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Chapter 0076 The people gathered

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“Everyone, this is the 『Blue Horizon』 where we will be staying. We have reserved two triple rooms and one quadruple room. Please make your own arrangements. We will return to the City of Rune the day after the end of the Port Opening Festival ten days later and will depart at 9 am, so please feel free to spend your time until then.”

Ugo, who was the manager of the merchant group, announced before he brought his fellow merchants away and immediately went on to the business talks.


“So we will take the two triple rooms and Niles and party will take the quadruple room.”

“Yes, that’s okay.”

“Okay. See everyone again in ten days.”

Then, 『Coffee Maker』 approached the reception desk of 『Blue Horizon』.


“I’m glad we arrived without incident.”

Upon entering the room, Etho exhaled loudly.

It was the first escort request for the four people from Room 10, so they were a little tense for the two days.


Of course, Ryo was no exception and felt a little tired.

“For the time being, why don’t we take a walk outside while looking for something to eat?”

Following Niles’ suggestion, they decided to go out to eat.


The whole city was lively as the Port Opening Festival would start the day after tomorrow.

Stalls lined up not only the main street but also at the back alley, where there was only a single lane.

The four of them strolled as they bought and ate among those stalls.


“This is … indeed fish and chips. It’s delicious …”

Next to Ryo trembling with emotion,

“I can’t believe it … this is Devilfish’s leg …”

Etho was enjoying charcoal-grilled octopus tentacles.

“This croquette is delicious with ground shrimp in it.”

While Amon was enjoying a croquette,

“This Mini Kraken is also addictive with its sweet sauce.”

Niles was glowing with satisfaction with grilled squids in both hands.


In the end, that night, the four from Room 10 filled their stomachs with food and drink from the open-air stalls without entering any restaurants.



The next day.

The entire city was pressed for time to complete the final preparations for the Port Opening Festival starting tomorrow.

The final group of arrivals, such as those here for field trips and guests from various countries, entered the city one after another.

Among them was a group that caught the eye.

The guests from the Imperial Capital of the Debuhi Empire.

Among the carriages of the group, there was an even more luxuriously constructed carriage … The imperial coat of arms was drawn on the door.


“Rando, what’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“No, Your Highness, the carriage from the Kingdom of Kufaris, which entered ahead of us, seems to be taking some time to complete the procedure … What should I do?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not our problem. The circumstances of other countries are not something we should talk about. We shall wait.”

Then, the third prince of the Empire, Konrad Stein Bornemisza, sank deeply into the sofa of the carriage.


“So this is the scent of the sea? … Feels somewhat nostalgic.”

Konrad muttered at the scent of the tide drifting through the carriage window.

(It’s interesting that I feel nostalgic for the scent of the sea even though there is no sea in our Empire. It is a long-cherished wish of His Majesty the Emperor to obtain the sea, or rather, it has been the dearest wish of many generations prior but … obtaining it will carry seeds of trouble…)

After his thoughts wandered to that point, the carriage started to move forward.


“Your Highness, I will head directly to the Lord’s building where we will be staying.”

“Yes, Rando, thank you. I believe there is a meeting with the town representative.”

“Yes, that’s right. After that, there will be a dinner hosted by the Lord.”

As long as he was the representative of the Empire, his schedule was packed.

“Well, it can’t be helped?”


That night, supper was hosted by the Lord at the Lord’s building to celebrate the eve of the festival.

“I’m sorry Fiona. You’re probably not used to this kind of event … Are you tired?”

“Don’t worry about me, Onii-sama.”

The third prince Konrad called out to the eleventh princess Fiona, who was next to him receiving greetings.


“After this, the Lord Roxley will retire for the night. You may return to your room at that time. There are still many things planned tomorrow and beyond, so you should have a good rest tonight.”

As he said that, he moved a little with the guests from various countries that came to say hello. That made it easier for Fiona to leave.

That could be said to be Konrad’s tactful nature.

The Lord Roxley was seen off by everyone and left. And some of the guests, including Fiona, left the venue as well.

“Your Highness, welcome home.”

When she retired to the room she was assigned to, Fiona jumped straight into the bed.

“Your Highness, that is improper.”

Her adjutant Marie quickly cautioned her.

During this journey, Marie took on the role of a maid.

She was a talented person who could handle acting as both the adjutant in the army and the maid of the princess without any problems.


“Marie … I’m tired.”

“Yes, I can tell without you saying that because you are exuding the feeling of exhaustion with your whole body.”

While replying, she raised Fiona’s body and took off her dress.

“I’m glad Konrad-oniisama told me that I should retire early … After all, that kind of place is not suitable for me. The division commander’s office is tens of thousands of times better.”


Fiona changed into her casual clothes with a sigh.

Normally, the maid would also help when wearing the loungewear, but Fiona only found it a hassle since she had always been in the army and did most of the tasks herself.


“His Highness Konrad has always been kind to Fiona.”

“Yes, Konrad-oniisama is kind, but I don’t think this is the only reason. I am just a hindrance when I’m there.”

“No way! How could you be a hindrance!”

Marie retorted unintentionally.


“Yes, I am not well versed enough in conversation. This delegation, I carry the name of the 『Imperial House』 along with my brother. In other words, I am also the representative of the delegation. If I say something detrimental … it would be a hassle to resolve it so he thought of letting me leave first.”

“I see. Konrad-sama thought up to that point …”

“Really. We only have a three years age gap but … he’s amazing.”

Fiona shook her head a little.


“Fiona-sama is unrivaled in sword and magic!”

Marie encouraged her beloved superior, Fiona.

“It’s also interesting how my redeeming features are the sword and magic as a woman.”

Fiona laughed when she said that.


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