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Chapter 0058 Phelps

Translator: Tseirp


Adventurer’s Guild Dormitory.

This was a dormitory where people could move into within 300 days of registering in the Adventurer’s Guild.

Therefore, many beginner adventurers were living there.

Of course, even though they were beginners, many of those who became adventurers were strong-willed and had some skill … naturally, that was based on their own standards.


Room 10 of that dormitory was the innermost room on the first floor.

From there, it was possible to see the Adventurer’s Guild outdoor Training Ground and the courtyard of the dormitory.



And now, in Room 10, Ryo had finally succeeded in compounding an antidote using Alchemy.


Apart from the collection request he put up to Niles and the others, Ryo was also experimenting with the basics of Alchemy.

He was able to find the detoxifying grass that he never found in Rondo Forest at a medicinal herb shop in the City of Rune.

Moreover, the leaves of the phosphorus flower grass were also sold right next to it.

By mixing these two with Alchemy, it was possible to make an antidote … that must have been God’s guidance!


He immediately bought them and withdrew into his room, writing down the magic circles in 『Alchemy First Recipe Collection』 on paper.

In anticipation of this, he had already arranged the pestle, mortar, and other mixing tools purchased from the tool shop in the city on his desk and started grinding them.

After grinding, he weighed, mixed, and finally channeled magical power through the Alchemy magic circle.


However, it was difficult.

He couldn’t allow too much or too little magical power to pass through.

However, the expression in the recipe collection was too vague, such as ‘a certain amount of magical power’.

Well, it was not water or electrical power, so it would be difficult to quantify …


It took 30 minutes of wholehearted hard work to find the appropriate amount of magical power.

Finally, he succeeded in Alchemy.



It was his first moment of success in alchemy.

“Huhuhu, I won.”

Yes, Ryo won … but no one knows what he won or who he won against.




It seemed that some trouble was brewing in the courtyard of the dormitory in front of Ryo while he was immersed in such a good mood.

The windows were open so he could hear their voices.

It seemed to have been going on since a while ago, but Ryo didn’t hear it because he was so focused.



“Hey, you lot, she hates that. Stop it.”

“We’re knights of the Kingdom, and if you pour alcohol for us, you’ll have a good time tonight. We can even keep you around while we’re in the City of Rune.”

“I-I don’t want to, please let me go.”

It seemed that the knights were hitting on a woman who had just become an adventurer.


That woman, by her looks, was still a minor about the same age as Amon and was a girl rather than a woman.

And somehow it was Dan and his entourage from Room 1 who were trying to protect the girl.

Well, Dan and his friends might have had their eyes on the girl first … but that’s where Ryo, who wasn’t familiar with the dormitory situation, couldn’t judge.


“Girl, you’re still an adventurer in the dormitory, right? You probably don’t have much money so we’re gonna give it to you, be thankful and pour alcohol for us.”

“And as a night partner too.”

The five knights laughed vulgarly.


“I don’t want to, I refuse.”

“See, she doesn’t like it. Don’t underestimate us and bite off more than you can chew.”

A girl who was troubled and Dan who was trying to save her.

It would be too unfashionable for Ryo to jump in there …

However, the knights seemed to be stronger by all accounts.


Those were probably the knights who accompanied the Inspector General there to investigate the Great Tidal Bore.

(There are probably such shops in the city and they could just have their fun there … these knights have strange tastes.)

Ryo’s impression was to that extent.



However, the tension was gradually growing in the courtyard.


And finally, it seemed that they were about to cross the line.

“Rascal … I’ll teach you courtesy, you adventurer trash.”

Then, the knight holding the girl’s hand pushed the girl towards Dan and pulled out his sword.


“I won’t kill you. I’ll just teach you some courtesy.”

After he said that, he took a large step …  and slipped and fell.



No one among the knights or Dan and his entourage noticed a fleeting Ice Bahn that formed under his weight-bearing feet.


“Damn … Don’t move. I’ll teach you courtesy …”

(<Ice Bahn>)

The knight slipped and fell once more.



“Bastard, what did you do!?”

The other knights questioned Dan.

“No, I’m not doing anything. He’s just tripping on his own.”

Dan was bewildered.


He was thinking of fighting if it came down to it but the knight who was approaching suddenly tripped.

Moreover, he fell twice.

Of course, they stared at the people around him but they all shook their heads.

No one understood what happened.


“This … shithead!”

He abandoned the method of getting up and approaching slowly to be intimidating, and instead tried to cross the distance to slash … he tried to slash … but he slipped and fell again.



At this point, no one felt that it was a coincidence.

In the eyes of all the knights, there was fear as well as hatred.



It was true that the adventurers in front of them caused them embarrassment. That gave rise to hatred.

