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Chapter 0082 After the festival

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The next day. The day after the Port Opening Festival was over.


Etho, who was admitted to a temple-run healing clinic last night, had almost recovered overnight.

That was due to Abel’s efforts … or rather, the Priest Rihya from 『Crimson Sword』, who lent a hand to contact the temple in Whitnash.


Incidentally, the treatment itself was done by the most-skilled Rihya, but Etho, who was unconscious all the time, did not know that.

When he woke up and heard that, it seemed that he was trembling with excitement.


“But Rihya likes Abel …”

Ryo muttered, thinking of Etho’s unrequited feelings.

“Adoration and love are different emotions.”

The youngest 16-year-old Amon whispered in a soft voice.


Ryo was shocked.


What on earth had he experienced in just 16 years of life?


In any case, Etho had recovered.

In the first place, he had no trauma and the blood was spit out due to the recoil from <Sanctuary>, so the temple probably had accumulated know-how to treat it.


(What is the magic of this world … No, not this world, the magic of the Kingdom, or the magic of the Central Nations? It’s different from the magic I use … The Akuma Leonor and the Elf Sera’s magic … and yesterday’s 『Explosive Blaze’s』 magic was different too … I would love to take some time to find out …)



After the festival, the Whitnash main boulevard was a little desolate but there were still some stalls open.

He heard that some shopkeepers who came for the festival to open stalls only during the festival sometimes end up settling down in Whitnash because they found it comfortable.

Some stalls that Ryo and his friends liked were still open and it seemed that they would remain in Whitnash for a while.


However, unfortunately, it seemed that the crepe stall had already left …


At such stalls, the four people were eating their recent purchases … well, Etho had just recovered and was told to cut down on his intake, so three people plus one onlooker … were called from behind.


“I also … prefer to eat at the stalls …”

It was Abel.


“Abel, did you put all the problems in order?”

“I don’t want to be told that by Ryo!”

One of the reasons why the relationship between the Kingdom and the Empire was one step away from war last night was undoubtedly the Water Magician in front of him.

Of course, he could understand his righteous indignation because his friend was almost killed.


According to Abel, both sides agreed to overlook the fight between Oscar, the Deputy Chief of the Imperial Magic Division, and the four from 『Room 10』.


Abel went directly to Princess Fiona, who woke up, and Prince Konrad, who had recovered, to explain the story he had heard from Niels and others.

The matter was resolved safely, partly due to an apology from Deputy Chief Oscar himself, who was listening at the same place.


However, that was not the case with the raid on the garden party.

“For the garden party, a good number of guests who attended sustained injuries … There will likely to be various diplomatic issues at the national level after this. Well, there is no doubt that the Lord of Whitnash will be in trouble …”

“They should have been protected by the Wind Barrier Treasure, right?”

Etho recalled what Rin and Rihya were talking about before.

There was also a possibility … that he remembered all the words that the person he adored said.


“Yeah. It cut off just before the attack so it seemed that somebody tampered with it. It’s a clear blunder.”

Abel shook his head.


As if he remembered something there, he suddenly looked up.

“Oh yeah, Niels, Etho, Amon, Princess Fiona sends her gratitude. She plans to send a package of money for saving her from hitting the ground and protecting her from the assailants. It would be sent over through the guild, so it should be transferred into your guild account by the time you return to the City of Rune.”



“I’m thankful for that.”

“Is it okay to accept that?”

Niels, Etho, and Amon were delighted.


Of course, they didn’t help for any rewards, but it was only natural that they would be happy if their actions were recognized and commended in that manner.


“By the way, Ryo won’t be getting anything.”

“We-well … the assailants were already defeated by the time I arrived. There was just some Fire-Attribute Magician weirdo.”

“You’re something special to call the Explosive Blaze Magician some Fire-Attribute Magician weirdo.”

Abel sighed loudly.

“By the way, did Abel also attend the garden party? Did you get hurt?”

Abel suddenly started behaving strangely.


“O-of course. So-so-something of that extent won’t hurt me.”

“It’s plain to see that he’s acting strange …..”

“Yeah ……”

Etho and Amon were suspicious of Abel’s strange reaction.


By the way, Niels was

“As expected of Abel-san! Amazing!”

He had no doubts at all.


“Abel … it’s easier if you spit it out. Come on, say it all.”

Ryo gently said to Abel, as though it was a police interrogation or to a colleague who drank too much.

Of course, he had no intention of letting him go easily.


“No … I was attending at first … but halfway through, I was caught by the Guildmaster of this city. We were having an individual meeting in a remote room … We even used a sound insulation magic tool so we were late to notice even though such an incident happened …”

“But you said that Hugh completed all the talks before returning?”

“That’s right but … the point is that they plan to conduct the adventurer’s beginner’s class in the City of Rune here in Whitnash too. So, it seems that they discussed the materials and the dispatch of the instructor and he returned … After that, yesterday’s talk was about letting Whitnash’s instructor candidates participate in the beginner’s class that is being held in the City of Rune. Well, he endlessly talked about that request …”


It seemed that there were many inconveniences when having a high-ranking position.

If even a substitute had it this rough, how hard was it for full-time Hugh McGrath?


The four from Room 10 received a request from Abel to hand over a letter to Hugh in the City of Rune, containing the content of the discussion with the Guildmaster of Whitnash.


“I really want to hand it over personally but I have a little more work to do …”

In Ryo’s eyes, Abel seemed like he was lying.

It must be because he knew Hugh would thrust more onto him and found it annoying.


Either way, he would be subject to a ton of questions when he return to the City of Rune, so all that would only give him a few days of grace … Why do people delay the inevitable …?


Ryo pondered the working habit of man that existed since the prehistoric ages.



Early morning the next day.

After ten days, they rejoined the trading company that gave them the escort request.

Along with the members of 『Coffee Maker』 led by Delong, who worked together to defend the convoy.


“Hey. Niels, you’ve made yourself a name.”


Delong began the conversation with the rowing competition.

Coffee Maker seemed to have seen that 『confrontation』 too, and discussed it with excitement with the adventurers of the city after that.

“It’s not a bad thing to make a name for yourself as an adventurer.”

Delong nodded grandly and struck Niels’ shoulder.


“Okay, the formation will be the same as when we came. Stay alert for two days.”




And two days later, as they did when they arrived, the party reached the City of Rune without any particular problems.


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