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WM V1C0125

Chapter 0125 Arthur once again

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Cohn and Matthew were at the coachman’s seat, His Highness Willy, Rodrigo, Luca, and Ryo were in the carriage.

Behind the carriage followed four <Carts> with ice coffins on them.

The party headed for Stonelake, with His Highness Willy’s escort, adventurers, and horseback guards guarding in front and behind them.


“Thank you, Ryo-san. I ended up saying they are my attendants …”

“Prince, don’t worry about it. We rescued them while being aware of the danger. Did you feel sorry for Cohn and the adventurers to hand them over like that?”

His Highness Willy apologized for the remarks he made without deep thought but Ryo understood his feelings.


“I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience caused to everyone.”

However, Luca bowed in apology instead.

“But Luca should be an important individual too … to be chased by the Handal Union and targeted by the King’s younger brother.”

Rodrigo commented.


He hinted that it was time to reveal his identity and circumstances.


Luca nodded a few times and started talking.

“I’m the younger brother of Fuka, Finance Minister of the Kingdom of Knightley.”

(Finance Manager Fuka! What an unfortunate name …)


What came to Ryo’s mind was, of course, Alexandre Dumas’s work 『The D’Artagnan』.

Finance Minister Fouquet. The tragic Finance Minister who plotted to rule France but was foiled by Sir d’Herblay, also known as Aramis, one of the three musketeers.

Naturally, he was a real person.


Luca’s explanation went on while Ryo had rude thoughts in his heart.

“His Highness Raymond made a secret agreement with Consul Lord Aubrey of the Handal Union. I happened to stumbled upon it … and to draw my brother, the Finance Minister, into his camp, I was held captive in the Handal Union.”


(If there is Finance Minister Fuka, maybe there is also Finance Inspector Colbert … Speaking of Colbert, he appears in high school world history textbooks as a proponent of mercantilist policy…)

Ryo was in his own world but his mouth remained closed.


The other two also quietly listened to Luca’s story.

“Matthew and his colleagues, direct subordinates of my brother, rescued me, but to think even His Royal Highness Raymond tried to kill me …”

“I’ve heard that His Majesty King Stafford IV and His Royal Highness Raymond aren’t very close with each other. Perhaps they think it would be possible to raise issues to the Royal Palace through your brother the Finance Minister?”

His Highness Willy proposed to Luca.

“It’s true that His Majesty the King and His Royal Highness Raymond are not on good terms. But … the royal palace is in a mess in various aspects …”

Luca shook his head and replied.

“Hmm …”

His Royal Highness Willy also thought about it.


When Willy suddenly looked straight ahead, he saw Ryo nodding a few times and thinking.

“Did you come up with something, Ryo-san?”


Ryo didn’t express that he was recalling how D’Artagnan had arrested Fouquet, the Finance Minister in the story.


“Oh, why don’t you talk to Arthur Verasis about that?”

“He’s a political authority coming from the royal capital. I think that’s a good idea.”

His Highness Willy nodded.

(I managed to deceive him.)

Ryo was relieved.


“Does Ryo really know Advisor Verasis? It wasn’t a lie on the spot?”

Luca asked a shrewd question.

“I certainly do. To put it exaggeratedly, we are like comrades for a battle.”


His Highness Willy responded to Ryo’s words.

“Ryo has such a wealth of experiences!”

For some reason, His Highness Willy was excited.


“If I train more, will I gain more experiences …”

“Well, possibly …”

“From today, the inn will be protected by the guards until that Sir Verasis arrives. That means we won’t have to worry about an attack, so it’s okay to practice magic until the last minute, right?”

“We-well, maybe …”


His Water-Attribute Magician disciple was very enthusiastic about practicing …



In the morning after two days of staying at the inn with the guard’s escort, the captain of the guard announced a visit.

Then, Arthur Verasis, Advisor to the Court Magician Group, entered His Highness Willy’s room with the Guard Captain.


First, he greeted His Highness Willy, and then Advisor Arthur celebrated his reunion with Ryo.

A stereotypical Magician with a long white beard, a magician’s gray robe, and a large staff.

“Ryo, it’s been a long time. It’s rare to receive a request for support from you. I rushed over dropping everything else.”

“Thank you, Verasis-sama.”

Advisor Arthur said in a good mood, and Ryo smiled and thanked him.


“I said it previously too, addressing me as Arthur is fine.”

Then, suddenly, Advisor Arthur looked around.

“By the way, I heard on the way that this is regarding people associated with the Duke’s house … I don’t think these people are the ones in question.”

“Yes. Actually, it was quite difficult to get them in here, so they are in the courtyard …”


The Guard Captain explained and Advisor Arthur tilted his head.


Then he approached the window facing the courtyard and looked down at the courtyard from there.

“Oh … those are wonderful ice statues … definitely Ryo’s work.”

Arthur grinned and looked towards Ryo.

“They were assailants, so to prevent them from running away …”

“Hands and feet tied up and encased in ice … while still alive … I definitely don’t want to experience being inside that.”

The second half was a very soft mutter.


An explanation of what happened and their point of view was conveyed to Arthur.


Only one of the frozen individuals was thawed and brought to the room.

His name was Badaa.


“Hmm, I have a rough understanding.”

After listening to the story, Advisor Arthur requested for more tea.

He remained silent until the refill was poured.

After taking a sip of the refilled tea, Advisor Arthur opened his mouth.


“First, Matthew and Luca, as Prince Willy’s attendants, go to the royal capital. If this is hindered, it will surely become a diplomatic problem. The assailants … Badaa, right? Tell only your employer that. But your party must first atone for your crime. Well, although the attack was attempted, it was a failed attempt, so 20 days’ imprisonment would be appropriate. You will be detained in Stonelake. Tell the local governor this.”

Prince Willy’s wishes were almost all fulfilled.

Well, that was why they had Ryo’s acquaintance, Advisor Arthur, come to visit.


Fixed trial, hurray.


“They will be thawed when we leave tomorrow.”

Ryo promised the Guard Captain and Advisor Arthur.

By the way, the released Badaa was encased in the ice again and stood once more in the courtyard ….


“Oh yeah, I arrived a little earlier, but the members of our Court Magic Group will arrive at Stonelake today. It seems that they want to escort Prince Willy and Ryo to the royal capital.”


Ryo made a hysteric voice at the sudden words from Advisor Arthur.


“It seems to be an act to express their gratitude for saving them in Rune. Your Highness, would you allow the Court Magic Group to escort you?”

“Yes! Of course. That will be very welcomed!”

(Well, entering the royal capital as a foreign prince … It’s only a single carriage so it would be nice to put on a show of having a large escort …)

With that in mind, Ryo convinced himself.


The next morning, Ryo, who had thawed the four as promised, went to the carriage parked in front of the inn.

There was a group of Magicians lined up in a row …

“I-Isn’t there way too many?”

Ryo asked Advisor Arthur, who was right next to him, in a whisper.

“It seems to be fifty people …”

Perhaps the number was larger than expected, Advisor Arthur’s voice was a little strained.

“I thought it would only be about five or six people …”


Fifty Magicians escorting a carriage on foot.

It was pretty spectacular.


“Ryo … you saved quite a lot of people …”

Cohn sitting on the coachman’s seat whispered to Ryo in a soft voice.

“Ah, yes … that seems to be the case …”


It went without saying that the party that arrived at Crystal Palace, the royal capital, two days later was the talk of the royal capital.


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