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Extra 1 <<Intermission>>

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The third magic practice ground in the suburbs of the Debuhi Empire.


There was currently mock combat by the Court Magic Division.

The practice was divided into 20 people on each side.

There was no doubt that if the court magicians of the Kingdom of Knightley had seen the scene, they would have had looks of shock warp their expressions.



First, no one was chanting.

Moreover, the power of each attack magic was an order of magnitude more powerful than the magic known to the magicians of the Kingdom.

Furthermore, instead of activating magic while standing still, they were casting magic while on the move.

One side fired fireballs while running while the other side shot air slashes toward the oncoming fireballs to offset them.


Six people were watching over the practice.

Fiona Rubin Bornemisza, Court Magic Division Chief.

Oscar Ruska, Court Magic Division Deputy Chief.

Fiona’s adjutant, Marie.

Oscar’s adjutant, Jürgen Kirchhoff.

And the commanders of the two companies currently facing off in the exercise.


Oscar, the Deputy Chief, was watching the exercise with the strictest gaze.

“So this is the maximum for their current state…”

It was just a soft murmur, and it was not directed at anyone, but cold sweat dripped down the backs of the two company commanders on standby behind them.

It even seemed as though they instinctively wanted to apologize.


“If you think about how they have come this far in half a year, I don’t think you should be so pessimistic.”

The Division Commander Fiona’s words were gentle, but her gaze on the exercise was by no means gentle.

“Yes. Two other companies … How long would it take to reach the scale of a 『Division』? For now, let’s end this exercise around here.”

“Yup, you’re right.”


With Fiona’s words as a signal, three colored magic bullets fired from Oscar’s hand and exploded, signifying the end of the mock combat.

When the two companies amid the practice confirmed the signal for the end of combat, they stood upright on the spot and turned to face the spectators’ seats.

There was only one person who seemed to be exhausted and fell on their rear.


Someone lashed out  …


At that moment, a very fine Flame Arrow pierced the ground, nicking the right cheek of the person who fell.


A scream spilled from the mouth of the member who collapsed on the ground.


That Flame Arrow was fired from the hand of Deputy Chief Oscar.

“Fool! Don’t let your guard down just because the battle is over. The moment you need to be the most alert is when you think it is over!”


All the members replied.


“The Division Chief has a few words to say. Everyone pay attention.”

Then, Oscar nodded a little towards Fiona.


“Everyone, great work practicing. You have improved from the last time, but I can’t say that you have passing grades yet.”

Upon hearing Fiona’s words, the troops all stood at attention.

“Tomorrow, Deputy Chief and I will accompany His Highness the Third Prince to travel to Whitnash, the port city of the Kingdom of Knightley. We are scheduled to return in a month. When I come back, I will watch everyone’s practice once more. I believe you can all show me an even greater form at that time. Dismissed.”

With the word ‘Dismissed’, everyone performed an imperial salute with their right hand on their left chest.


Their number was a little over fifty, and although not many, it was a fitting spectacle that showed that all of them were the cream of the crop.



After Division Chief Fiona and the four others returned to the Division Chief’s office, the members of the Court Magic Division were cleaning up the practice ground.

There were no fools in the division who would cut corners there.

Their strength would grow as their daily training goes smoothly. As a result, they can survive on the battlefield.

That was because everyone there had experienced it personally.

And for daily training to be carried out smoothly, the practice ground had to always be maintained.


However, speaking among themselves during that time was not prohibited.

“Sheesh, who would collapse on the ground at the end?”

“Yeah, I thought you were dead at that moment.”

They were commenting about Oscar’s extra-fine Flame Arrow just now.


“I-I didn’t sit down because I wanted to …”

“But isn’t Deputy Chief kind today? The guy who sat down in the same way before … I recall that guy in the Third Company was shot through both legs?”

“Right right, the Flame Arrows pierced his thighs and was burning his legs from the inside … it looked painful.”

The members all shuddered after recalling that scene.


However, there was a misunderstanding in that story.

It was true that he was shot through both legs, but because it was a Flame Arrow that does not burn the surroundings, it did not burn the inside of his legs, and because he was immediately treated by a healer who was there, the member who was shot was still training without any problems.

However, such stories always had an element of exaggeration.

“But it is certain that if we follow the training, we will definitely get stronger; and by being stronger, we will survive. It is best to do it seriously.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that.”

