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Chapter 010 : Training 2 – Numeric values and strength report 

TL: TheDefend
TLC : Tseirp

It has been a week since Botacyl came to the adventurer guild.

「Seems that guy has been sniffing around for you one way or another」
「Well, I haven’t done anything to be guilty about, it doesn’t matter if he is sniffing around」
「Even so, Botacyl is sniffing around you Luciel. If that happen, for those people that want to sell favor to him, someone with hostilities to you might appear」
「. . . And before you know it, it becomes a vicious cycle」
While screaming words of complaint I hold my face and hung my head down.

「Therefore I’ll stop training you as a healer from today onwards」
Instructor Broad declared.
Did he break? While thinking that he continued to talk.

「Starting today it will be a spartan training similar to that of boxers and paladins.」
「Anoo? Instructor Broad?」
What the heck? Why did his motivation switch suddenly flip? Why??

「Well, be at ease. Since the training so far has been light, we’ll double it from now, the meal and that as well, we’ll increase them as well. (TLN: That is doubled? R.I.P tongue)
「Ee? That doesn’t make me at ease at all though?」

Then instructor Broad put his hand on my shoulder and speak slowly.
「As a man, there are times when you gonna have to do it」
「Ee? Why do you think that those words could persuade me now of all times?」

「If you don’t want to die just follow me quietly」
The low voiced emitted by Instructor broad has a strange feeling of overpowering that it overcome me.
「Yessir」(TLN: In english)
I salute him
「Good, Come here」

And from within the basement training hall, the sound of Instructor Broad’s reprimand, the sound of me screaming, and sometimes accompanied by cries could be heard.

And the new adventurers who heard this, since a healer worked so hard like this, they become more hardworking as well with their training.
And in a place that I don’t know of, the survival rate of the adventurers rose up, and the me who start the virtuous cycle, for god know how many years after that the story are passed on.
But being nicknamed 〔Total M Zombie Healer〕 are not something to be grateful for, the me at that time wasn’t caring about it at all, but all I cared about was how to run away from Instructor Broad

「Can you used barrier now?」
「Yes. Thanks to you I could use a barrier up to intermediate level」
「Is that so. Then prepare yourself immediately」

「A, Yes」
When I activated the Attack Barrier, the next moment my surrounding began to change.

And the very next moment, my chest and back felt so painful that I stopped breathing.

「Fumu. I threw with full strength, yet you are not dead, still conscious as well, and no bone fracture to boot」
Even if he talked with such carefree tone, my state of still not being able to breathe continued.

「You might not have seen it, but I flung Luciel with all my might. The plan is to train you little by little, but if you die, you get absolutely nothing out of it」

「T-the-there are other ways to do so right」(TLN: 「・だ・だ・・も・やり・方があるでしょう」)
「Are? But I gave you some time to erect the barrier didn’t I? And in a real situation,  surprise attacks do happen. 」
「That might be true, but even so」
「The things that have been done so far is training. You have not died, and there is no damage so far right? But starting from today the pain part will be added」
Ee? There are pain included so far you know? Why now all of a sudden? Don’t tell me…
「. . . Has the situation turn really bad?」
「Nope, not at all」
Instructor Broad shake his head.
「Haa? Then why?」
「This past year, your body foundation has been finished. There are no bad habit as well. You have no talent, but you continued to put effort in it. If there are that kind of raw material, won’t you want to make him your pupil?」
「Could it be?」
「I’ll train you as my student from now on. A, that’s right, I prohibit you to check your status and skill until I say it’s okay」
「. . . Why can’t I?」
「If you only chase after numerical values, the scent of strong person can no longer be smelled」
「The smell of a strong person?」
「Aa. No matter how high your status are, when your neck and head separated a person will always die. Even the current Luciel, if you stab my defenseless neck, I will die. A person who are a slave to his status, when he encountered a dilemma he will become useless.」
Those words are strangely persuasive.
「. . . Understood」
「I won’t surprise attack you this time, raise your barrier up properly. Then we will begin the battle」
「Yes. I’ll be in your care. 」

「Focus all of your senses on your opponent’s body. Set feint with your eyes, there are also ways to feint by changing your center of gravity, With your current skill you won’t be able to grasp the feint technique.」
「Well, the awareness is fine」
「First try to grasp your opponent’s movement. Next step is to defense, parry, and evasion are the steps to do that」
「Those are the same as what I’ve done so far」
「That’s right. But both the power and the speed are another thing. This is where you put the feint in」
「Once you get used to it, imagine yourself fighting an opponent and you watch yourself from overhead view」
「I’ll say it first, I hope you are not planning on running away」
「. . . I’ll do what I can」
「Normally that is where one would say “I’ll do my best to endure” you know? That side of yours is really impertinent」
「In this world, there is no such things as absolute. Instructor Broad」
「. . . I’m going to go at it at full strength, make sure you don’t get crushed. Try to endure with all your strength」
「Sorry for being impertinent. I’ll be counting on you like usual」
「. . . . . 」

And the very next moment, i got blown away by 5 meters. Then without losing my consciousness, for the next one hour, I was in a continuous state of being a sandbag.

