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WM V1C0071

Chapter 0071 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp


Far West of the City of Rune.

More than 4,000 kilometers away if connected in a straight line.

There, a party of seven was fully armed, waiting for something to happen.


“It’s here!”

Everyone held up their weapons at the Magician’s words.

A rectangular space of about 50 meters in front of the seven people was dyed black.

It was 5 meters tall and 4 meters wide.

If members of the investigation team from the Knightley Kingdom’s Kingdom Central University were present, they might have pointed out that the object appeared exactly like what President Clive named the 『Gate』.



A beautiful woman walked out of the 『Gate』.

She was 175 cm tall and had outstanding style … but when scrutinized closely, she seemed to have something like a miniature horn.

And a thin black tail.

It was the Akuma Leonor.


“Hmm … I dropped by thinking there was something strange but … so it was a man-made 『Altar』?”

Leonor said before she began to walk towards the 『Altar』.

It was as though the people there didn’t exist in her eyes.


“Wait, Devil King. You will perish here.”

The Swordsman in the seven-person party shouted.

He was probably the youngest in the party … about nineteen years old.

However, the Swordsman was also the leader in a sense.


“Hmm? Devil King?”

She intended to ignore them, but Leonor heard a word that she couldn’t overlook.

“Did you call me the Devil King?”


Then, for the first time, Leonor turned to the seven-person party.

“This 『Altar』 was created at the cost of many sacrifices. It is well known that the Devil King will descend if a fire is lit!”

A man at the prime of his life who appeared to be a Priest shouted.

“And so … who are you insects who intended to cause the advent of the Devil King or whatnot?”

The young Swordsman answered that question.

“I am the Hero Roman. The one who will subdue the Devil King!”

“Yusha? A brave? Oh, the Hero!”

Leonor laughed.


Lurid was the word to describe her laugh.


“You should be strong if you are the Hero, right? Entertain me. Come on, come on, come on. Let’s fight!”

Thus, in a location far West, the battle between the Akuma Leonor and the Hero Party began, with some misunderstandings and coincidental products.



“<Holy Armor>”

“<Enchanted Weapon>”

“<Protection of the Wind>”

“<Evil Resist Up>”

“<Body Strengthening>”


Spells were cast one after another, strengthening the Hero Roman.


Leonor looked on with a faint smile.


“I’ve heard that humans are boring with how they are all about long-distance magical battles but… are you betting everything on that Hero?”

“Only the Hero can defeat the Devil King. Roman will defeat you!”

The Scout, who could not engage in the magical strengthening, answered Leonor’s question.

“I see. That’s right, only when you cross blades that it would be fun.”

In Leonor’s mind, her battle with the Magician in the Corridor was relived.


(Ryo, wasn’t it … that was fun. I didn’t think that I would get shredded. Well then, I wonder how would the Hero fare?)


As Leonor finished that thought, it seemed that the Hero was ready.

Seeing that, Leonor drew her sword out of nowhere.

“Well, Hero or whatnot, are you ready yet? I’m ready. You can come strike me at any time.”

Then, with her sword held in her right hand, she bent the finger on her vacant left hand to provoke him.


“Don’t underestimate me, Devil King!”


With youthful momentum, the Hero Roman closed the gap in an instant and followed up with a thrust.

However, Leonor easily dodged that full-body thrust.

Even after that, she dodged all of Roman’s sword strikes that were swung in all directions.

Dodging everything without parrying with her sword.


It was Roman’s first experience swinging his sword so much but not hitting anything.


“Hmm ……”

The Akuma Leonor muttered a little, and for the first time received Roman’s horizontal slash from the right with her sword and parried it.


Roman’s posture was broken but he managed to dodge Leonor’s follow-up horizontal slash by twisting his upper body before taking a large step back to widen the distance.


“Offense and defense change.”

Having announced that, Leonor quickly closed the distance and directly pierced Roman’s stomach with her sword.


It was Leonor who made the bewildered voice.

The Hero’s first move was a stab after a dive, so she just traced it and tried it herself … it was supposed to only be a stabbing motion to keep him in check … but the stab actually hit the target.


“This … is too boring.”

She commented before pulling her sword out from Roman’s stomach and swinging it once to fling away the blood.


“Yo-you …”

“Oh, you are free to attack me, but then I’ll fight back too? Now, isn’t your priority to help the Hero?”

After saying that, Leonor no longer held even a millimeter of interest in the Hero party and headed for the man-made 『Altar』.



The 『Altar』was decorated with something like a large crystal the size of a human head.

“Yeah, this is a good jewel. The fight was boring, but it wasn’t a waste since I could get my hands on this.”

The jewel disappeared the moment she placed her hand on it.



“Wait, Devil King …”

Perhaps it was the effect of the recovery magic by the Priest, the Hero Roman had recovered enough to stand up.


“Right. Let me correct you, I’m not the Devil King or whatnot.”

“Nonsense. With that strength … what would you be other than the Devil King!”

It was the Magician woman who shouted.


“Even if you say that … Well. I can only say that I am not the Devil King. Perhaps if you combine your strength, you can defeat the current Devil King? Besides, there’s a human with similar strength as I have? Yeah, that fight was fun. I would love to have such a fight once more.”

Leonor smiled, recalling the battle with Ryo.

“Not … the Devil King …”

The Hero Roman groaned.


“Correct. My name is Leonor. Hero or what you call yourself, get stronger. At the very least, you have to be the strongest among humans. You are the Hero after all.”

“A person stronger than me …”

“They are about 10,000 times stronger than you. You have a long road ahead to devote yourself to.”

Then, Leonor entered the 『Gate』.


At the same time, the 『Gate』disappeared, leaving only the Hero party and the 『Altar』 missing the jewel.


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    Did I hear “ Get Good Scrub “

  3. Chris

    Now that is a classy lady. Style, grace, indifference. She left the hero alive so he could grow up into an entertainment. You don’t see an antagonist like this all the time.

    • MJ

      Every kids show I’ve ever watched had an antagonist like that. Constantly letting the heroes live so they could come back stronger the next fight. Austin Powers even made a joke about evil master minds always leaving loophole for the heroes escape it’s such a trope.

  4. Irnem

    That’s how it should be. A pesky justice maniac getting his ass kicked. Now back to the real hero, who actually put in the necessary workload.

    Thx for the chapter!

  5. R2D2TS

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  7. LazyLazer

    Uh…so we just going to ignore the fact that there’s an altar that summons the devil king when lit…and the hero’s party are the only people there? Meaning the hero most likely lit the fire in order to bring out the devil king? Not the worst thing if there already was one and it becomes like a cheat to force them into a fight, but…supposedly 4 devil princes with a chance to become the devil king? What happens if none were one yet, what…it just forces one of them to become it and then summons them?
    Basically the hero just tried to expedite the process just to claim the achievement, sounds like another “hero is actually the villain” storylines.

    • The ritual summoned Leonor instead so its likely that the ritual only summons monsters above a certain strength. Not the Demon Lord per say like they believe.

  8. Deadmilkmen

    So they stand no chance against Leonor but she says if they all gang up they can beat a demon king. Meaning she’s tougher than a demon king? Awesome.

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    Also, wow wwow wow barely an inconvenient they can summon devils in altara lmao

    Also I hope Leonor becomes MC’s waifu. We just need one because he’s dry af.

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