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Chapter 0052 Signs of Anomaly

Translator: Tseirp


“By the way Ryo, you said you went to the library today but what were you looking for?”

In the evening after returning from the public bath, the four were having their dinner at the guild cafeteria.


Compared to the Swordsman and Apprentice Swordsman, Etho, as a Priest, wondered what Ryo was investigating.

“I was looking up Alchemy.”

“Can Ryo do alchemy too?”

“No, I haven’t performed it before but there are some things I want to try when I have the chance.”



Ultimately, he wanted to make ice golems to cultivate the fields in the Rondo Forest.

However, that was a secret that Ryo kept to himself which he had not revealed to anyone yet.



“I’ve heard that you can make potions with alchemy but it consumes a lot of magical power …”

“Yes, I bought a recipe book for beginners and that book also wrote something like that.”

“You bought a book …?”



Niles stiffened.

Etho smiled bitterly.

Amon didn’t understand how much money was needed and just had an amazed look on his face.



“With the reward money I received for guiding Abel …”


“As expected, Abel-san! He can pay enough money to buy a book!”

To the Swordsman Niles, Abel was exactly the hero he admired.

“Rihya-san is truly an angel …”

For some reason, at the mention of Abel, Etho seemed to have thought of Rihya and muttered with red cheeks.

“Books sound expensive.”

Amon’s reaction was very common sense and Ryo was relieved to hear it.




“Right, Ryo, tomorrow we’ll be teaming up with Amon to dive into the dungeon as a party of three … How about Ryo come with us?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll have to decline. There are some things I want to do on the surface.”

Ryo bowed and refused.

“Oh, yeah, I thought you’d say that so don’t worry about it.”


Niles scratched his head and said.

Etho was also smiling wryly.


The difference in ability was too distinct. Between Ryo and the three of them.

Of course, there was also a clear difference between Niles and Etho, who have been diving into the dungeon for more than half a year, and Amon, who had just left a village.

However, that was still insignificant compared to the difference with Ryo.

Both Niles and Etho clearly understood the difference.


They were slightly aware when he was able to register for D-class immediately but were convinced when they saw him defeat Dan with a single blow today.



Dungeon exploration would certainly go a long way if they had a strong adventurer.

There would be progress, but it would be unreasonable for both parties.

For those who had to do their best to follow, and for those who were carrying the burden of the weaker party members.


Therefore, the guild also recommended exploring by forming a party with the same ability.

Meanwhile, Ryo was in this situation because … normally, a person who had just registered as an adventurer would not be so strong.

Ryo was among the few exceptions … and it may be unavoidable for the guild because it was unexpected that such a person would opt to move into the dormitory.




Next Monday.

“Well then, we’ll be setting off.”

With that said, Niles, Etho and Amon went diving into the dungeon.



Ryo was outside the city.

He decided to run outside the walls.

It would have been fine to do so at the outdoor training ground in the guild, but he was also a little curious about what was going on around where he lived.


And while running outside the walls, he constructed ice Tokyo Towers in both hands.

Just like how he used to do in the Rondo Forest.


Magical control training and endurance … it was training for both aspects.

As his skill with magical control increased, the speed of his magic generation would also increase.



Yesterday, Ryo lost to Leonor in many ways, including power, but he did not lose in the speed of magic generation.

That was because he managed to prevent Leonor’s magic as she was creating it during their sword fight.

And that was precisely why he wanted to be able to use magic faster and more accurately.



He must pull ahead in the area where he was leading.

As for the areas he lost in, he also had to train further so as not to lose anymore.



The sense of overwhelming difference was the difference in movement speed after all.


Leonor reduced the distance of several tens of meters to zero in an instant.

That was probably Wind-Attribute Magic.

And Ryo could only use Water-Attribute Magic.

Could he achieve something similar with Water-Attribute Magic…?


On Earth, there was something called 『water jet propulsion』.

It was mainly used by surface vessels by sucking in water and expelling it backward… and the opposite reaction of that expulsion would cause the vessel to move forward.



Water Jet … Yes, Ryo had already made use of it.

To cut things.



He could just use that.



In fact, he had already experienced moving using Water Jet.

He used it to escape from the sea immediately …

When he was in a battle with the Bait Ball.

And during his escape from the battle with the Kraken.


He used Water Jet ejected from the soles of his feet to propel him upward.


At that time, he had his hands full in battle and couldn’t afford to think about the risk of failure but … when it came down to utilizing it, it succeeded well …

It was possible to fire Water Jets from the soles of his feet.

