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Chapter 0055 A certain day in the City of Rune (Part 3)

Translator: Tseirp


Four hours after the battle began, the waves of Goblins finally started to slow.


However, at about the same time, the adventurer’s and the Knights’ supply of arrows were about to run out.

Both sides were using arrows gathered from all over the city. There was no further replenishment.

In the end, it was approaching the situation where they had to descend the ramparts and settle the battle in close quarters.



“The vanguards will be Crimson Sword and White Brigade. Be careful as Goblin Mages are also appearing.”

Hugh fired off instructions.

A Goblin Mage was a goblin capable of casting attack magic.

A type that was very rarely born.


“C-rank and D-rank parties will rush into the path pioneered by Crimson and White and expand the path.”

“Master, the north wall.”

Hugh looked at the northern wall pointed out by a guild personnel.

They had opened the date to the inside of the wall and started close combat against the goblins.


“Tch. The Knights have already depleted their arrow supply? Alright, we’ll begin too. You lot, we’ll be crushing the Great Tidal Bore!”


The adventurers raised tremendous battle cries.


They knew it was necessary but they had been frustrated with just long-range attacks.

As expected, it boiled down to close combat in the end!

There were many such adventurers.



As such, the gate of the south wall opened, and Crimson and White plunged into the goblin swarm, with Abel and Phelps at the forefront.



Abel slaughtered the goblins with a swing of his sword without clashing with their swords.

Phelps used his spear to stab and mow them down, crushing goblins over a wide area.

Warren struck his shield against the goblins while Sheena created a path for Abel and Phelps to charge into with her highly penetrative Fire Lance.


“We’re about to break through the goblins. The mages will be coming.”

Rihya gave out instructions.

Then, at the same time as the goblin wave broke, a Fire Arrow was released by a Goblin Mage.


That was a spell used for area attacks, similar to the Wind Magic Sonic Blade.

That single Fire Arrow that was fired split into five arrows along its trajectory and attacked its targets.

Three were aimed for Abel and two for Phelps.


But then, Warren stepped out in front of Abel and used his huge shield to block the Fire Arrows.

As for Phelps,

“O Earth, become a shield and block evil, Claywall.”

An earth wall by Deputy Leader Sheena, who could manipulate the two attributes of Fire and Earth, was formed in front of Phelps and blocked the arrows of fire.



At that time, only the Crimson Sword and the core unit of the White Brigade were able to reach the vicinity of the dungeon entrance where the Goblin Mage and others were.

The approache of the Knights, who had previously transitioned to close quarters, was stopped.

When Abel realized the situation, he saw a giant goblin come out of the dungeon entrance.


“Goblin General …”


Unlike the other goblins, the general had an unusually high fighting power, attesting to its name “General”.

B-rank adventurers could barely manage to fight one-on-one against a general …

But …


“Three Goblin Generals …”


Deputy Leader Sheena murmured.

To tell the truth, Abel was surprised to hear her voice for the first time, but he didn’t have the leisure to turn toward Sheena at that moment.

“The fact that there are multiple Goblin Generals …”

“Yeap, there will be a King behind them.”

Abel responded to Phelps’ statement.



Goblin King … a goblin mutant whose existence could be seen in the central nations once every few decades.

There were also records of them leading tens of thousands of goblins and annihilating cities.

The number of goblins this time would have exceeded 10,000, so they should have assumed the existence of a King … but so far, there had been no record of Goblin Kings being born in the dungeon.


“Honestly, I don’t know the strength of a King. As long as we are in the dark, I want to defeat these Generals before he comes out.”

“I agree.”

Abel and Phelps confirmed each other’s thoughts.

“Phelps and I will take one each and everyone else will take on the remaining one.”

Under Abel’s instructions, the battle with the three Generals began.



In close-quarters combat, both Abel and Phelps overwhelmed the Generals.

However, the spells of the Goblin Mages were aimed at them at critical junctures.

Therefore, they had difficulty dealing a fatal blow to the Generals.

Abel avoided the greatsword that the General swung down without parrying it with his sword.

Then, he struck with his magic sword during his dodge.




The General’s roar echoed.

Not only Abel but also Phelps and the others were pushing them back.

(It is going well.)

However, the next moment, he had an unpleasant premonition and Abel looked at the entrance to the dungeon.

There stood a giant goblin that even surpassed the size of the Generals …


It shook its arm.


“Get down!”

Neither the Crimson Sword nor the White Brigade understood what it was.