However, it was also true that something that they could not understand was happening. That gave rise to fear.



Just before that hatred and fear were about to burst.

“Okay, that’s enough.”

A voice broke them up.



Ryo didn’t recognize the owner of the voice.

But Dan and his friends did.



The owner of the voice was Phelps, the leader of the B-rank party White Brigade.


“Who the heck are you?”

The eyes of the knights full of hatred glared at Phelps.


“What are you doing as knights of the Kingdom? Know some shame!”

There was a word ‘Rebuke’ in the dictionary … to raise your voice to reprimand a person.

The final ‘Know some shame’ was essentially a rebuke.

The hatred of the five knights was blown away and was replaced by fear.


“Ju-just some adventurer … that is a discourtesy to knights of the Kingdom …”

Still, they put up a false front.

“Silence! Being an adventurer has nothing to do with it. If you’re a knight, behave like a knight!”

This was exactly what it meant to be at a loss for words.

The knights couldn’t even say anything back.



Nevertheless, the knight who grabbed the girl’s hand, the knight who was repeatedly knocked over by Ryo’s Ice Bahn, managed to open his mouth.

“What do you think will happen if you defy knights of the Kingdom? We can even ban the Guild Master in this city from the Kingdom.”

Even after being cornered so far, he could still retort … it was admirable in a way.


However, the counterattack was also fierce.

“Sure, I’m an adventurer, but I’m also a nobleman of the kingdom. My name is Phelps A. Heinlein. I’m the next head of the House of Marquis Heinlein.”

“Heinlein …”

“Yeah, the former captain of the Kingdom Knights should be Alexis Heinlein. The current head of the House of Marquis Heinlein. My father.”


When they heard those words, the knights trembled as if they had been struck by lightning.


The knight captain of the Kingdom was notoriously stern to the point of being called a ‘Demon’, and at the same time, his upright personality was renowned throughout the kingdom.

His influence on the pillars of the kingdom was still enormous.

When glared at by the son of such a person, and the heir of the Marquis family …

After the huge shock, all five began to quiver.


“Do not defile the name of knights of the Kingdom! Leave!”

There was a dignity that could convince others even if he was called ‘The Demon’s Son’.

Although his appearance was that of a transcendent handsome nobleman.



After the five left, Dan was the first to speak.

“Thank you very much, Phelps-san.”

It was a polite word of gratitude that was unthinkable coming from the same person as the one who was looking down on the three people from Room 10 the other day.

Dan’s entourage and the girl who was the source of the disturbance joined along to thank him.


“Don’t mention it. Their actions infuriated me. Dan, right, you acted well. You’re a splendid adventurer.”

Phelps said and laughed loudly.

When a handsome guy laughs, the atmosphere softens.

Phelps’ laughter completely calmed the air.


“Now, take that child back to her friends.”

With that said, Phelps sent Dan and his companions out of the courtyard.



Then, he walked toward the window of Room 10 of the dormitory.

In other words, towards Ryo.


“Hey, good morning. Are you Ryo?”


“Ah, yes, nice to meet you. Phelps-san?”

“Yeah, Phelps, the leader of the White Brigade. I heard from Abel but you really use some interesting magic.”

Phelps said with a grin.

In other words, he knew that Ryo caused the knight to fall with Ice Bahn.


“Eh~ …”

“Oh no, you don’t have to say anything. I don’t intend to spread anything either. At least, the knight fell his own and Dan and the others weren’t hurt. Thanks to you. I thank you as an adventurer of the City of Rune.”

Then he bowed my head.

“No no, raise your head. Well, I’ve had a little connection with Dan, and honestly, he would probably be reluctant if I were to help him directly, so I just took that approach.”

Ryo scratched his head and said.


“As Abel says, you’re interesting.”

“Abel, what did he …”

“It was at the banquet after the Great Tidal Bore. He complained dozens of times like a curse that ‘It would have been easier if Ryo was around.”

Recalling that scene, Phelps started laughing again.


“Abel …”

“No, you’re great to be able to get Abel to say that much. It’s also because of you that Abel was able to return from the other side of the Devil’s Mountain, right? For adventurers in the City of Rune, losing Abel would be an incomparable loss. I’m truly grateful. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it ……”


“Leader, it’s about time …”

Before he knew it, Deputy Leader Sheena, who appeared behind Phelps, whispered.

“Oh, right. Ryo, I’m sorry. Let’s talk again. Thank you for today.”

Phelps said and left with Sheena.


“Phelps-san just now and the woman who appeared later are both strong. As expected of the City of Rune, there are various hidden strengths. But … is it okay for the heir to a Marquis family to be an adventurer?”


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