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Chapter 0056 A certain day in the City of Rune (Supplement)

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“We’ve collected 32133 magic stones? … Although they are Goblin magic stones, that is still a considerable number. The City of Rune alone can’t handle such a number.”

Hugh breathed a sigh of relief.


The moment Abel defeated the Goblin King, he did a guts pose and was honestly happy that he managed to survive the Great Tidal Bore.


However, his work as the Guild Master in the City of Rune was not over yet.

Rather, his real work started then.

In the sense that no one could replace him for the tasks.



Reporting to the country and the Margrave.

Submitting further documentations.

Since the Great Tidal Bore occurred periodically, the country had established and accumulated funds to counteract the costs and these documents were needed for the application to use the funds.

Even if he applied, approval would only come half a year later, so he would have to pay out the rewards for the adventurers in advance.

Compensation for the weapon shops that supplied the arrows.

Condolence money to the bereaved families of the victims.

A positive assessment in the guild examination for those who participated.

Restoration plan for the equipment and facilities destroyed by the Great Tidal Bore.

Raising that sum of money.

And a lump sum payment to the guild staff.

Et cetera …….



Tasks which came out one after another with just a little thought that couldn’t be delegated to anyone else …



(In any case …)

Hugh looked at the Goblin King’s magic stone in his hand.

It was a light green magic stone that was about half a fist in size.


(Putting all else aside, this magic stone is already large enough and has a considerably high value. In that case, the Wyvern magic stones that Abel and Ryo brought in are … abnormal … or rather, can those monsters still be called Wyverns?)

The Wyvern magic stones were fist-sized and dark green.

They were probably from Wyverns that lived for a long time and had immense experience.

That was what the 『dark color』 signified.


(The fact that this King’s magic stone is light-colored means that it hadn’t been so long since it was born. It was not a monster that had lived in the depths of the dungeon for a long time.)



The Great Tidal Bore phenomenon was still shrouded in mystery.

All they knew was that it occurred periodically and that only one type of monster would display an explosive increase in numbers.

“Ah, shit … those researchers and scholars will definitely come to study … The dungeon will be closed for a month after the Great Tidal Bore. What is going to happen if those scholars come in the meantime …”

His anguish as Guild Master was not over yet.



Nobody spared a thought for the troubled Guild Master … A banquet was being held at the guild cafeteria.

They survived the Great Tidal Bore, which happened once every few years.

Moreover, it was the largest Great Tidal Bore ever recorded.


Even the guild cafeteria, which clearly stated that 『Alcohol is absolutely prohibited』, was serving alcohol as an exception today.

Only for tonight, all food and drinks would be paid for by the guild … or rather, it would be recovered later from the country’s countermeasure funds.


In any case, the adventurers who participated in today’s Great Tidal Bore, the adventurers who could not participate due to various reasons, or the adventurers who did not know that the Great Tidal Bore was happening in the first place, all participated in the big banquet.



That’s when Ryo came back from the library.


Originally he wanted to go straight to the dormitory, but he could clearly hear the voices of drunk people from the guild cafeteria, which was supposed to be 『Alcohol is absolutely prohibited』.

When he secretly looked inside from the entrance, it was, as expected, in the middle of a huge banquet.


People seemed to have bought entire barrels of alcohol and were filling their mugs directly from the barrel.

And food was being carried one after another from the kitchen.


As he was taken aback by such a scene, Ryo found three people from Room 10 at the back gesturing him to come over.

Ryo avoided the central part of the big banquet and squeezed through the corner to reach the three.


“Ryo, welcome back.”

Etho, who mentioned that he was weak to alcohol, greeted him half asleep.


Amon, who gestured Ryo to come over, seemed to be drinking juice because he was a minor.

“Ryo-san, you’re in time for the banquet! It seems that we can eat and drink as much as we want! Everything is on the guild.”

Amon commented ecstatically and seemed to have carried a large amount of food on his plate from the table where food was lined up like a buffet.

For a fresh adventurer who was by no means wealthy, that was heaven.


“Ryo, you’re late. You can grab a plate and mug from over there and eat and drink as much as you like.”

Niles, who had just came over with food piled up on his plate, explained to Ryo.


“This … What banquet is this for …?”

“Oh … you didn’t know after all. It’s the Great Tidal Bore. Today, the Great Tidal Bore happened. Remember, you were taught about it in beginner’s class? The one that happens once every few years.”

“I see … so it’s a big banquet because everyone survived the Great Tidal Bore safely. Well, I should get my share first.”

“Yeah, go get it. We have to eat like a week’s share today!”


With that said, Niles laughed and began to eat with gusto.

