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Very short chapter today.

Chapter 0109 <<Intermission>> The Hero Party’s movement

Translator: Tseirp


About 1,000 km south of Marcdorf, the capital of the Debuhi Empire.

A party of seven was heading south on the highway.


“Hey Roman, are we really going to the Kingdom of Knightley?”

“Yes. I’m very curious about the Water-Attribute Magician that Oscar mentioned.”

“Gordon, how many days are you planning to mention that … the kingdom border is already right in front of our eyes?”


The hero party Fire-Attribute Magician Gordon wanted to return to the Western countries, but Hero Roman wanted to be stronger, and Maurice, the Scout, was fed up with Gordon.


“I’m not good with cold places, so I agree with going south.”

“Yeah, it’s much better to be warm than cold.”

Both the Dwarven Earth-Attribute Magician Bellrock and the Wind-Attribute Magician Alicia disliked cold weather so they were in favor of moving to the Knightley Kingdom to the south of the Empire.


Ash Khan, the enchanter, remained silent while Graham, the oldest member and negotiator, sighed in his heart for various reasons.


The Hero Party was in the Empire’s magical training ground ever since the previous time.

Of course, they were there to train and become stronger … which was mainly the wish of the Hero Roman.

In the first place, the purpose of the Hero party was to 『Defeat the Demon Lord』.

Therefore, they mainly traveled with the support of funds from the Western countries.

And the report of the appearance of the Demon Lord was received from the Eastern region of the Western countries.

That’s why they used the artificial 『altars』 to set a trap.


As a result, what it caught was not the Demon Lord, but the 『Akuma Leonor』.

From then, it threw a wrench in their plans, and now the Hero party was in the Debuhi Empire of the Central Nations.


“Well, training with that division certainly made us stronger …”

“That’s right! If you train with strong people, you can become stronger!”

Roman, the Hero, immediately jumped onto Gordon’s words.

His principle was 『I want to be stronger』 at the moment.


“But you don’t even know the name of the kingdom’s 『Water-Attribute Magician』, right?”

“Yes … Oscar didn’t tell me in the end …”

The Hero Roman hung his head in response to the words from the Scout Maurice.


“I hope we can get useful information in the Royal Capital …”

To be honest, Graham, as the oldest member, didn’t want to spend more time on the matter, but it was good that Roman was motivated, so he found it quite difficult to steer the party.


At least, he didn’t want to spend time collecting information.


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  1. THPolar

    Anyone else dislike the hero party intermissions? The entire group annoys me.

    • FloofiestMuffn

      I don’t know, they aren’t that bad.
      They do a great job of breaking up the narrative and adding a little bit more world building.
      And the characters despite being a little basic are begining to get more character.

    • CaiphasCain

      I really think they’re not that bad, you just want mc action, that’s all.

  2. Amoremir

    Thanks for the chapter.

    I can see the Fire Magician Gordon will annoy Ryo with his pride.

  3. Deadmilkmen

    Ryo has shown some hints of a pretty brutal and merciless side. Perhaps a side effect of being alone in a forest for 20 years. Maybe the hero party will piss him off and he’ll end up as a hero popsicle.

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