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Chapter 0080 Final day

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On the 4th, 5th, and 6th days of the Port Opening Festival, the four people from Room 10 ate from the shops around instead of the stalls.

Of course, they still mainly ate while walking.


There were some minor inconveniences, but they weren’t a big deal compared to the satisfaction of eating while walking.


And finally, the seventh and final day of the Port Opening Festival.

On this day, there would be a garden party in the courtyard of the Lord’s building at night so many people came and went to the building from the morning to decorate it.


In addition, the city itself was lively as well for the closing festival that would happen because it was the last night.

Among them, there were many unfamiliar vendors, but that was common since the representatives of each country brought their followers in the first place.

It was unavoidable that there would be cracks in the security.


However, the time passed quietly without any problems until the evening.

Of course, that was apart from the hustle and bustle of the Port Opening Festival.



It wasn’t until they finished eating lunch that day that the four people from Room 10 suddenly noticed.


“Hey … now that I think about it, we’ve not been to the Adventurer’s Guild since we arrived in this city …”

It was the first time that Niels spoke so nervously.



“Must we show our faces in the guild?”

“Our seniors will have to answer that. Amon and I have just become adventurers.”

Etho who completely forgot couldn’t say a word while Amon and Ryo were clueless about that convention.


Certainly, it was not mentioned in the beginner’s lecture that they attended at the guild.


“It’s not a rule, but there are some cases where adventurers are notified through the guild. Also, if you plan to do some activities as an adventurer in the city you travel to, notifying the guild would make it less likely to face issues later on.”

At such times, it was Etho’s task to explain rather than Niels.


“Oh well, let’s pop our heads in for a short while? It’s not as though we have any other acquaintances there … If we stop by to show our faces and nothing goes wrong, we can continue our food hunt! I didn’t expect a delicious seafood pasta shop in a complete blind spot in the alley of the north street …”

“Thanks to Rin’s tip.”


With that said, the four from Room 10 headed for the Whitnash Adventurer’s Guild.



The Whitnash Adventurer’s Guild was quite large.

Although not as large as the one in the City of Rune, which was said to be the largest on the outskirts, this was one of the best port cities in the Kingdom of Knightley so the number of adventurers and requests was quite large.


“I’ve never seen such a large guild other than in Rune …”

“Yeah, it’s pretty big.”

Etho and Niels were also impressed with the size.


Once inside, they found quite a few people hanging out, even though it was in the afternoon.

In the City of Rune, the guild would be quiet at this time.


“I guess there are many people in the guild because it’s during the festival?”

Ryo came to a strange conclusion but no one retorted.


That was because Niels, who usually played the straight man, had found a person he didn’t want to meet.

At the same time, the other party also saw Niels.


“Why are you here?”

“Huh? That’s my line, bastard.”

Niels and Dan started the conversation like some delinquents.


Yes, Dan from Room 1 and his followers were also in the guild.


Niels and Dan were in a volatile state, but the others greeted each other without any enmity.

In particular, the Scout that Dan dragged to join the 『30th two-seater boat race: Adventurer’s category』was having a friendly conversation with Amon who was also dragged to join by Niels.

In the end, it seemed that they formed a bond after they were involved in the rivalry and experienced the destruction of the ship, sinking, and falling into the sea.



“Hey, Sasha from Room 2. It’s been a while.”

“Oh, Etho-san from Room 10. It has been a while.”

The priests greeted each other.


In the end, Ryo was left out since he wasn’t particularly acquainted with anyone so he just greeted them lightly and blankly looked at the bulletin board.


“Eh? You guys are those two on the boat.”

“You’re right. That was amazing, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, fighting here is prohibited. Rather than that, come here and have a drink. Adventurers can drink and eat as much as they want during the festival.”


So that was why there were a lot of adventurers even at this time?

Ryo and his friends were strangely convinced.


(Alcohol is absolutely prohibited in the guild cafeteria in the City of Rune, but there is no such rule here. I guess it depends on the location.)

Ryo, who had such an impression, was dragged by a Whitnash adventurer and ended up going to the cafeteria.


But, as expected of the guild cafeteria.

The food was delicious!


“Wow, this salt-baked fish, delicious!”

“The taste of seafood is exuding from this soup.”

“A wonderful smell is coming from this big shellfish when baked.”

“I can’t believe I can eat spiny lobster …”

There were four adventurers from the City of Rune who enjoyed the seafood more than eating outside.