“But in reality, how strong is the Deputy Chief? Maybe as we are now …”

“Fool, he’s in a different dimension. Even if all the division members attacked at once, we would be killed instantly. We would probably be killed even by the Division Chief. And even the Division Chief mentioned that she doesn’t hold a candle to the Deputy Chief … well, you can imagine it yourself.”

“As expected … his alias as the Explosive Blaze Magician is not just decoration …”



“In any case … Whitnash is a long distance away.”

Returning to the Division Chief’s office at the practice ground, Fiona opened a map of the entire Central Nations and muttered to herself.

“I heard you were invited as a guest for the Whitnash Port Opening Festival that is held once every five years.”

Fiona’s adjutant Marie commented while brewing tea.


“Yeah. The third prince, Konrad-oniisama, was chosen to go as representative … but His Majesty the Emperor wants me to follow along for some reason …”

Fiona thought hard with an expression that said she couldn’t understand and then turned to Oscar, who was sitting in his usual chair.


“Teacher, what do you think?”

“Your Highness … how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that …”

“It’s just the usual four people here. Isn’t it fine?”

The four people there were Fiona and Oscar, as well as their adjutants Marie and Jürgen.

They were certainly Fiona and Oscar’s most trusted people in the court.


Oscar exhaled a big sigh.

“In the first place, I don’t know anything about politics. I am just a Magician.”

Fiona stared at Oscar for a while before nodding.

“I felt something was wrong, it’s the way you’re talking. Teacher, why are you talking so stiffly?”


“… I’ll be with other aristocrats and royalty for a month after this. I have to get used to it from now on … I can’t switch so dexterously like Your Highnesses.”

“Regarding that … I think all the royal family, including His Majesty, have already given up.”

When Fiona said that with a look of disappointment, Oscar looked at Fiona with a startled look, then Marie, and finally his adjutant Jurgen, finding that they all agreed.


“My efforts …”

“Yeah yeah, that manner of speech suits teacher better. Teacher’s polite speech somehow makes my body itch.”

“Shut up, I prefer it this way too.”

All four of them burst into laughter after he said that.


“Well, I don’t really understand what the Emperor is thinking. The Empire doesn’t have a sea, so it’s not just a matter of looking at the sea … but I don’t know what other reason can there be.”

“Hmm … Well, I guess it is all right as long as we are aware of it.”

Fiona was deep in thought as she tilted her head slightly.

Although Oscar said that, he had an idea in his head.


(Perhaps His Majesty is trying to do something bloody while Her Highness Fiona is not in the Empire.)

Emperor Rupert VI was fond of his youngest daughter, Fiona.



Fiona Rubin Bornemisza.

She was the Division Chief of the Court Magic Division and the 14th child of the current Emperor. Rupert VI had three princes and eleven princesses.

The eleven princesses were all beautiful, but Fiona’s beauty was somewhat prominent.


She inherited the stunning ginger hair of the now-deceased queen and her deep azure eyes. And white skin.

Her height was about 160 cm, but she had wonderful style for an 18-year-old.

She rarely appeared in public at balls and such and was always immersed in magic and sword training.

On her waist, she always carried the treasure sword Raven, which was bestowed to her by Emperor Rupert VI, and imposed strict training on herself.


After being appointed as the Chief of the Court Magic Division at the age of seventeen, she devoted her heart and soul to the management of the division and no longer attended balls.

Among the eleven princesses, Fiona was the only one who had developed the power to use magic at a level that could be said to be abnormal.

Moreover, she could manipulate two attributes, Fire and Light.

The Fire of attack and the Light of recovery. Currently, she could control both attributes at a high level.

Emperor Rupert VI loved her as his youngest daughter as a parent and as a rare magical fighting force as an Emperor.

That was a matter of course.


But at the same time, Oscar thought that the Emperor didn’t want to show Fiona a grotesque scene because of his love.

Parents wouldn’t want to show their children such a sight, which was natural, but this was more prominent even compared to the other princesses.


With that in mind, the thought arose in Oscar that during this visit, the Emperor was trying to do something that would stink of blood in the Empire.

For example … the purge of aristocrats who were rebellious against the imperial family.

Well, it was just an idea, there was no basis for it, and there was nothing he could do about it, so Oscar decided to maintain silence on the matter.


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