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WM V1C0060

Volume 1, Part 4, Academic Research Team

Chapter 0060 Academic Research Team Part 1

Translator: Tseirp


The next day, Ryo’s schedule was overturned since the morning.


Initially, he was planning to go to the North Library early in the morning, but when he tried to have breakfast at the guild cafeteria, his plan was derailed.


“You’re sold out?”

He came to the cafeteria at the same time as usual after 7 am, but it was already sold out.

“Sorry, Ryo. The academic research team from the royal capital took all the breakfast portions. For the afternoon meals, we’re going to go around the market to buy ingredients so it will be okay but … I feel sorry for the other guys too.”

The chef, who always seemed to have fun cooking at the back of the kitchen, bowed apologetically.


The chef was, of course, a former adventurer, a former C-class adventurer of a generation slightly before the Guild Master.

From the perspective of young adventurers, he was like a father who always cooked delicious food.

If such a person bowed, they couldn’t complain strongly.

On the contrary, the impression of the 『Academic Research Team』 that caused such a chef to bow his head had already reached the worst at this point.


The academic research team was a research team sent from the royal capital to investigate the cause, progress, and future outlook when something abnormal happened in the kingdom.

Scholars from the Kingdom Central University, researchers from the Magic University, or magicians from the Court Magic Group itself may form the core team of investigators to lead the investigation.

This time, the location was the only dungeon in the Central Nations and it was the first Great Tidal Bore in about 10 years and at an unprecedented scale at that so the size of the academic research team was also unprecedented. It turned into a huge group.


The Kingdom Central University, the Magic University, and the Court Magic Group sent out as many people as they could.

Their numbers were 5,000 in total.


The research teams were usually formed with about 50 people and the number would not exceed 100 at most.

When it reached 5,000 … the accommodation in the city was completely overwhelmed.

The people who didn’t have a place to stay were often those at the lower rung of the study team who came along as luggage carriers and guards and were forced to camp just outside the city.



“What on earth is the meaning of this!”


Hugh’s angry voice echoed in the Guild Master’s office.

In front of Hugh were the three executives of the research team.


Clive Staples, President of the Kingdom Central University.

Christopher Bratt, Chief Professor of the University of Magic.

Arthur Verasis, Court Magic Group Advisor.


All of them were big names in the academic world of the royal capital.


In particular, the Kingdom Central University seemed to be putting in extra effort by having the president lead the research team.

President Clive Staples had an air of both a scholar and a bureaucrat.

He was undoubtedly one of the pinnacles in academia in the royal capital.


But that had nothing to do with Hugh.

No, he understood that showing hostility would lead to trouble but it was still too much.



“As soon as you arrived, you requisitioned all the food from the Adventurer’s Guild. Moreover, since you’re planning to enter the dungeon from today, you want us to lift the seal? In addition, you demand to have adventurers as guards? Even jokes have a limit to them.”

But Hugh’s shouts didn’t seem to have had much effect on any of the three.


President Clive had a frosty look on his face, Chief Professor Christopher looked in a different direction, and Advisor Arthur was sipping tea with a feeling of exasperation.



“Master McGrath, in this investigation, His Majesty the King has appointed the Lord of Home Affairs, Count Harold Lawrence, as the Chief of the Investigation Team, and we have received a full power of attorney from the chief, Count Harold Lawrence.”

McGrath was Hugh’s family name. His full name was Hugh McGrath.

With that said, President Clive presented a sealed letter and a power of attorney.

“Full power of attorney …”

It literally delegates full power to the one who carried the power of attorney … that is, the three in front of him were not to be disrespected and were equivalent to the chief, Count Harold Lawrence, and in relation, the King who appointed him.


Hugh then looked at the sealed letter.

The seal was a stamped wax seal that showed who it represented just by looking at the seal.

And the seal presented was that of the Lord of Home Affairs, Count Harold Lawrence.


“… Sure, it says to accommodate your group as much as possible.”

“I’m glad you understand.”

President Clive replied with a smile, albeit it was somewhat cold.

“But there are still things I can and cannot do. I can’t provide food from the guild.”



“Master McGrath, do you understand the meaning of 『accomodate』?”

“Clive Staples, do you understand the meaning of 『as much as possible』?”



The glares between the two were interrupted by another voice.


“Clive, Hugh, why don’t the both of you take a step back? We are all leaders of the same kingdom. Regarding the food from the guild, Hugh’s claim is reasonable. I apologize for requisitioning food from the guild cafeteria. From now on, we will not enter the guild cafeteria or force the guild to provide food. We can talk about getting food delivered from the neighboring town of Kyradea or Acre. Is that okay?”

The conversation was placed back on track by Arthur Verasis, the eldest among the four of them and an advisor to the Court Magic Group.



He had a long white beard, wore a gray Magician coat, and held a large staff.

He looked exactly like a Magician and was a Magician.

“Yes … thank you very much.”


Speaking of Arthur Verasis, he was still one of the top ten Magicians in the kingdom.

When he was young, he was also active as an adventurer, and as expected, Hugh could not slight the mediation of a great senior adventurer.



“Okay. If Advisor Verasis says so, we’ll give up on the food. But the dungeon seal is the only thing we can’t give up. After all, if the dungeon is sealed, there would be no meaning for us to come here.”

President Clive would not give up on the lifting of the dungeon seal.


“We have no idea what’s going on inside. To unseal up such a place …”

As if to ridicule Hugh’s slight resistance, actually, President Clive was mocking him as he argued.

“Aren’t we here precisely because we don’t know? The research team is formed for that very purpose.”

Hugh also knew that was true and could only grumble to that.


“… Okay. But when you dive into the dungeon, take full responsibility for your actions. No matter what happens, the City of Rune, the Adventurer’s Guild, and adventurers will take no responsibility. Regarding that matter, I will ask that the three of you sign jointly to that agreement.”


“If you don’t like it, I will not unseal the dungeon!”

Clive and Hugh glared at each other again.



“Clive, that can’t be helped either. Hugh, it won’t be a problem to hire adventurers for more than the regular amount as guards, right? As adventurers, they will still have to earn money in the end.”

Former adventurer Advisor Arthur … He suggested a part that was acceptable to each party.

The basics for negotiations were in place.

Although for Hugh, that was just a nuisance.


“Okay. That is up to each adventurer. But don’t forget this. There are almost no data on what goes on inside the dungeon after a Great Tidal Bore. You will encounter things you have never experienced before and it will be the same for the active adventurers. Please proceed with great caution.”


Thus, the blockade of the dungeon was lifted on the fourth day after the Great Tidal Bore.


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