“How is it? Do you think it’s a go?”

“No problem.”

“Have those that planned to leave left?”

“The City of Rune adventurer’s guild Guildmaster has left the city. A substitute will participate in the garden party.”

“Okay, then do as planned.”



The sun was setting and around 6 o’clock in the evening, the garden party was about to begin at the Lord’s building.


“Abel-dono. I see you are standing in once again?”

“Your Highness Konrad. Yes, my Guildmaster was in the city until this morning, but he has already returned to the City of Rune, so instead, I will be attending the garden party again.”

Abel shook his head and asked himself why me?


Seeing that, 3rd Prince Konrad smiled.

“But didn’t you enjoy the festival until today? I couldn’t even take a single step outside … I understood that it was difficult, but I was of the assumption that I could still go around the festival a little, but I guess it was impossible.”


At that point, someone else called out to Konrad.


As Konrad turned around, Princess Fiona, dressed up for the garden party, was there.


“Oh, Fiona, let me introduce you. Abel-dono, this is … Well, as you know, Fiona Rubin Bornemisza, the eleventh princess of the Empire, my sister. Fiona, this is Abel-dono, standing in as the Guildmaster for the adventurer’s guild in the City of Rune. He’s a great B-class adventurer.”

When introduced, Fiona and Abel greeted each other lightly.


“See you later, Abel-dono.”

Then, Konrad walked with Fiona toward the Lord.


Abel was feeling extremely bored and lonely.

Because there wasn’t his usual sword on his waist.


Of course, given that it was a garden party, no one was equipped with weapons.

Even ceremonial swords were not allowed for this garden party.

The security was perfect with the『Wind Barrier Hidden Treasure』 … Nobody could argue against that.


“By the way, Rin said that it was as strong as the Wyvern’s wind defense film … But, Ryo pierced that with a thick ice spear …”

It was an event he encountered while crossing the Devil’s Mountain, which could be said to be the nest of the Wyverns, on the way back from the Rondo Forest.


“Well, nothing is perfect.”

After he muttered that, the Lord of the City of Whitnash went up to the stage.

It was the start of the garden party.



It had been about an hour since the garden party started.

The first to notice the irregularity were the Magicians with the Lord who managed the 『Wind Barrier Hidden Treasure』.



“What happened?”

“Suddenly, I can’t channel my magical power to it.”

“What does that mean?”

“I don’t know, but if nothing is done, the barrier will disappear …”

“No way!”


It was over by the time they found out that the magical power supply to the 『Wind Barrier Hidden Treasure』 was tampered with to burn out after a certain amount of time had passed once it was deployed.

At that moment, they had fallen into panic.


The supply of magical power was cut off and the wind defense film disappeared.


It was a barrier that wasn’t noticeable unless you looked carefully. Because it was thin enough to be called a 『film』.

And even more so when the background was the night sky.


And catastrophe struck before anyone attending the garden party noticed.


A large amount of attack magic, arrows, and throwing spears began to land in the courtyard where the garden party was held from outside the building.


Screams and angry bellows echoed in the courtyard.


There were Knights of Whitnash present in the courtyard but they were disposed of without any means to defend against the oncoming attacks.


“Hide in the shadows of the tables.”

Those who heard that voice and followed it were able to prolong their lives for a while.


But the attack didn’t end there. Rather, it was just the beginning.


Just as the attacks from outside died down, they launched their direct assault.

The door was kicked open and men in black rushed in and slashed at random.

Regardless if it was knights, guests, butlers or maids.


“Damn, who are these guys? What happened to the guards?”

Someone among the guests shouted but no one had a clear answer.


But as soon as they entered the building, it was clear.

All of the Lords’ forces, except those in the courtyard, had already been killed.

The encirclement was already completed without anyone in the courtyard garden party knowing.

Those who were killed included not only the Lord’s forces but also the subordinates of the guests.


“<Magic Barrier>”

Princess Fiona continued to protect Prince Konrad, creating a much thicker barrier than others.


The first attack had, unfortunately, hit Konrad and he was seriously injured.

“Brother, if we keep our backs to the wall of the summer house over there, we can last for a while. It’s fine if you take it slow, can you walk?”

“Yeah …I’m okay, Fiona healed me, I can manage that.”


Fiona was a Magician who could manipulate Fire and Light attributes.

Healing using the Light attribute could be said to be second nature for senior Priests, but as long as they did not know what will happen in the future, he could not allow her to heal him with all her might.