Next to him, Amon also displayed the appetite of a teenage appetite, as if he was a hungry ghost from hell with a bottomless appetite.



When Ryo returned with a heap of food on his plate and wine in his mug, both Niles and Amon had finished eating for the time being.

Of course, it was ‘for the time being’ and they would probably go for seconds after that.


“At any rate, Abel-san was amazing!”

Niles explained how Abel played a huge role in the Great Tidal Bore.

Ryo listened while eating.


Although he was a Swordsman, he had skill with the bow that put Archers to shame.

After shifting to close combat, he actively led all the adventurers in front.

And in the end, he pretty much defeated the Goblin King.

“Pretty much?”


Ryo dexterously tilted his head while eating.

“W-well, to be exact, Rin-san’s spell dealt the final blow but that was because Abel-san pierced the King with his sword and stopped its movements. That attack felt as though even I was pierced by it and left me with goosebumps.”

Recalling that scene, Niles grinned many times.

It was a little creepy.


It could be said that a man could be charmed by another man, but Niles seemed to have fallen in love with him a little too much.


“It would have been serious if you actually were pierced. It sounds like the King would have a tough defense, was it Wind Magic that pierced through him?”

“Yeah. I heard that it’s a spell with a horribly long chant that is rarely used on the battlefield.”

“That was <Bullet Rain>, which is said to be the highest level spell of Wind Magic.”




After saying that, Etho fell asleep once again.


“Bullet rain … a rain of bullets … sounds so cool.”

“It seemed to be a spell that fires off dozens of invisible blades. I’m really glad it didn’t hit Abel.”

“I didn’t get hit because I dodged it with a sword art.”

When Niles looked back in amazement, Abel was standing there with a jug.


This time, there were many people and Ryo was so absorbed in eating that he didn’t even notice.


“Not a combat art but a sword art?”

Ryo asked Abel.

Abel once used a sword art during his trip with Ryo, but Ryo didn’t see it because they were separated at that time.


“Yeah, a sword art. It’s a technique dedicated to Swordsman, which is a stronger form of combat arts. 『Sword Art Absolute Shadow』. It’s a technique to avoid all long-range attacks including magic.”

“Absolute Shadow … Such a cool name!”

“I knew Ryo would comment on that …”


Meanwhile, Niles remained completely frozen, as Abel, who he now admired more than ever, suddenly appeared.

“Niles was praising Abel to the heavens for being awesome.”

“Shut it, that’s embarrassing. But Niles and the others were also running around without a break to replenish our arrows. Thanks to that, we won in the end. You can stand proud.”


Those words finally caused Niles to return to consciousness, but he immediately froze once again because he was praised by the person he admired.


“Anyway … we could have won more easily with Ryo around. Where on earth did you go?”

Abel asked Ryo while drinking from his mug.

“Eh, I was in the library …”


Ryo also felt a little sorry.

Of course, Ryo had no responsibility to participate.

Therefore, there was no penalty for adventurers who did not participate in that battle.

But, even without a penalty, he was bothered by the fact that he didn’t take part in a big event that all the adventurers took part in.

“Oh, the library … Then you couldn’t help it.”

“I’m glad I didn’t snatch away Abel’s spectacular show.”


Then Abel laughed out loud.



“Oh, I found Abel.”

“See, he was with Ryo after all?”

It seemed that Rin and Rihya were looking for Abel.

“Abel cares a lot for Ryo, doesn’t he?”

Rihya’s words had a subtle tone of jealousy and were laced with a few dangerous thorns.


“No, it’s not that I was worried about him … I was complaining to him that it would have been easier if he was around.”

Then Abel nodded to his own remark.


“Well, putting that aside. There’s a message from the Guild Master. I’ll be reporting to Margrave tomorrow, so come with me at that time. Come to my office by the bell at 12 noon.”

“Uge …”

“A great reward for your spectacular performance.”

Ryo’s quip at the end caused Abel to frown even more.

“It was Rin who dealt the final blow, not me …”

“Eh, don’t try to escape. In the first place, my Bullet Rain could hit because Abel pretty much pierced the King’s heart with your sword.”

When he heard that, Abel not only frowned but also looked down.



“Oh right, I have something I want to ask Ryo.”

Then, Rin enthusiastically turned her body facing Abel toward Ryo.


Ryo, who had finally finished eating a large amount of food, turned to Rin while drinking wine from a mug.


“Abel said it but … is it true that Ryo can create an ice wall high in the air?”

“Yes, I can. About 40 meters up.”

Ryo replied, recalling the scene.

“He actually can do it …”

“Although that is extremely difficult and it took me a long time to be able to do it.”


“No … well … it normally can’t be done …”

Rin’s words, which she muttered, didn’t reach anyone’s ears.



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