However, if he wanted to use it in battles on the ground, he would have to fire them from his back.



From his back …? Certainly, he would have to fire them from his back.

However, he felt that his neck would snap …


Then from the head too …? Certainly, he had to fire simultaneously from the back of his head as well as his back.

However, in that case, he felt that it would hurt his arms and legs …


In other words, from the shoulders, upper arms, thighs, hamstrings, and heels too …?

It seemed like he would have to fire them from the entire back of his body.



He managed to secure the image for the time being but … he would like to start by trying it with as little momentum as possible.

(If I made the ground ice with Ice Bahn and done well, even Water Jet with minute propulsion would move me forward …?)

“<Ice Bahn>”


Then, he drew the image in his head of Water Jets spouting from the entire back of his body.

“<Water Jet 256>”

Ryo imagined the maximum number of Water Jets that he could currently generate, 256, firing out from his back … they actually fired but …


“I’m not moving……”


It wasn’t a surprise.

He sensed that he did move just a little.

Ryo collapsed to his knees, with both hands on the ground.

“I lost……”

It seemed that he lost to something …



One minute later …

“Well, I don’t think I can do it yet … If I can upgrade 256 to 1024, there is a possibility that it would work.”

Ryo recovered.

And started running again.




Niles, Etho, and Amon were on the fourth floor of the dungeon in Rune.

Goblins appeared on this floor.

Goblins weren’t a big deal when alone.

Compared to the Lesser Wolf that appeared up to the third floor, they were easier to defeat if there was just one.


However, goblins had weapons and may attack in groups.

Their weapons were usually swords with chipped blades and broken spears, but rarely some goblins used bows too.

And even more rarely, some goblins could use magic.

But except for those rare goblins, it was easy to beat them unless you were surrounded.

However, nothing on their body could be used as material. Nobody would purchase anything taken from them. Except for their magic stones.


“The hunting speed is different with just one additional Swordsman.”

Niles laughed energetically while collecting the magic stones of the defeated goblins.


“You’re right. Especially with Goblins, it’s noticeable.”

Since Etho was a Priest in the magic class, he concentrated on casting recovery during the battle but helped to strip materials and collect magic stones.

In fact, he was the best in doing so among the three.


“Compared to Lesser Wolves, Goblins move slowly so I think it’s easier to beat them.”

Amon was less accustomed to collecting magic stones than Niles and Etho.

Still, he managed to harvest magic stones.



“Okay, let’s take a break.”

Under Niles’ command, all three took a break against rocks.

That said, they were in a dungeon. They could only rest their bodies but couldn’t get rid of mental fatigue.

Nevertheless, it was important to include proper breaks.


Niles was a type of adventurer who maintained a fairly large safety margin.

Amon was very grateful for that as a person who had just begun to dive into the dungeon.


“Amon, water is a must but you should lick some salt as well.”

And he also took care of others.

“Right, you mentioned it after our run yesterday, salt.”

“Yeah. After sweating, it’s a good idea to have water and salt. It’s a practice from my village.”




“Mother Goddess, lend me a healing hand, 『Lesser Heal』”

Etho treated the injury on Amon’s arm.


“Phew, it was a little dangerous just now.”

Niles was collecting a magic stone from the bow-wielding Goblin Archer.

Yes, there was a goblin using a bow in the group that they just defeated.

Although it was the fifth floor by just advancing a little further ahead, there have not been any reports of encounters with groups that have Goblin Archers on this floor…


“It’s not a good prospect, isn’t it? Goblin Archers on the 5th floor. We are a party of three so we could somewhat manage.”

While Etho was treating Amon, Niles harvested the magic stones from the three defeated bodies.


“Okay, let’s return to the surface for today. It’s earlier than usual but even if we divided it by three, we have earned more than usual.”

Niles had a big smile.

Surviving was the most important matter.

Needless to say for Abel, Niles also knew the importance of life.

It was from past experience.


Don’t overdo it. Be sure to leave some spare capacity and return to the safe zone.

Niles knew of its importance.




One hour after the three people from Room 10 withdrew from the dungeon.


On the fifth floor, the E-class party 『Eternal Waves』 was being annihilated.

“Why is there such a goblin on the fifth floor, it’s impossible!”

“I’m out of magic … I can’t do it anymore …”

“Ugu … shit … but …”

“Help …”



Five E-class adventurers met their end.


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