Konrad instructed that.


And that instruction seemed correct so far.

The attacks from the outside had stopped but the assailants had launched a direct attack.

The few surviving knights in the courtyard were clashing swords with the assailants here and there.


“Even with all this happening, the fact that no one else is coming through the door except the assailants means that it is highly likely that the entire building has been subdued.”

Even if the wound was closed, the lost blood would not be regained.

Despite his pale complexion, Konrad informed her of his analysis.


“No way …”

Fiona despaired at Konrad’s words.


“Fiona, didn’t you come with your men? Do you have a way to get in touch with them?”

Hearing those words, Fiona raised her face as if she had been struck.

“I have!”

Then, she released five black magic bullets from her right hand that went up to the sky as colored bullets and five red magic bullets burst in the sky.


“If they see it, they will rush to our aid. Even if they don’t look see it, my teacher will sense it.”

“Teacher … Oscar? I’ll be relieved if he comes.”

Then, Konrad sat with his back against the wall.



The summer house, where the two of them moved to, was difficult to spot from the main venue of the garden party, and there were no assailants, guests, or knights.

(As long as we can buy some time here … teacher will come.)


But, they were not given such leeway.


“There he is.”

The moment he said that, the assailant might have considered that he had screwed up.

This was because Konrad’s powerful gaze shot through the thief.


“I see, this attack was aimed at me.”

“We were the target …”

Fiona trembled a little from Konrad’s words.


“Fiona, you don’t have to keep them alive. Kill everyone.”

“Yes, brother.”


The assailants approached cautiously.

Konrad chanted in a soft voice.

After they are closed in to some extent.


“<Stone Javelin>”

Konrad chanted the trigger word and four stone spears launched from the ground toward the assailants.

At that moment,

The assailants, who were not the target of the Stone Javelins and were safe, start running toward them all at once.


“<Piercing Fire>”

Fiona’s chantless magic caused four white-flame extra-fine arrows to fly toward the assailants.

When an assailant dodged the arrow of fire coming from the front, the arrow made a U-turn and stabbed into the assailant’s neck from behind.


After that, three more Piercing Fires were fired, decimating those who could be called the vanguard of the assailants.

At the very least, there were no enemies in sight … but they heard a tiny, soft chanting.


Hearing the chanting, Konrad’s complexion became even worse.

“No way, this chant is … Fiona, full defense forward. No, absolute defense, Sanctuary.”


The moment Fiona chanted, the tiny soft chanting ended and the magic was released.


The spell’s name was


“Bullet Rain …”


One of the highest-grade Wind-Attribute Magic used by Rin to deal the finishing blow for the Goblin King at the end of the Great Tidal Bore.

That magic with enormous attack power, that even the defense of the Goblin King was pierced like paper, and its body riddled full of holes.


It was impossible to defend against it with ordinary defensive magic.

That was why he called for <Sanctuary>.


Absolute defense <Sanctuary> said to be a miracle of God.

The ultimate light defense magic said to prevent all magic and physical attacks.

It was a spell that could only be cast by high-ranking Priests, but Fiona could cast it … and she could use it since childhood.


However, Sanctuary consumed a terrifying amount of magical power compared to other defensive magic.

Even Fiona, who boasted hundreds of times more magical power than ordinary people, had continuously cast magic barriers, Piercing Fire, and now, Sanctuary.

She knew that her remaining magical power was quite low.


(If the opponent who fired the Bullet Rain attacked seriously … it will be a pretty tough battle …)

Thinking so, Fiona got ready, but the presence disappeared.


And multiple other presences appeared.

(Three, four … five people? I feel their presence but I don’t know the location.)


“It’s a spell I don’t know.”

The chant was too soft for Fiona to hear.

Konrad heard a little but have never heard of that spell.


“No … this is mixed with the Earth-Attribute? But the main chant is that of the Fire-Attribute’s explosiveness? What is this?”

“Earth? Explosion?”


At that moment, Fiona looked at Konrad.

Then, she sensed the magic that was being built up on the ground on which Konrad sat.


“Brother, danger!”

Fiona body-slammed into Konrad and pushed him away.

And she chanted at the same time.



At that moment, the ground burst.


Flames and soil blew up like a geyser.


Fiona was blown away by it.



However, while Fiona was blown away, she confirmed that her reliable comrades had rushed into the courtyard.

“Teacher, please take care of my brother …”


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