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WM V1C0127

Chapter 0127 <<Intermission>>

Translator: Tseirp


A few days before the day Ryo arrived at Crystal Palace, the royal capital, with Prince Willy and his party.


There were two adventurers in front of the Lord’s mansion in Rune, the largest city at the frontier.

The Swordsman Ra and Scout Sue from the C-rank party 『Switchback』.

The two asked the guards to convey a message and were waiting for the requested person to come.


After about 10 minutes of waiting.

“Sue, Ra, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Sera, B-rank adventurer and the knights’ swordsmanship instructor, came out.

“No, we’re sorry for the sudden call, Sera-san.”

Scout Sue bowed her head.


By the way, the Swordsman Ra was frozen stiff.

Known as 『Sera of the Wind』, Sera had already become a legend in the Adventurer’s Guild.

For her overwhelming ability and beauty comparable to it.

Being an elf, she was a Magician who manipulated powerful Wind Magic but she was also a transcendental Swordswoman.

Swordsman Ra’s reaction was quite normal.

Scout Sue could talk to her without seizing up … well, female adventurers as a whole were able to speak to her without any issue.


“Oh, actually, we went to the Inbury Duchy with Ryo on a request, but Ryo will be a little late in returning due to certain circumstances. So he wanted us to hand a letter to Sera … we’re here to do so.”

Scout Sue explained and handed the letter from Ryo to Sera.

“I-I see. So he’s not back yet … Sue, thank you for the letter. I’ll return to my room and read it immediately.”

“No worries, then please excuse us.”

Sue replied and returned home with Ra, who was still frozen.


The guards who were on duty couldn’t understand at all why she brought Ra.


After they left, Sera suddenly opened the letter.

She said that she would return to her room and read it, but she was very curious about the contents.


She read it once … read it once again … and collapsed to her knees.




The guard was shocked and called out.

“No, I’m okay, no problem.”

Sera put her right hand toward the guard and stopped him, then slowly stood up.


Then, she started walking unsteadily toward the mansion.

“Royal capital … Royal capital … Royal capital …”

While muttering such words.


She walked for a while, and when she arrived in front of the building, she raised her face resolutely and started walking with strong steps.

Her destination was the Knight-Captain’s office.


As usual, two knights were standing in front of the Knight-Captain’s office.

“I want to meet Neville-dono.”

Sera’s expression seemed to show that she had made a resolute decision on something.

That was the first time the knights saw that expression too.


“Y-yes, please wait.”

Then they knocked on the door.

“Sera-sama wishes to see you.”


From inside, they heard a man’s rough voice.


Sera entered the office.


“Sera-dono, what’s the matter?”

Knight-Captain Neville Black called out to her.

Sera said nothing, walked to the office desk, slammed her hands against the desk, and leaned towards Neville.


“Neville-dono! Are there any plans for the Knights’ Order to visit the royal capital soon? Are there? There should be! Right?”

“Wh-what happened Sera-dono, please calm down.”


Neville, who asked her to calm down, was not calm at all.

He was overwhelmed by Sera’s aura, a bloodcurdling sense of pressure.


“Pl-plans to travel to the royal capital … Oh, there’s one. The Knights’ Order was ordered to transfer the magic stone that the royal family bought again. Eight Knights would be leaving tomorrow. The members had already been selected……”

“I see. I want you to assign me there. I’ll pay for the increased travel expenses at a later date. Yes, I’m the swordsmanship instructor and I’m curious about how well the knights can perform their duty.”

“But that has never been done before …”

“Neville-dono! I believe there is no issue with assigning me?”

“Ah, yes, no problem.”


Neville yielded.


“Okay, then I’ll leave it to you. I will inform the Lord.”

With that said, Sera left the Knight-Captain’s office with a refreshing smile on her face.


“Well there’s no problem, but … what happened …”

Even the highly acclaimed and sharp Knight-Captain Neville Black could not think of the reason.


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