However, they had survived many battles.

Everyone laid down on the ground at once.


At that moment, something split the torsos of the three Goblin Generals in half and passed over the heads of the prone adventurers.

(Did it try to kill us along with the Generals?)

Abel was horrified.


The invisible Wind-Attribute attack magic Air Slash … but the attack released by the King happened faster than an Air Slash, its cutting power was incomparable to an Air Slash, and unlike Air Slash, there was no chant.

(Maybe it’s not magic … Is that possible? It just shook its arm … Either way, we can’t keep our distance.)


“Phelps and I will charge in.”

Then, Abel headed for the King.

Without hesitation, Phelps also headed for the King.

Abel practiced close-quarters combat while Phelps used a spear and could attack from medium range.

The King held a sword and a shield and engaged in extremely orthodox close-combat style.

What was unorthodox was the weight of its blows.



A groan involuntarily leaked out of Abel.

When he tried to parry its sword after not being able to dodge due to the speed of the swing, his voice leaked from the weight of the sword.


However, while Abel was crossing swords, Phelps thrust with his spear and dealt damage.

Like Abel’s sword, his spear also glowed red.


Magic spear.


Within the Crimson Sword and White Brigade, only Abel and Phelps had a magic sword and spear.

That was why Abel asked that they attack together.


He presumed that attacks from ordinary weapons would not damage it.

That was felt even when they were fighting against the General which was ranked below the King.

The attacks from Abel and Phelps went through but the attacks of others did not do much damage.

In that case, the King, which could be said to be a rank up from the General, would be even more likely to possess that characteristic.


And that was the correct answer.


Normal weapons could not deal any damage to the Goblin King’s skin.

Abel’s magic sword and Phelps’ magic spear, they had no choice but to fight while relying on those.

The two had a slight advantage, but a single mistake could easily overturn the outcome.



And that mistake appeared.

The moment Abel stepped forward, his foot slipped.


He somehow managed to fall to one knee and prevent his posture from getting completely broken.


However, the King backstepped and took a distance accordingly.

And shook its arm.


“Get down!”

Abel screamed and plunged toward the King.


Phelps was surprised.


But, he was already lying on the ground.

Why on earth …



“Sword Art: Absolute Shadow”



Abel released a sword technique.


Absolute Shadow … a technique to dodge all long-range attacks, including magic, with minimal movement.

With that, he fended off the invisible attack that the King fired.

He had completely entered the King’s space.



“Combat Art: Perfect Pierce”



Normally, the technique would surely pierce through the throat or head, but he could not reach those critical areas against the giant King.

Therefore, he pierced near the heart from below.

But the resilient King hadn’t died yet.


“That’s within expectation. Rin, shoot through me.”



“<Bullet Rain>”



Rin, who was hiding in the shadow of Warren’s shield, vocalized the final trigger word.

Over a hundred invisible wind bullets headed for Abel and the King.



“Sword Art: Absolute Shadow”



And once again, the sword art Absolute Shadow.

He dodged his allies’ long-range magic too.



But the King, who had suffered serious wounds, failed to dodge.




The King’s skin couldn’t be scratched by ordinary weapons.

But that was not the case with <Bullet Rain>, which was the highest level of Wind-Attribute Magic that had a terrifyingly long chant, and was said to not even be realistic to use.


Just to prepare for this final card, Rin didn’t cast any magic after she got off the wall.

It said something about her persistence.


The highest-class Wind-Attribute attack magic that boasts almost invincible penetrative power.


Even the King couldn’t withstand it.

Countless wind bullets pierced its body and the Goblin King died.


Almost at the same time that the Crimson Sword and White Brigade defeated the Goblin King, the Goblin annihilation was wrapping up in various parts of the square.


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      I am a little surprised that Abel didn’t have someone get word to him promptly(or even request Ryo be allowed to help after accepting the request from the guild master). With just his minimal understanding of Ryo’s power I figure he would have wanted him there for insurance.
      On the other hand it is slightly refreshing to not have the MC needed to save the day. Actually having competent adventurers(and Knights) handling a relatively difficult situation without it devolving into a mess does not happen often in these types of stories. (of course it may not actually be over yet and things may go bad for them soon)

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      Ryo is in the library trying to research Akuma. He hasn’t been to the guild recently so he wouldn’t know about the notices unless he overheard someone. While it is unlikely that Ryo is completely oblivious to the situation, it doesn’t seem likely that anyone that knows the stampede is happening would of gone to the library.

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