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Chapter 0091 Neville Black

Translator: Tseirp


The afternoon after the four people from Room 10 returned to the City of Rune after completing the request for Avery Village.

Hugh McGrath, the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster, came to the lord’s palace.


After finishing his report to the lord, he headed straight to the Knight Captain’s office.


As usual, two Knights stood in front of the office.

“I would like to meet Neville-dono, is he in?”

“Yes, he is.”

Then one of them knocked on the door.


“The Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster, Hugh McGrath, wishes to see you.”


A man’s rough voice came from inside the room.


Hugh entered the office.

The interior was about 20 tatami mats in size, with a fairly simple design with a large office desk coupled with a reception area, and a cupboard with liquor bottles.

Neville Black, the commander of the Knights of the Margrave of Rune, sank his large body in the office chair and was writing something.


“Sorry, just sit there for a while. I’ll finish writing right away.”

He said only that and returned to focus on his writing.

As usual, Hugh sat and waited without worrying about it at all.


After waiting for about three minutes, Knight-Captain Neville apparently finished writing and stood up, took out a bottle and two glasses from the cupboard, and sat opposite Hugh.

Then, while having drinks together, they discussed some matters.


“Neville, that magic stone, are you sure you want to add another one?”

Hugh first sought confirmation for the question he had in mind.

That magic stone was, of course, the Wyvern magic stone that Ryo and Abel brought to the guild.

One was already bought by the lord’s mansion, and at first, Hugh thought that the lord would only purchase one but …


“Yeah, we’re buying another one. It’s not as though I’m going to use it. The guys from the 『Workshop』 who saw the first magic stone came to me crying and asked me to get another by any means. They even told me that they would let me reduce their pay as long as I can buy another so …”

Neville smiled wryly when he said that.


“I’m sure such quality would not appear in the market for some time, right? Perfect size, intensity, and above all, it is a Wind magic stone. It met all the conditions.”

“For that … ship?”

Hugh asked with a very quiet voice.


“Yes, that 『ship』. Far from spending a lifetime to build it, parent and child developed it over two generations so they would want to buy it even if it was excessive. Of course, the lord also supported it positively. That’s why we bought it for 600 million Florin, the same as last time.”

“All right.”


Just as Hugh was about to stand up after there was nothing else to discuss, Knight-Captain Neville mentioned a surprising name.


“Hugh, that adventurer Ryo, who is he?”

First, Hugh was surprised that Neville mentioned Ryo’s name.

He didn’t think there was a point of contact between Ryo and the Knights.


“Why do you know Ryo’s name?”

“Don’t answer a question with a question.”

Neville laughed when he said that.


“Well, Ryo has been coming to our training ground a lot lately. I heard about him from there.”

“Ryo visits the Knight’s Training Ground? What is he doing in such a place …”

“What else can he do in a training ground apart from mock combat?”


Hugh was terrified when he heard Neville’s answer.

This was because he remembered the story of him defeating the Demon Prince in the dungeon on his own.

However, there was one more thing he remembered.

Now that he thought about it, he recalled Ryo telling him that he was having simulated battles while they were in his carriage previously.


“Don’t tell me he broke the equipment …”

“No, don’t worry, that’s not the case, because our training ground also has a magic barrier that is always on.”

“Then, what …”

“Well … that’s …”

Neville stopped speaking and seemed to find it a little hard to say. This was extremely unusual for Neville, who was clear-cut and straightforward.


“Actually, he’s having mock battles with Sera-dono.”


Hugh replied with a stunned voice to Neville’s unexpected words.


(Ryo has mock combats with Sera? No, Sera is an adventurer, and Ryo is also an adventurer … it’s okay to have mock combats, but why do they know each other? And it’s not at the guild training ground but the Knight’s training area? Was it because, as Neville said, it’s more convenient because of the magic barrier …?)


A flurry of thoughts swirled in Hugh’s head, but the words that came out of his mouth had nothing to do with them.

“You address Sera with an honorific –dono but you don’t do so for me or Ryo?”

“That’s natural. Sera-dono is an influential power in this lord’s mansion. You can even say that she has the highest power apart from the lord. Besides, it’s still –dono for me, but all the knights call her Sera-sama.”

Neville laughed happily.


“Well, that Ryo is evenly matched with Sera-dono in their mock combats. I’ve seen their fights too and it’s amazing. I can understand why the knights are entranced by it. Furthermore, it’s at a level where I don’t understand about half of what’s happening.”

Neville laughed as he remarked, imagining the scene of their mock combat.


“Our knights are also trained by Sera, who has the role of their instructor, but she doesn’t even utilize her Wind Equip … but it can’t be helped, since there is a drastic difference in level just with pure sword technique. I felt that it was a pity for Sera that no one could make her exhibit her best …”

“Can’t you just face Sera?”

“Don’t be stupid. I can’t even reach her feet. Yes, how about the hero McGrath face Sera once in a while?”

Knight-Captain Neville taunted him.


“Fool. I’m retired because I injured my arm so there’s no way I can do it. But I don’t think I can face her in her Wind Equip form even during my heydays.


Having said that, Hugh suddenly came up with the idea.

“I’ve heard that Sera’s magic is amazing, but I’ve never seen it … so Ryo is as amazing too?”

“Hmm? I’ve never seen Sera’s magic either.”



It seemed that the conversation between the two was not connecting.


“Isn’t their simulated fights conducted with magic?”

“The mock battle between Sera and Ryo is a mock battle with swords?”


Once again, a sound of disbelief came from Hugh.


After taking a breath, Hugh squeezed out the words.


“Ryo is … a Magician …”


This time, it was Neville who made the sound of disbelief.


For a while, silence lingered between the two.



And it was Neville who finally opened his mouth.

“Well, it seemed that the simulated battles between the two were a good stimulus for the knights, so I just wanted to tell you that I want them to continue …”

“Oh … I understand.”

The both of them decided to abandon any further thoughts on the matter.



Hugh met Sarah, who looked very happy, on his way back to his carriage after leaving the Knight Captain’s office.

“Hey, Sera.”

“It’s been a long time, Master McGrath. Were you having a meeting with Neville?”

“Yeah. By the way, I’ve just heard that you’re having mock battles with Ryo?”

“Yup. I have the permission of the lord?”

Sera replied with a tilted head.


“No, of course, I’m not complaining. Neville also said it was a good stimulus for the Knights.”

“I see! That’s great.”

Sera smiled.


Hugh was also a man. For a man, Sera’s smile was very stimulating.

However, he desperately gazed at Sera’s smile, remembering the lord’s grandson Alfonso Spinazora, who succumbed to his desires and tried to push her down and ended up with a crushed shoulder.


“Master McGrath should come too if you want to have a serious mock battle. There are also excellent priests in the training ground, so minor injuries can be treated.”

Sera said before leaving.

“Nope … I don’t want to step one foot into that battle …”


Hugh’s mutters didn’t reach anyone’s ears …


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