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WM V1C0081

Chapter 0081 Dispute over the Princess

Translator: Tseirp


Luckily, Deputy Chief Oscar, Adjutant Jurgen, and Adjutant and maid Marie were outdoors when Fiona fired five red bullets in the sky to signal for emergency rescue.

That was when they saw five red bullets rising from the courtyard of the Lord’s building.


“Five red bullets … emergency rescue request? Jurgen, Marie, we are charging straight into the building.”



In the army, the orders of superiors were absolute.

They usually joked around as companions, but when it came to the battlefield or similar situations, they maintained the relationship of superiors and subordinates.


The guards guarding the gates of the mansion were on duty as usual.

All three were aides to Princess Fiona, and more importantly, they were informed that Oscar was the Explosive Blaze Magician, so they were able to enter without any questioning.


The problem was after they opened the door and entered the hall.


“What is this …”

“They’re dead.”

Jurgen and Marie confirmed that the people there were dead and reported it.

“It is confirmed that this is an abnormal situation. We’ll head to the courtyard.”


Around the first corner, they encountered a very large group of people dressed in black.

“<Piercing Fire>”

Oscar, who was in the lead, shot over 20 extra-thin arrows of white flame.

It was worthy of special mention that all of them struck the foreheads of the assailants.

“Precise control as usual …”

Adjutant Jurgen murmured.


This <Piercing Fire> was Oscar’s best spell since he was an adventurer.

A very fine white flame arrow that does not spread fire would strike the forehead and reach the brain, ending the target’s life.

The damage to the target was minimal.

For that reason, he was also able to sell his materials at a high price.


After passing through several corridors and defeating several groups without a moment’s delay, the three reached the courtyard.

However, the scene there was a picture of hell.

Scattered with magic, bows, spears, and the bodies of those killed in close quarters combat.


“No way, Her Highness …”

Marie whispered with a quivering voice.

“Her Highness will not fall so easily! She may be injured, look for her!”

Oscar scolded her and Marie and Jurgen started searching …


However, they couldn’t find anybody who resembled her.


(It’s okay, there’s no corpse. She’s alive somewhere …)

Oscar pretended to be calm in front of them but was about to lose his mind from anxiety.


At that moment …

“Deputy chief, there is the sound of battle from the other side.”

Jurgen pointed out.


Oscar started running as if to say that answering would be a waste of precious time. Following that, Jurgen and Marie also ran after him.

The sight that the three saw after crossing the fence was …

Fiona blown away by the flames and soil that blew up like a geyser.


At that moment, Oscar’s face was dyed in despair.


But it was only for a moment.


That was because he saw Fiona’s lips move while being blown away.

“Jurgen and Marie, protect Konrad-sama. I will chase after Her Highness who was sent flying.”

Oscar commanded and dashed out of the building at full speed.



Since it was the last night, a closing party was being held in the city.


If this was modern Earth, fireworks would be launched but it appeared that gunpowder was not yet common on 『Phi』.

At least, Ryo had never seen any since he reincarnated on 『Phi』.


That said, there was a huge bonfire in the square.

Some vendors were even using decorations that were used during the festival in place of firewood and it seemed that they were enjoying the closing party as they pleased.


Finally released from the Whitnash adventurers, the four from Room 10 were heading towards the bonfire on the beach instead of the one in the square.

Of course, while procuring various foods on the way.


“I have four mini Krakens.”

“I bought four crepes.”

“I really liked the Lindo candy, but it was sold out … he called it takoyaki but it was delicious when I tasted it, so I bought four sets of this.”


Etho proposed for each of them to buy what they liked and exchange them so the four of them went separately and gathered there.


“Hmm? Is Ryo late?”

“I thought I saw him at the Lindo street candy stall over there …”


Amon, who had given up on the Lindo candies, cheered at Etho’s report.

Meanwhile, it was completely coincidental that Niels was looking up at the sky.

“What is that?”

Niels said and pointed to something flying over from the Lord’s mansion.



“A person?”

Etho could not see it while Amon couldn’t identify it either.


“That … that is the princess.”

Niels said and started running alone.

She was going to land on the coast. Even though it was sandy, she could die if she landed poorly.


Following Niels who started running, Etho and Amon ran after him.

There wasn’t an ounce of Ryo in their minds anymore …


He had never run so hard during an adventure.

Niels ran desperately.

As his feet got caught in the sand, he desperately tried to avoid falling over and over, and aimed to not slow down as much as possible as he ran to the spot she would land on.



He had to pretty much slide in the end … but he managed to catch her at the last second.


“Oh, that was dangerous …”

At first glance, she had no major injuries.

She appeared to have been at a party as she was in a dress.


“Fu … fu … Niels-san, how is the princess?”

“Oh, she’s probably okay, though she fainted.”


Amon caught up first, and Etho caught up a little later.

But Etho wasn’t the only one catching up.



“Yes, I see them.”


Amon replied as he drew his sword and slashed at the man in black.


Normally they would wonder who they were, but suspicious people appearing in that situation would not be there for anything good … Niels and Amon came to that decision.

And Etho, who joined late, agreed too.


“Block all attacks <Physical Barrier>”

Without any hesitation, the daggers released by the black assailants were targeted at Fiona. Etho blocked it with a physical barrier that prevented physical attacks.


Niels couldn’t move while holding Fiona.


In essence, Amon was dealing with two assailants on his own.

If he was just any regular F-rank adventurer, he would have been cut down in no time.

However, Amon gained time by kicking up the sand at his feet, blinding them, and attacking persistently to incapacitate instead of to kill.


And finally, an arrow was released from the hands of the priest Etho.


To the members of Room 10, they had no archer and wanted even a little means of dealing middle to long-range attack so during this festival, what the four of them found was this small 『crossbow』.

It was the type that was worn on the left arm, and although it was difficult to attack from a long distance, it had an effective range of about 10 meters.


The arrow shot from the crossbow pierced the neck of one of the assailants.


The other assailant was slightly taken aback by the sudden attack.

Amon took advantage of the slight sway in alertness.

He slammed with his entire body, pushed him down, and thrust his sword through his head.




No one spoke for a while.


“I’m glad it worked …”

Eto muttered softly.

Amon retrieved his sword and moved to Niels.

There may still be further pursuits.


And then, he appeared.


“Oi, back away from that person.”


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