「Okay. That’s it for today’s training. After this it will be the usual training, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Shield-handling (Tatejutsu), Spearmanship (Soujutsu) and archery (Kyuujutsu).
「. . . Un . der . . sto . od . .」
I collapsed face first, 15 minutes later water are poured on my head and I get up to begin the taijutsu training.

「This is the basic so I can get stronger. The basic have to be trained completely」 are the words that I muttered many times over like a curse, and the adventurers who heard those words begin to train their basic training which resulted in the Meratoni’s adventurers becoming stronger.

In this world there are 6 days in a week, The day of light and the day of wind are the day for taijutsu combat. As for the day of flame it’s for kenjutsu and tatejutsu. Soujutsu for day of water. Kyuujutsu and throwing skill on day of soil. And at the day of darkness it’s study time and magic training day, those are the arranged day for the trainings.
When doing kenjutsu and soujutsu, in the middle of combat there would be cuts all over my body making it covered in blood, but as expected when that happened I’m allowed to cast Heal on my body. It’s for the first time when I used magic that I realized the effect of the magic and begin to rapidly understand the effect of the magic. And I kept growing while obtaining such by-products.

And at that time, Botacyl was reading a report.

Report   Luciel   Job : Healer   Age : 16 Year Old
He was an ignorant villager. At the coming of age ceremony he obtained the occupation healer and possessed aptitude in holy attribute magic.
After that, 6 months and 17 days ago under the guidance of Paladin Lumina, he registered at the healer guild.
At first, he couldn’t use heal, but after 7 days of confining himself in the guild’s lodging house, he managed to learn heal.
After that, instead of going for a clinic he went to the adventurer’s guild, for some reason he begin to work hard at training taijutsu.
In compensation for an hour of martial arts lessons,  he would pay 1 silver coin per hour while he resides there as well, and he did nothing but train martial arts without missing a single day for a year.
Incidentally, during the update of his card this year, his Holy element magic has been raised to level V, it seems while being injured during taijutsu he continually used magic to recover himself.
As proof for that, Zombie Healer, Total M Healer, Total M Zombie Healer are his nicknames whispered behind his back.
As for the people he has friendly relationship with, at the very top is the guild master and as for the guild staffs and the adventurers, since the person himself has a disposition that prefers to train over socializing, he doesn’t have any close friend.
However, his credibility within the adventurer guild and the adventurers is high, it seems for as long as it’s not unreasonable his request would be accepted.
As for the bill for healer Luciel’s service, the surprising things is that he himself doesn’t establish rates and set his fee uniformly at 1 silver coin.
As for the reason, the circumstances that led to him being employed in the first place and him starting to live in the guild seems to be strongly related .

Botacyl begin to scan on the report and as his whole body tremble all over, he crumples the report and throw them to the ground.
「A SINGLE SILVER COIN!? DON’T FUCK WITH ME!! Because this bastard exist he makes the other healer and me looked like a money grubber」
Botacyl become irritated by the low price that Lucile had set for his healing service.

「Being loved by the heavens and given talents for this, what’s so wrong with wishing for richness. These hypocrites!!」
After trampling the report for god knows how many times, Botacyl run out of breath and start gasping for air 「waahaahaa」 sit on his chair and begin to write a single letter on his table.

「Oi. Hand this over to the head of healer guild, also, this as well」

The letter is addressed to Saint Schull church healer’s guild Meratoni branch about an affiliated young healer that placed an unreasonable fee and is getting in the way of healing business.
However if it’s possible, after the one year contract ends send him somewhere far away, and if you can, to the headquarters.
I’ll entrust this money to you, write it in the magic document that you are hesitating in giving him that order.

「With this even if it’s found out that he is to be transferred, it won’t affect my reputation. Kuukuukuu. If my reputation can become better with only this chump change then it’s a good bargain.」
And thus Botacyl decide to tolerate Luciel’s action for the next one year.
Botacyl could not possibly imagine that his action right now would influence his fate later on. (TLN: Fate can be read as doom on the kanji)