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WM V1C0100

Chapter 0100 Disturbance

Translator: Tseirp


Yesterday, the meeting with the merchant Gecko ended without a hitch.


The escort request to the Capital Aberdeen would start today.

Ryo arrived at the meeting place earlier than the meeting time. Being five minutes early was basic manners.


He wore his usual robe from the Dullahan, the sturdy and not-so-expensive clothes and boots that Abel bought, and Murasame and Michael’s knife on his belt.

Also, he modified the bag he made when he traveled with Abel and hung it from his shoulder.

It contained homemade potions and non-bulky seasonings such as salt and pepper that he might use.



At the meeting place near the East gate, Gecko’s ten wagons with covers and escorts seemed to be doing inspections before departure.

“Oh, good morning, Ryo-san.”

“Good morning, Gecko-san. I’ll be in your care from today.”

Ryo bowed his head.


The merchant Gecko was an established merchant who represented a country.

To Ryo, he was similar to a person who sits in the chairman’s seat of the head office who gives out instructions …

Such an established merchant was leading a caravan back and forth between countries.

He found it strange and when he asked Hugh yesterday, his reply was, “It’s only specifically between Aberdeen and Rune. For Gecko, going back and forth is more of a hobby.”

He seemed to be quite an eccentric large merchant.

However, Ryo was relieved because his personality was good.


“No no, I will be in your care. That Master McGrath said that I can place my full trust in your fighting power. I am grateful for that. First, let me introduce our escort captain. Max!”

When the merchant Gecko called, a spearman in his mid-thirties came, with the atmosphere of a strong veteran.


“Max, this is Ryo, an adventurer who will join the escort. As I mentioned yesterday, he’s a D-rank adventurer, but has Master McGrath’s endorsement.”

“I’m Max, the captain of the escort. You may have heard that five of us were killed when we came. You guys are hired to reinforce us but … mainly you will be helping whenever a battle occurs or with night watch. Well, we’ll be moving together for about 20 days, and many things can happen so I look forward to working with you.”

Max shook hands with Ryo and went back to assist with preparations.


“Well, that’s how it is. He’s been coordinating our escort for the last five years. He’s an excellent guy who can do most things without problems.”

Gecko commented and praised Max.

Even Ryo was worried a little about what to do if the leader of the escort was very difficult to get along with, so he was relieved to see that he appeared to be a sensible person.


After that, Ryo talked with Gecko about the cargo, the towns they would pass by on the way, and the road.

By the way, when they talked about the cargo, there was no mention of 『magic stones』.

That might be natural for the sake of security.

Even though he was an adventurer recommended by the guildmaster, valuable information was safer if fewer people know it.

He wouldn’t let him know if there was no need for it …


Ra and the others from 『Switchback』 also arrived, and the group left the City of Rune and departed for Capital Aberdeen in the Inbury Duchy.



Ryo was placed around the 5th and 6th carriages together with Ra and his party.

The road outside the East gate of Rune was the same road that stretched halfway to Kyradea.

It passes near his house, so for Ryo, it was a familiar road.


However, on that road, the convoy was passed by a swift horse.

“That was a swift horse from the Lord’s mansion.”

Ra commented after it passed them.

“I’m a little worried, but it doesn’t concern us.”

The one that lightly dismissed it was Sue, the Scout of 『Switchback』.

Twenty-four years old, with dark brown hair tied behind her and restless black eyes, she was a charming woman.

She mentioned her age specifically for Ryo.

“I’m the older sister.”

Because she deliberately said that, it’s possible that she liked to act as his older sister.


However, the swift horse that sped past … unfortunately, it did concern them.



Three hours after the swift horse passed them.

The convoy was taking a lunch break.

Unless they stayed in a town, their meals were basically preserved foods.

In the case of escort requests, the hiring side was supposed to prepare the meals, and this time too, dried meat was distributed by Gecko’s subordinates.


While taking a break, a horse came running from the direction of Rune.

Ryo and his party could see that the guards who were on watch duty headed toward Gecko with the person riding the horse.

“That was … an adventurer from the City of Rune?”


Ryo subconsciously reacted to Ra’s mutter.


In front of the group, the adventurer took out a letter and handed it to Gecko.

Gecko read it and handed the letter to the escort captain Max before speaking to the adventurer.

“Tell Master McGrath that I have received the letter.”

Upon hearing the answer, the adventurer rode a horse and ran back towards Rune.

After seeing him off, Gecko and Max came towards Ra and his party.

“Ra-san, do you recognize that person just now?”

Gecko asked Ra.

“Yes. It was Shusunaka, a D-rank adventurer in the City of Rune. What was that about?”

“Just as I thought. So this letter is certainly a letter from Master McGrath, is it?”

Gecko asked and Max passed the letter he had to Ra.


“The Rho Bridge on the East Highway collapsed? This …”

“It seemed to be the information that was carried by the swift horse that passed us by just after we left the City of Rune. We were planning to go through the Rho Bridge. Through the so-called Rune Eastern Highway, Rho Bridge, Slanzewi, Hullwill, and the border town Red Post. But if we can’t pass the Rho Bridge … it will have to be Rune, Kyradea, Old Highway, Slanzewi, Hullwill, Red Post. To be honest, currently the Old Highway is less secure compared to the Eastern Highway. I would like everyone to be aware of this point.”


Ryo nodded along with the people of 『Switchback』.



The convoy stayed overnight at Kyradea before finally entering the Old Highway.

The number of people passing through the Old Highway had decreased considerably since the Eastern Highway opened, which connected Rune, the largest frontier city in the south, and Slanzewi, the second-largest city in the eastern part of the kingdom directly via the Rho Bridge.

Still, it was once one of the central highways of eastern trade, so the width of the road was reasonable.


“It’s about five days from Kyradea to Slanzewi, the second-largest city in the East. There will be no accommodation along the way.”

Ra explained to Ryo walking next to him.

“When this road was busy, the villages along the way developed quite a bit and became post towns … but now it’s just agricultural villages.”

“The world is a tough place to live in, isn’t it?”

Ryo shook his head to Ra’s explanation and lamented the world’s impermanence.


“That said, this caravan, Gecko and his subordinates alone account for 20 people, and the escort team and we number another 20, so there’s a total of 40 people. In any case, we won’t be able to stay in small inns.”

Ra shrugged his shoulders a little.

Even from Ra’s perspective, someone who had far more experience as an adventurer than Ryo, it seems that 40 members were a little too many for a caravan.


“Since we have many people and we are moving while showing that there are many escorts, bandits will probably not attack.”


When Ra reassured Ryo, Ryo replied in a slightly louder voice.

However, it was not because of the fear of being attacked by bandits, but because to Ryo, it matched his imagination of a reincarnated world where ‘Speaking of things that happen in another world, it is standard to be attacked by bandits and to turn the tables on them!’.


“No, as I said, that’s why bandits won’t attack. Well, don’t let down your guard, though.”



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