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Chapter 0060-2 Academic Research Team Part 2

Translator: Tseirp


Ryo, who missed breakfast at the guild cafeteria, was walking down the street looking for a stall where he could eat breakfast.


When the dungeon was open, the street leading to the dungeon entrance in the center of the city was lined with many food stalls, but since it was closed after the Great Tidal Bore, only a handful was open.

That was partly because the number of adventurers around the dungeon had decreased leading to decreased sales, but more importantly, the supply of monster meat from the dungeon had also decreased.

Goblins were found on the fourth and fifth floors of the dungeon so the meat from those floors could not be used, but quite delicious meat could be obtained from the other floors up to the tenth floor.


And now that the dungeon was closed, the few open stalls weren’t even ready at this time.

So Ryo looked for a restaurant along the street instead … but they weren’t opened yet either.


“This … does this mean I have to skip breakfast …?”

Breakfast was important.

The energy for the day came from breakfast.


He had to eat it!


With that in mind, while looking for an open shop, he arrived in front of the Golden Wave Pavilion.

That is the place where Ryo got drunk at Abel’s Return Celebration Party.

The taste was guaranteed.

And it was also the residence for Abels and the Crimson Sword.



When he entered the Golden Wave Pavilion from the entrance, there was an inn counter in front of him. And on the right side, there was a dining room.

“No way … the Crimson Sword is already out?”

“Yes, just … they left as a party about thirty minutes ago … they did not vacate their rooms, so I don’t think it’s a request to go far …”

At the inn counter, the inn’s landlady and a guest-like person were talking.


The guest was as short as Rin, wore a black wizard robe similar to Rin, and had a large staff similar to Rin.

From the voice, it sounded like she was still a teenage girl.

But the girl was visibly depressed when she heard that the Crimson Sword was not around.


“Maybe you might meet them if you go to the Adventurer’s Guild …?”

“Right, there might be a possibility.”

Then, the proprietress noticed Ryo coming in.

“Oh, Ryo-san, welcome.”


Hearing that voice, the girl turned around and looked at Ryo.

Then she ran to Ryo, grabbed his arm and said.




The landlady cried out when she heard the girl’s call.

“No, she’s not.”

She might have been thought that they were siblings who lived separately, but of course, Ryo had never seen the girl before.


“Onii-san, you’re an adventurer, right? I have to go to the Adventurer’s Guild right now. Please take me there.”



Will Ryo ever get the chance to have breakfast …?


Of course, he could ignore the girl’s request and have a delicious breakfast at Golden Wave Pavilion, but Ryo was fundamentally a good person.

Therefore, he brought the Magician girl and walked in the opposite direction of the main street that he had just walked.


“As I said, if you go south on this street, you would see the guild …”

“Yes, but if I miss it, it would be a big deal. I’ve just arrived in this city and I really don’t know my way around.”



The name of the Magician girl was Natalie.

She said that she just came from the royal capital last night as a member of the academic research team with the court magic group.

The court magic group was staying separately in several inns around the area, similar to the Golden Wave Pavilion, but Natalie stayed at the Golden Wave Pavilion alone.


“My magic teacher’s teacher, basically my grand teacher, sent me a letter to hand over to Abel from the Crimson Sword. That’s why I have to go to the Adventurer’s Guild …”

“I see, that’s troublesome in a lot of ways.”



While talking, the two arrived at the Adventurers Guild.

It could be said that their timing was perfect.

When they arrived, Abel and the Crimson Swords just came out of the guild.


“Abel, just in time.”

“Ryo, what’s wrong?”

“I heard that this lady wants to give Abel something. It’s okay, it’s not a fan letter.”

“I don’t know what a fan letter is, but for some reason, I feel like I’m being ridiculed?”

Abel then looked towards Natalie.

“A-ah, this is from the royal capital, Ilarion-sensei.”

Natalie then handed Abel a sealed letter.

When they heard that it was from Ilarion, not only Abel was surprised but also the Wind-Magician Rin.


“It would be better to read this now. Let’s sit down and read in the dining room. Ryo and you too … uh.”

“It’s Natalie.”

Rin was even more surprised to hear the name Natalie, but no one noticed it.

“Yes, with Natalie, I might need you to send a reply.”

Then, the Crimson Sword, Ryo, and Natalie entered the guild cafeteria.


However, at present, there was nothing to eat in the cafeteria …



After reading the letter from Ilarion, Abel scratched his head and handed the letter to Rihya.

Meanwhile, Rin asked Natalie a question.


“Natalie, Natalie Schwarzkopf?”

“Yes, that’s right …”

“Speaking of Schwarzkopf, that’s the Water-Attribute expert house …”

With that said, Rin thought a little.


(Water-Attribute Magician … Maybe this is the first time I’ve met a person with Water Attribute other than me …)

It was a secret that Ryo was a little excited inside.

“My magical skill is still not complete … I am working hard every day.”

Natalie said and faced down.



The letter from Ilarion went from Rihya to Warren to Rin.

“I see……”

Whether Rin’s short comment was for Natalie or for the letter … Ryo wasn’t sure.


“In short, he wants us to support the court magic group diving into the dungeon.”

“Dungeon? Even though it’s blocked?”

Ryo asked a natural question.

“Oh, it seems that bigwigs of the research team will negotiate for it. Guilmas will eventually have to allow it. The research team was sent by the country after all. Then, of course, the research team will want to hire adventurers who are accustomed to the dungeon … so the current letter is to utilize personal connections first.”


That made Abel look more troubled than ever.


“If Abel has such an expression, is the dungeon quite tricky after a Great Tidal Bore?”

“You are half correct. In the first place, diving in the dungeon itself is prohibited after a Great Tidal Bore. That convention began decades ago, after the A-rank party at that time did not return from the dungeon after a Great Tidal Bore. Furthermore, it was not just A-rank … the leader was an extraordinary Swordsman who was said to have reached S-rank. The rule was made because even such a party couldn’t return.”

“Isn’t that troublesome? … Why am I only half correct?”


“No one knows what happens in the dungeon after a Great Tidal Bore, including why the A-rank party didn’t come back. Half of the reason is that I hate going to places where I don’t know what’s happening.”

Then Abel shrugged.


(Yeah, it’s a good idea to stay away from this.)

Ryo firmly vowed to stay away from the dungeon for a while.


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