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Another chapter after this since they are short chapters.

Chapter 0126 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp


That day, Ilarion had been away from the laboratory from the day before because of other engagements.

He returned at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.


Naturally, in the office, the girls were hanging out surrounding a plate of snacks.

“I don’t think you have to come here just to eat …”

“This sofa is just too comfortable to resist.”

Rihya said happily.

When he saw that smile, even Ilarion couldn’t say anything in response.


“Teacher, there was a fast messenger from Stonelake who arrived yesterday. He left a message. The message is on teacher’s office desk.”

Rin told him that a fast messenger came by.


With that, Ilarion read the message on the office desk.


“… Ryo?”


It was a soft mutter, but it was clearly audible to Rin’s ears.


Ilarion was surprised to hear Rin repeat Ryo’s name.

“I-I remembered a small errand. I’m going out. I’m won’t be back tonight, so tell Abel that.”

“Oh, yes. Have a safe trip.”

Rin sent Ilarion out with a slight look of suspicion.


Ilarion rushed the laboratory carriage day and night.

His destination was Stonelake.


“Ryo, the Water Magician that Abel talked about? Would like to get my help at Stonelake? Sure! I can be acquainted with Ryo this way! I would love to see his many original magic. Huhuhu, this is godsend. I won’t miss this opportunity!”


Ilarion’s misfortune would have been to completely close the wagon window and not pay attention to what was happening outside.

Therefore, he did not notice that he passed the carriage escorted by the Court Magic Group on the way.


Of course, Ryo was no longer in Stonelake by the time Ilarion arrived …


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