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SL Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: Slow Life Conference

Translator: Tseirp


After lunch, we started setting up a tent.

When we were traveling, we had a magic tent with an alarm function that would assemble on its own on the ground and notify us when someone other than the people present approached it, as well as a barrier function that could drive away animals. But this time, we assemble the tent by hand.

That tent was convenient, but it was not something that ordinary travelers would have nor was it meant for safe places.


“Setting up a tent with fundamentals is the best after all.”

“That tent is a super luxury item and it would hurt if it was destroyed by a night attack.”


We didn’t use it every time we traveled.

So I was used to the motions of setting up a tent like this.

All of us were accustomed to traveling.


“Let’s set it up here.”

“Affix it while pulling both ends.”


The quicker you prepare for the camp, the more time you have for other matters.

Everyone naturally shared roles and the camp was ready in no time.



“What’s the problem, Red?”

“Well, I thought it would be fun to assemble the tent while making a lot of noise with everyone. But the members here all work silently.”


Lit laughed when she heard my words.


“It can’t be helped. We’ve always camped with thoughts about how to survive the dangerous adventure.”


When alone, you could consciously cut corners, but when adventurers gather, everyone would match each other’s movements and end up finishing the task efficiently.


“In that case, let’s do something slow life-like next.”

“Something slow life-like?”


In response to my suggestion, Lit looked like she thought of something good.


“Wouldn’t it be slow life-like to think about it together?”


Lit said so.

It would be faster if we decided what we would do here.

Ruti, Tise, and Yarandorara would be willing to accept Lit’s proposal, since she had been living a slow life in Zoltan, and it would surely be a fun time.

However, the meaning of a slow life was to enjoy the detours that everyone thinks about.

That was exactly what Lit meant.


“I’m looking forward to what Yarandorara and everyone else will propose.”


What was everyone’s idea of ​​slow life?

As a hero, Ruti had lived a life that was the exact opposite of slow life. That’s why she seemed to think that what she couldn’t do in her life previously was how it would be like to live a slow life.

Tise is an elite assassin who belongs to the assassin guild. However, she knows how to play, loves oden, and is an amazing kid who wrote a review book on baths. She might suggest a slow life that even I can’t think of.

Yarandorara is a legend that has accomplished many feats in history. Then, she might make a legendary proposal even in terms of slow life ….


“Don’t raise the hurdle so much, okay? Not many heroes can come up with amazing things after suddenly being asked to propose something slow life-like.”


Looking at my expression, Lit said with a bitter smile.

… She was right on the mark.




“Then, let’s start the meeting to decide on slow life-like things to do.”



Everyone clapped to my words.

We sit in a circle in the tent and started the meeting while enjoying apple juice.


“Chairman Onii-chan.”

“Yes, Ruti.”

“My seat is far from Chairman Onii-chan, so I want to move next to you.”




There wasn’t a tense atmosphere like when we were deciding on a plan of action during an adventure.

We didn’t have to mind the time spent and the meeting went on naturally with leisurely chats.

The first to speak was Tise.


“How about preparing dinner with standard fishing? Catching and preparing the fish you catch yourself to eat sounds pretty slow life-like?”

“That sounds nice.”


Mountain stream fishing and outdoor cooking.

Yeah, that seems pretty appropriate?


“But we sourced for food outdoors and cooked while we were adventuring too.”


Ruti commented.


“That’s true.”


Lit also nodded in agreement.


“I see, then let’s have a mountain stream fishing and chikuwa-making experience.”


This child’s idea suddenly leaped to an unexpected path.


“How is it? That is a slow life activity that we didn’t have when we were adventuring.”

“Leaving aside whether it’s considered slow life or not, it is quite interesting.”


As expected, Tise.

Her idea was beyond my imagination.


“Let’s put it as a candidate.”



Tise had a look of satisfaction on her mostly expressionless face.




“I think it’s a good idea to take a nap. This forest is very calming and we can take a nap while listening to the chirping of birds and the swaying sounds of leaves. I’m sure it will make us feel very peaceful.”


Indeed, that sounded like the standard definition of slow life.

Adventurers would never think about everyone taking a nap together when camped in danger.

As expected, Ruti could be said to be a master of slow life now.


“And I will sleep in Onii-chan’s arms. I’m sure it will be a very happy time.”


Ruti said in a confident tone.


“Well, then I’ll sleep in Red’s arms too!”


Lit also chimed in immediately.

Yarandorara hummed as she thought to herself.


“Then will Tise-chan sleep in my arms?”

“I shall pass.”


Yarandorara and Tise had such an exchange.


“For the time being, this is also on hold as a candidate …”

“Then I’m next.”


Yarandorara said.

Her expression had the confidence of an expert.

As expected of a High-Elf Hero who had lived many times longer than humans.

A surprising proposal even in terms of slow life ….


“There seems to be a nest of Giant Bees in this forest, how about an adventure to get honey from it?”


Yarandorara’s proposals usually involved adventure.

Well, compared to the great adventures Yarandorara had accomplished so far, it may be a slow life to just explore a huge beehive and retrieve honey.


“It’s fun after all.”

“Yeah, I’m glad we decided to have everyone give suggestions.”


Lit and I said to each other and laughed.


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