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WM V1C0092-2

Chapter 0092-2

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“Three o’clock … It’s still a little early to have Abel treat me for dinner.”

“You’re choosing the activity on the premise that I’m going to treat huh … I recall you said that we would be even because I’m helping to find a house …”

“Even though I didn’t kill that Explosive Blaze Magician on the shores of Whitnash for Abel’s sake … Now you nitpick on lending and borrowing …”

“Ah, ah, okay. That’s right, thank you for that time. Look, I’ll treat you to an afternoon snack, so we can go to whichever store you like.”


With a half-resigned expression, Abel said to Ryo.


“Even if you say that … I don’t know of any delicious afternoon snacks. Do you know somewhere good?”

“In that case, there is a delicious cake and coffee shop right there. Should we go there?”



That was Ryo’s first time hearing the word 『Coffee』 since he came to 『Phi』.

No, of course, he heard of 『Coffee Maker』but …


“Ryo knows about coffee?”

“It’s the drink that’s black like the devil, hot like hell, pure like an angel, and sweet like love, right?”

“There were a lot of words I didn’t understand, but I guess that’s it. It’s a black drink.”

Ryo was overwhelmed emotionally by the reality that Talleyrand’s famous words became 『black drink』” when it was applied to Abel.


“This menu …”


The store where the two of them entered was “Cafe de Chocolat Rune”.

However, even though the store name had chocolate in it, there were no cakes made with chocolate.

There weren’t but …


“Mont Blanc, strawberry shortcake, Rindo tart …”

“I’ll have a Mont Blanc. As for coffee, I’ll have Blue Mountain.”

“Coffee too … Blue Mountain? Kilimanjaro? Mandheling …”

(What is this déjà vu … This is not the level achievable with just reincarnated people …)


“Have you decided?”

A lovely lady came to ask for their orders.

“I’ll have a set of Mont Blanc and Blue Mountain.”

“I-I’ll … have strawberry shortcake and Kona.”

After hearing their orders, the lady left.


“Ryo knows about cake too? I don’t imagine the Rondo Forest having them …”

“Because my hometown had them …”

“I see ……”


The cake and Kona coffee that came out were very delicious.

Even if this café was opened in modern Japan, it wouldn’t be a problem because it was recreated so perfectly.


However, the Kona coffee wasn’t the 『Hawaiian Kona』 that he used to drink when he was on Earth.

Ryo concluded that the coffee was just given an arbitrary name.


However, the taste was …

“It’s amazingly delicious …”

“Isn’t it? It’s just a stone’s throw from the guild, but it’s delicious here.”

“Absolutely, did Rihya bring you here?”


It seemed that it was a bull’s-eye.


“Well, it’s delicious, so it’s okay.”

“Ryo should also come for a date. With Sera.”

He sounded like he was trying to dig up something.


“My relationship with Sera is not like that.”

“When did you stop addressing her with -san …”

“She heard that I don’t do so for Abel, so she requested I do that for her too … It was an unavoidable compromise.”

Then Ryo shook his head a little.


“Sera mentioned Ryo’s teacher but … how are the two of you acquainted in the first place? You didn’t have any contact with her. Sera doesn’t even show up in the guild, and she’s the instructor of the Knights ……”

“She taught me various things in the North Library.”

“I see, the library huh?”


Ryo’s explanation finally resolved Abel’s long-standing question.

Actually, it was only about a week.


“Also, recently we’ve been training with swords, such as before her training with the Knights.”

“Mock battle with Sera using swords …?”

“Yes. She’s insanely strong. I lost all matches.”

Ryo laughed casually.


It was proof that he had not yet approached the level of regretting his losses.

Ryo felt that there was such an overwhelming difference in strength.

“Her 『Wind Equip』 is amazing. Sera’s wind magic is perfect. It raises all her speeds. Her original sword technique was already superb, and with the added speed and weight from 『Wind Equip』, it’s horribly troublesome.”

“Sera, uses 『Wind Equip』?”

“Yeah. That’s what I said. Abel, you have to listen to people properly, okay?”

Then Ryo drank the remaining coffee.


(No no, fighting Sera when she’s using 『Wind Equip』, he must be mistaken … I am barely equal with her when she’s not using 『Wind Equip』… No, can I even fight her evenly without it? Honestly, I’m not confident … Ryo is supposed to be a Magician, but why is he honing his sword skills so much … what is he aiming for …)


What he’s aiming for … Ryo himself probably didn’t know…



The two had another serving of the cake set.

For adventurer men which was a physically-demanding job, one cake set was not enough.

Well, that said, the idea of ​​filling the stomach with a cake set was wrong.


“In the first place, I didn’t know that there was such a store near the guild.”

“This is … I think it was last year that a store opened in the City of Rune. It’s a long-established cafe in the royal capital. If I recall correctly, it had a history of about 40 years …”

Abel replied, remembering.


(No matter how I think about it, this cake and coffee set is definitely the idea of ​​a reincarnated person … If the reproduction of the taste is perfect, the person didn’t only input the idea but was also involved in manufacturing … Did they come to 『Phi』20 years before me? No, that’s not the case, because when Michael (pseudonym) greeted me in that white world, he said ‘It’s been a long time since I had a visitor’. Would he consider 20 years as ‘a long time’? he was an angel-like existence after all.)


No matter how much he thought about it, Ryo couldn’t find a consistent answer.


And the next question from Abel cut off his thoughts on the reincarnated.


“Ryo, about the incident at Whitnash …”


“You tried to kill the Empire’s Oscar, the Explosive Blaze Magician. If Ryo actually followed through, he would have been killed. How serious were you?”

“Oh … well it was tit-for-tat, isn’t it? Does Abel think there was such a huge gap between me and him?”


Ryo replied while eating the last piece of the second cake.

Finally, he called Oscar ‘him’.


“Yeah, it seemed that way.”

“But in fact, I don’t think there was that much of a difference. At that time, he was in a state of attack and I was defending, so it may have seemed that there was a difference in power as I intercepted everything. …… but I think that even if I was in the opposite position and attacked while he defended, I don’t think I could easily break through his defense.”

Ryo replied, remembering that time.


Water magic was good for defense.

He even thought that Ice Wall must be the strongest and hardest defensive magic.

Of course, it was still sometimes broken.


“And it’s also related to my attribute being water and his attribute being fire. Doesn’t water extinguish fire? Any fire can be extinguished with a lot of water. It was probably an issue of affinity.”

Ryo continued as he remembered.


“As for magic generation speed or construction speed … that guy was surprisingly fast, right? That’s why I think it’s highly likely that even if I launched an attack, he could intercept it.”

“Why did you continue to taunt him then?”

“I must have been upset. My mood was probably elevated because of the festival.”

Then, Ryo finished his second cup of coffee.


“Yeah, I came to understand that Ryo is a dangerous guy.”

“Compared to Abel, I still have much to learn …”

“Why’s my name dragged into this!”


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