookstore.

However, he noticed something when he left the guild.

(Eh? Isn’t it a little dark?)


The sun was out.

It was out, but … he felt that it was getting darker little by little.

(A solar eclipse …?)

The people of the City of Rune on the street also looked up at the sky with a hint of anxiety.



By the time Ryo arrived at the library square, the sun was completely hidden by the moon.


And the scenery of the world changed.


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