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Chapter 0092 Property Search

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Afternoon the day after the four people from Room 10 returned to the City of Rune after completing the request for Avery Village.

Ryo ate curry with Sera at 『Houshoku-tei』 for the first time in a long time.

Then, Sera returned to the lord’s mansion while Ryo headed to 『Golden Wave Pavilion』.


(Abel still owes me a few favors. The one week’s worth of dinner that he promised in the dungeon … I haven’t even had him treat me once. Oh yeah, I didn’t freeze that Fire Magician in ice for Abel’s sake. Yeah, I have to get him to help with this!)


The time was 2:00 pm.

The people who had lunch at the Golden Wave Pavilion were almost all gone.

Meanwhile, a B-rank Swordsman was sitting on a chair in the dining room reading a book.

It was a very convenient development since Ryo was thinking he had to ask the reception to call him.


“Abel, I came to get back what you owe me.”

“Hmm? Ryo? Don’t surprise me. I mean, what do you mean … Did I borrow something?”

“In the dungeon, you promised me dinner for about a week.”



Abel seemed to have forgotten.


“O-o-o-of course I didn’t forget. I just lost the timing to invite you because Ryo seemed to be busy. It’s true.”

“Hah …”

Upon hearing Abel’s excuse, Ryo deliberately sighed.

And then, he sat opposite Abel.


“I would like you to help me with something instead of a week’s dinner.”

“Eh … what’s that? I have a feeling it will be more difficult than dinner …”

Abel asked about Ryo’s offer with a sense of fear.


“Actually, my roommates Niels and Etho are about to leave the dormitory soon since 300 days have passed since they registered as adventurers. It seemed that they decided to buy a house and Amon would be staying with them too. So, I also decided to leave the dormitory and get a place of my own …”


“You don’t wish to live with the other three?”

“Yeah. I want to do a lot of magic and alchemy experiments, so I want to live in a house with a large garden.”

“Hmm, how much money did you get for those magic stones again?”

Abel asked as he remembered after Ryo spoke about getting a house.


“When I checked this morning, there was an amount that appeared to indicate that another one was sold.”

“I see. One of them was bought by the lord’s mansion right away, so maybe it was sold somewhere else … Gilmas is really good at it.”

Abel nodded many times.


“That’s why I came today intending to have Abel help me find a house.”

“I see. If that’s the case, leave it to me.”



After all, Abel was the face in the City of Rune.

Not to mention his overwhelming popularity among adventurers, he was well known to the people of the city as one of the few B-rank adventurers.

If he had the support of such a person, he wouldn’t be fooled, and he thought that the real estate agent that Abel introduced would be reliable.


“Lands and buildings are also handled by the Adventurer’s Guild, you know?”

It seemed that the Adventurer’s Guild also had a real estate department …



In the end, the two of them traveled to the Adventurer’s Guild.


“I didn’t expect it to be handled by the guild …”

“Apparently there are even properties that the guild handles exclusively. Well, the reality is that adventurers often buy or rent vacant homes. Perhaps it is related to the fact that only new adventurers can stay in the dormitory for up to 300 days.”


“Underhanded! The higher-ups are underhanded!”

Ryo shook his head many times to Abel’s possible reasoning.


“Ah, but like Abel and others, there are parties that stay at inns without renting or buying.”

“Stay … We’re paying regular fees to stay there too. Well, I don’t want to say it like this but we can do so because we have reasonably high rewards as B-ranks.”

It was like the presidents who lived on the top floor of luxury hotels in modern Earth …

Ryo thought to himself.


If the inn did all the cleaning and washing, and if you could order drinks and light meals and have them brought to your room immediately … you could certainly lead a comfortable life.


As long as you have money!


“If Ryo also lives in an inn … oh right, you said you needed a house with a large garden because of your experiments …”

“Yes. As a standard in such cases, if you spend a certain amount of money, you can buy an old aristocratic mansion or a cursed aristocratic mansion at a bargain price … I think there should be such a development.”

“What are you talking about …. standard or development …”


Ryo’s expectations for a light novel-like development seemed to be unfamiliar to Abel.

Well, of course.

“Ryo, this is hard to say, but I don’t think that’s possible …”




“I’m sorry. Even with Abel-san’s introduction, aristocratic mansions can only be purchased by those with aristocratic rank.”


“Well, that’s how it is.”

Replate, the head of the Adventurer’s Guild real estate department, responded but … Ryo was tragically struck by reality.


“Then, my large garden …”

“No, it’s not even yours yet. Replate-san, for the house that Ryo needs, he just wants a large garden no matter what. To experiment with magic and alchemy. He’s rich so any price is okay to a certain extent.”

Ryo wondered if it was necessary to say that much and that would he be taken advantage of.


“Abel, that’s …”

“It’s okay. Replate-san is the most proper employee in the guild. If you give him all the necessary information, he will find a property that really suits you.”

It seemed that the department head, Replate, was enthusiastic after he was praised so much by the popular Abel.


He nodded happily and said.

“I see. But … there aren’t any properties I have that meet Ryo-san’s requirements … How about waiting for a day? I will visit the real estate agents in the city to gather properties that haven’t been gathered here or new properties. Why don’t you come again tomorrow afternoon?”

The face of the department manager, Replate, was the face of a man who took pride in his work.


Facing the request of a man with such an expression, Ryo could not refuse.

“Okay, thank you then.”


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